Marking software – JCZ EZCAD introduction – Nora

Marking software – JCZ EZCAD introduction


Hi, this is Nora, Today I will introduce to you the marking software of our marking machine – JCZ EZCAD.fiber laser marking machine

EZCAD is our main marking software.His brand name is Beijing JCZ. Beijing JCZ technology CO.Ltd focus on laser marking control software AND board, build in 2004. Beijing JCZ specializes in the field of beam transmission and control.

EZCAD features powerful, it supports flight, rotation, multi – vibration lens, splicing marking, CCD positioning, etc. And it’s very simple to operate. Its compatibility is good, support Win7, Win8, Win10, XP 32 bit 64 bit system. Our marking machine mainly uses EZCAD2.

The installation of EzCad2 is very easy. So that users simply need to copy EzCad2 folder that is in the Install CD to hard disk, and then double click the Ezcad2.exe under the EzCad2’s directory to run the software. EzCad2 requires a software security device sometimes known as a ‘dongle’.

This device plugs into the USB port on the PC. If there is no dongle or the dongle do not install correctly, a caution will appears and the software will work at demo state. In demo state, we can evaluate the software but we cannot save files and cannot control laser device.

Main functions of the software:

1.Users can design their graphics freely.
2. Flexible variable text: changes the text real time while in laser processing. Excel datasheet is supported.
3.The software can support 265 “pencils”, which used to draw graphic and can be set different processing parameters.
4. Common types of images are supported. (bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif…)
5.  Image processing (Grayscale, White / Black Transformations)
6. Supports the dynamic focus (3 axis processing system)
7.  An opening language supporting system makes it easy to run the software in various languages platform.

About the fiber laser marking machine

About the fiber laser marking machine


Laser marking uses a laser to make marks on the surface of various materials. And the result of marking is to expose the deep material through the steam of the surface material. Or to “carve” traces through the chemical and physical changes of the surface material, whatsmore to burn off part of the material through light energy to show the patterns and text.

The marking machine can mark a variety of metals, such as gold, silver, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and brass. And alloys and metal oxides , such as anodized Al. And some non-metallic and special surface treatments, such as silicon wafers,  ceramics, plastics, rubber, epoxy resin,PVC and ABS.

Mini handheld. Small seal. Manual door setting, better safety, and electric lifting column saves effort . It can support 50mm rotating shaft. Comply with CE standard, which close to class1.

The use of MOPA laser smaller pulse width can make the material not easy to deform. And the shading is more delicate. This is because the MOPA laser uses a small pulse width to make the laser stay on the material shorter. And it has a high enough energy to remove the anode layer, so for the thin Al oxide plate surface to strip the polar anode processing,  MOPA Laser is a better choice. MOPA laser has a wide range of pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment. Using narrow pulse width and high frequency can produce a black effect on the surface of the material. And different combinations of data can also mark different gray-scale effects. The MOPA laser can adjust the pulse width and frequency, which not only makes the line fine, but also the edges appear smooth and not rough.


Some tips about purchase a fiber laser marking machine-Ariel

Some tips about purchase a fiber laser marking machine

Today we will introduce some tips about purchase a fiber laser marking machine.Hope it will be helpful to you.

What are the issues to be aware of in addition to the price of the laser marking machine?

In order to allow customers to buy the most suitable machine with the least amount of money, XT Laser has specially arranged some problems to be paid attention to when purchasing laser marking machines.

The laser marking machine is actually not very expensive.

The price of a fiber laser marking machine is about 30,000-30,000.

However, the most important thing for the company and the purchase is not the price.

They pay more attention to the purchase of the marking machine than to be able to produce the desired effect on the product.

Whether there will be failure during use, and maintenance of the machine.

After sales and other issues.

1. Like buying other things, first we have to look at the brand.

The products of well-known brands have quality assurance, followed by the company’s expected price range.

And then the machine that is suitable for its own products.

