Popular high safety level fully enclosed type laser cutting machine-Eliza

Popular high safety level fully enclosed type fiber laser cutting machine-Eliza

Popular high safety level fully enclosed type fiber laser cutting machine-Eliza

Here glad to introduce one popular high safety level fully enclosed type with exchange table fiber laser cutting machine in Europe market.high safety level fully enclosed laser cutting machine

Firstly: Machine power: 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000W.

Secondly: Machine table size: 1500*3000mm, 2000*4000mm, 2000*6000mm, 2500*6000mm

Why this machine model is very popular in Europe market?

Because it is can meet most industry metal processing needs, fully enclosed with exchange table, high safety level, save man power, and fully follows the CE standard.

XTLASER not only have the guaranteed machine quality and satisfactory after-sale service. But also provide high cost-effective price.

More info of the machine details share here.

Firstly, please check the machine working video and details: https://youtu.be/d4Jmg77PF5c

Machine strict quality testing before shipping: https://youtu.be/Uq6C_Qi-wC4

Secondly, machine main parts.

1.Laser source: IPG, Raycus, MAX, according to the specific work and need, recommend suitable laser source.

2.Laser head: Raytools, good China brand, widely used with stable and efficient features.

3.Contry system: FSCUT best China brand, it can realize the application of multiple functions in cutting.

Not only good quality machine parts, but also our engineers have rich experience for fiber laser cutting machine production.

We have agent in the UK, Brazil, Italy, Poland, India, etc. During these years, XTLASER is committed to study precise machine with high quality. And cost-effective price to customers.

Hope above help you know more about the machine.

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Laser Source Antifreeze Guide-Teresa

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

The weather is getting colder, in order to prevent the laser from freezing and breaking down, XTlaser reminds you:

Firstly, Please replace the pure waterin the laser chiller with antifreeze in time. (This fault is not covered by the warranty)

Secondly, Adjust the temperature of the laser chiller.Low temperature water is about 27 degrees in summer, 20-22 degrees in winter, 24-25 degrees in spring and autumn. High temperature water is around 30 degrees per year.

Recommend choosing CLARIANT brand

There are two models of antifreeze suitable for laser systems:

1)ANTIFROGENN ethylene glycol—water type (industrial products, toxic tothe human body)

2)ANTIFROGENL propylene glycol—water type(food grade,harmless to humans)

*Note: If you cannot buy the above brands, you can buy car antifreeze.

Any antifreeze can not completely replace deionized water. And we cannot use it for a long time throughout the year. After winter, the pipeline must be cleaned with deionized water or purified water. And deionized water or purified water must be used as the coolant.

Why choose XTLASER?

We have established a strong foothold in this market due to our optimum quality machines and fully-covered service. Owing to the transparent business dealings and ethical policies, we have been able to win confidence of numerous clients.

Firstly, rich industry experience.

When we was a small factory, we had already put our focus on fiber laser cutting machine, which is not like some other suppliers who turn to laser market when they found the potential.

Secondly, separate R&D department.

This means we are able to offer customized machines for our clients, cater their exclusive demands.

Thirdly, technical supports.

We have offered our machines to over 100 countries and regions, which allow us to accumulate abundant successful experience from our clients. In this way, we are able to offer all kinds technical solution and service.

Fourthly, optimum quality.

All suppliers, cooperating with us, are coming from world-class manufacturers. Each machine, before leaving for our clients, is needed to be tested and inspected for 48 hours (marking machine) and 4-7 days ( cutting machine). Therefore, this allows us to have a fully check on the machine.

Fifthly, timely delivery.

Each machine is arranged with precise assembly steps without any delay. So we can offer you the products in time.

Sixthly, after-sales services and Guarantee.

We offer 2 years warranty, during the period, any problem happen, we are responsible to solve. And if any part of the machine was broken, which happens rarely, we would send you a new one by DHL, and all cost is all on us.

Seventhly, company value:

To create value for the community with laser technology.

Eighthly, our attitude:

We are honest, professional, hardworking and eager to obtain results. We take clients as our partners.

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How to slow down the aging of fiber laser cutter?-Ariel

How to slow down the aging of fiber laser cutter?

How to slow down the aging of fiber laser cutter?This article is about this question.Hope it will be helpful to you.


So how to slow down the aging of fiber laser cutter?