The last step is to carefully understand the configuration of the machine. , parameters, performance.

2. Choosing the most suitable laser marking machine is the first step to obtain a satisfactory label.

We recommend that users simply understand the basics of purchasing before choosing a laser machine.

And then work with your supplier to select the most suitable product to be labeled.

3. The higher the power, the longer the service life of the laser tube.

This is the most common misunderstanding.

I think that the more power, the more gas, the slower the consumption.

In fact, the higher the power, the more heat the laser tube emits when it is working.

If it cannot be effectively dissipated in time, it will burn out the laser tube.

Therefore, equipment with more than 50 watts usually needs water cooling and a large cooling system. .

Therefore, the high wattage does not guarantee the service life of the laser tube.

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Comparision of different laser marking machines-Ariel

Comparision of different laser marking machines

This article is about comparision of different laser marking machines.Many clients ask about it, so today we will introduce it to you.

Laser marking machines alias laser code machine, laser jet code machine, laser symbol machine.

Laser cutting plotter, laser marking machine, metal laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine.

So what is the difference between several laser marking machines?

At first, it is CO2 laser marking machine.

The current CO2 laser marking machine is usually the importing CO2 rf laser tube, whose service life can reach 20,000 to 40,000 hours.

The marking speed of this model can reach 7,000 mm/s.

CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for marking on most non-metallic materials.

Such as paper packaging, plastic products, leather cloth, glass and ceramics.

Secondly, it is semiconductor side pump laser marking machine.

Semiconductor lasers are choose integration module programming, instead of the YAG laser marking machine krypton lamp.

Then avoid to replace the defect of krypton lamp, modular programming means that it’s less fault, protection is also more convenient.

The light of the semiconductor laser marking machine mould quality is very good, suitable for all kinds of metal and nonmetal on mark.

Such as plastic, mobile phone keys, stainless steel, etc

At last,green laser marking machine.

Green laser marking machine is suitable for sensitive to the thermal effect of the data marking, because the wavelength of the resolution of the green laser is a relatively “cold laser”.

Relatively speaking, it means that comparing with co2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine.

The thermal radiation effect of green laser is smaller.

Green laser marking machine is a typical application of the surface of the crystal and carved inside.

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About the fiber laser marking machine – Nora

About fiber laser marking machine


Desktop integrated fiber laser marking machineHi, I’m Nora from XTLaser and I’m going to talk about the basic components of a fiber laser marking machine.

First of all, It is the basic composition of fiber laser cutting machine.The marking machine has nine main parts.
These are fiber-optic laser source and laser scanner, as well as F-theta lense, control panels and computer.And lift, 2D workstation and power supplie, and more powerful machines with water coolers.

The most important component is the fiber laser source, which is the core component of the fiber laser source. The fiber life is up to ten years, which is very long. The main brands of fiber laser source are IPG, Raycus and MaxPhotonics.All three are relatively stable.

Then there are the laser scanners, whose function is to control the bending of the laser beam in the XY plane. The main brands of laser scanners are Sino, Scanlab and Centry Sunny.But our standard configuration is Sino.

Then there’s the F-Theta lens.
According to the wavelength, the objective is divided into 1064nm and 10.64 micron objective, there are also 532nm and 355nm objective, the main brand is wavelength.

Lasers are as important as circuit boards and marking software.
Its brands include EZCAD, a very well-known brand in China.EZCAD is easy to use.And it can be updated at any time.EZCAD is support windows 7 64bit, windows 8 and 10.

The next one is the computer.We use Lenovo and Philips a lot.You can also choose the computer you want.

Lifting rod: The length is 50cm and 80cm respectively. The focal length can be adjusted by the hand wheel above.

2D workstation, can be adjusted from left to right.

Strength: As the name suggests.

These are the basic components of a fiber laser marking machine.

If you want to know more about our machine, please click: XTLaser

The benefit of sealed laser marking machine-Ariel

The benefit of sealed laser marking machine

Hello,this is Ariel again from XTLASER,nice to meet you.I am in charge of European market.So today we will introduce one of the popular fiber laser marking machine.The benefit of sealed laser marking machine.

Fiber laser marking machine consists of standard portable fiber laser marker, separate fiber laser marker, handheld fiber laser marker, and sealed fiber laser marker.

The sealed fiber laser marker is the cleanest one.

Sealed fiber laser marking machine, as its name supplies, is an integrated fiber laser marker covering by specially designed metal shell.

It looks like a wardrobe or a refrigerator, taking up a smaller space than other types of fiber laser makers.

This kind of machine can create an ideal work environment for the owners.

Firstly, the sealed metal shell can isolate the machine body from the dust or erosion of damp air.

It can effectively prolong the lifetime of the machine and keep its good marking performance as well.

Advantages of fiber laser marking machine

Users only need to clean the metal shell rather than go deep into the screws and joints to clean all the machine components.

In addition, sealed fiber laser marking machine can offer a quiet marking process with producing few noises.

When processing the materials, users just need to open the door of sealed fiber laser marking machine.

And then put the materials inside and close the door afterwards.

Then set up the marking patterns on the connected computer and wait for the marking result.

In this process, the sealed fiber laser marker is just like a magic room .

Besides, as mentioned above, sealed fiber laser marking machine only takes up a small place.

So that it’s pretty suitable for small workshops, stores, homes or somewhere that has strict requirement for space.

This is also one of the reasons why sealed fiber laser markers are widely popular by users.

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How can you make money with personalized Marking?-Yan

Hot sell FIber laser marking machine

Nowadays, it is increasingly favorable to add individualization and originality to your belongings. You can add unique personal dedications to gifts, signs or trophies of many kinds. The best way to support a marker varied field of application is with laser technology.

Additionally, the advertising material industry benefits greatly from the various applications done with a laser. Nearly all suppliers provide giveaways and simple promotional items. These items can be sold with a higher profitability margin if they have high-quality laser markings.

When you add that personal touch to a product, Customers generally tend to pay more. As a result,we can calcute the cost of merchandise with an individual laser marking according to the market’s price per product achievable. It is not uncommon for personalized items to cost 5 to 10 times the basic item cost.

Example: Surcharge for laser-engraved ballpoint pen


High-quality ballpoint pens with unique carvings are priced at US$15, and the unit price of these products is as low as US$1.50, depending on the quantity purchased.”Laser cost” typically caluculate at $1 per minute of laser use in the laser processing industry. Therefore, it is easy to determine costs based on various graphics and processing time. In the ballpoint pen example, if your engraving takes 15 seconds, the laser costs will equal to 25 cents per unit. Even when you consider labor costs, it is quite simple to see that laser engraving can make a large profit.



Example:Surcharge for the laser engraving (high-quality finish)

Laser marking promotional key USB stick

Increasing surcharges for laser marking is one way to obtain money.Using this system,we can compare with other suppliers, and is offered at a lower price point. Adding an engraving, therefore, results in a surcharge. It is reasonable to apply roughly 1 dollar/lasermarking, . Meaning that the purchase of a laser system (average value – depending on size and equipment) is already economically viable with roughly one hundred items per week. With greater order volumes a viable possibility in the line of promotional items, as well as no fixed costs being aquired in laser processing, promotional item suppliers can boost the profitability of their company with laser markings.

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Details of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.–Oriole

Details of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.

Nowadays, more and more people majoring in wooden artware or other products making. With the technology developing so quickly, a lot of them choose CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine to finish their work.

In order to let you know more about CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine. Here share some details about with you.

What can the machine do?

CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine can cut and engrave wood, leather, pvc, acrylic, etc.

Is there any protection device for the machine?
Our machine has cover protection (when the front cover of the machine is opened, the laser will stop working), emergency stop switch (in an emergency, you can immediately press to cut off the power of the machine), cooling system protection (if the laser tube cooling system has a problem, the laser Will stop working), all doors on the machine can be locked with a key, which is more safe and secure

To amplify the power, can it be achieved by only using a high-power power supply or replacing a laser tube with a higher power?
No, it need to change the laser power supply and laser tube at the same time.

For example, a 60watt laser power supply can only support the work of a laser tube up to 60watts. If you only replace the 80watt laser power supply without replacing the corresponding laser tube, it will generate a certain current pressure on the 60w laser tube, which will affect the life of the laser tube. Make an impact. On the contrary, if you change to an 80watt laser tube without replacing the corresponding laser power supply, it may be impossible to drive the laser tube due to the low current. (In addition, if you replace a larger wattage laser power supply and laser tube, the chiller must be replaced with a larger model. It is also necessary to consider whether the laser tube box can fit a larger wattage laser tube.)

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60w JPT MOPA laser engraving machine in jewelry industry-Ariel

60w JPT fiber laser engraving machine in jewelry industry

If you do jewelry business, we recommend you choose 50w Raycus or 60w JPT laser engraving machine.We will introduce the 60w JPT MOPA laser engraving machine in jewelry industry.

What is the principle of fibre laser marker

What is the principle of fibre laser marker

50w Raycus and 60w JPT

When customers need to do much deep engraving or cutting work,they will always choose 50w or 60w.

We sell many 50w Raycus and 60w JPT LM1+ laser to jewelry industry,firearms gun industry.
Accordign to customers’ feedback,customers say 60w JPT cutting engraving speed is better than 50w Raycus.

Note:Both of 50w Raycus and 60w JPT is good laser source.

Why 60w JPT speed is faster?

Here we explain why 60w JPT laser cutting speed is faster.

Frequency range and single pulse energy is higher,the cutting energy and precision is better.
Pulse width changing scope is wider,the cutting edge and cutting effect is better.

Single pulse energy determines the speed much.

Mopa JPT can mark color

Besides,Mopa JPT LM1+ can also mark some color on stainless steel.

But it is so-called Mopa,it can only mark some very limited color.

If your main work is mark color,you can choose JPT M1+ and M6+ series.

Jewelry industry samples

Here share you a video for reference.

Our sugesstion is that you can choose 60w JPT laser if you have enough budget.Most clients choose 60w JPT MOPA laser engraving machine in jewelry industryIts cutting effect and cutting speed will be better.If not,you can choose 50w Raycus.

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The main parts of fiber laser engraving machine-Ariel

The main parts of fiber laser engraving machine

We will introduce the main parts of fiber laser engraving machine in this article.

Fiber laser engraving machine could achieve deep engraving outcome on the metal.

As we know, the fiber laser marking machine could achieve different outcome on the metal.

For example, the surface marking and deep engraving.

For different requirements of different customers, we introduce the different power machine to them.

The machine parts

Firstly,Laser source: Raycus laser source, the best brand in China.

Lens: 110*110mm lens, wavelength brand from Singapore.

Control card: JCZ control card from Beijng, the best one in China.

Software: EZCAD software, from Beijing JCZ company.

Working table: 2D working table, for focus distance adjust by up-down/forward-backward/left-right moving.

* Galvo head: SINO brand galvo head, the most hot selling one in market.

For the laser source, the two most common type is the Raycus and IPG.

Most western customer and Indian customer prefer the IPG laser source.

And for the lens, also called the working area.

According to our testing experience, the 110*110 working area lens is the most suitable for the deep engraving.

The smaller the lens is , the more concentrated of the light.

So using the 110*110 lens could achieve the best outcome in the short time.

2.consumable parts 

For the fiber laser engraving machine, the only consumable parts of the machine is electricity.

Because The laser source lifetime could reach 100000 hours.

So No any other consumable parts.

Besides, the software and machine is easy to learn and operate.

Therefore, more and more customers buy this machine for working.

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