1. Regular maintenance of the laser generator.

When using the fiber laser generator after a period of time,the power tends to decline. We should regularly absorb dust and check its external light path.

2. Regularly check the guide rail and rack.

If there are debrises on the rail and rack, it not only affects cutting accuracy, but also damages them. So be sure to check the rail and rack before opening the machine. Besides, remember oil them.

3. Ensure a clean working environment.

Fiber laser cutting machine should be placed in a clean working environment,especially those who use air as the auxiliary gas. Otherwise, the  particles will contaminate lenses and reduce the usage time of laser head

Users should not only learn to use the machine correctly, but also understand the principle and regularly maintain it.

Only in this way, can fiber laser cutting machine has a long service life.

Hope it is helpful for your,and if you have any questions about machine,welcome to contact us.



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How to improve quality of your fiber laser cutting machine?-Teresa

How to improve quality of your fiber laser cutting machine?

Metal laser cutting machine, as we all know, the most important advantage of it is that it can greatly improve the cutting accuracy. However, many customers have such problems during the actual use process. That is, only pay attention to the cutting speed, which will lead to the product quality can’t be effectively controlled. So how to ensure the quality of laser cutting? Let XTLASER tell you.

1.Preparation before cutting

In order to improve the cutting quality, it is necessary to carry out scientific and reasonable cutting design, review and repair the drawings before cutting.

2.During cutting

During the cutting process, in addition to adjusting the relevant parameters of the machine according to the material thickness, your operator should pay attention to the cutting quality of the sample. The batch cutting shall be carried out only after the sample printing quality is qualified enough.

3.Correct adjustment of focus position

Adjust the position of focus according to the material and thickness of the cut. Usually thin carbon steel below 5mm, with zero focal length and focus on the surface of the workpiece, aluminum, stainless steel and other workpiece focus on the surface of the workpiece, when cutting thick carbon steel plate, the focus is on the surface of the workpiece.

4.Adjust assist gas pressure data

When cutting at a faster speed, the stability of gas pressure has a great influence on the cutting burr. According to the data parameters,  the best gas pressure can be adjusted to ensure the quality after cutting.

In fact, no matter how high-tech the machine is, it can’t work it self without operator. So it is necessary to remind the operator or engineer of customers to learn how to use the machine from XTLASER. Or if customers have any problems with machines, please feel free to contact XTLASER.


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Requirements For Metal Laser Cutting Machine Working-Serena

Requirements For Metal Laser Cutting Machine Working

  1. Requirements For pure water

There’s a very strict requirement for the cooling water. It need to use pure water, deionized water or distilled water and other water quality. Do not use tap water, mineral water and other water containing higher metal ions or other minerals. These water quality have a great influence on the cooling effect of the metal laser cutting machine.

  1. Requirements For Temperature

In terms of temperature, the general requirement is to install the air conditioner, because the metal laser cutting machine body has a high heat dissipation during processing, especially the high-power metal laser cutting machine. In order to continue the processing process and keep the laser cutting machine working, it is necessary to stabilize the indoor temperature.

  1. Requirements For Working Environment

The laser cutting machine first has requirements on the processing area environment. Generally, the ground needs to be relatively flat. The metal laser cutting machine processes on a flat ground so that the sheet metal material can be placed on the laser cutting platform smoothly. The level of flatness directly affects the accuracy and speed of processing.

Last but no the least. no excessive dust in the working area. Excessive amount of dust will affect the operator’s body and visual visibility. So it must be smoke-free and dust-free to avoid a serious dust and metal working environment.

Save more cost by fiber laser cutting machine-Teresa

Save more cost by fiber laser cutting machine

Save more cost by fiber laser cutting machine.

Comparison of energy consumption between fiber laser and CO2 laser.

Fiber lasers have short-wavelength characteristics that increase the absorption of the beam by the cutting material.

And can cut materials such as brass and copper as well as non-conductive materials.

A more concentrated beam produces a smaller focus and a deeper depth of focus, so that fiber lasers can quickly cut thinner materials and cut medium-thickness materials more efficiently.

The CO2 gas laser system requires regular maintenance,the mirrors require maintenance and calibration, and the resonant cavity requires regular maintenance.

The fiber laser cutting solution requires virtually no maintenance.

Comparing with CO2 cutting systems, fiber cutting solutions are more compact and have less impact on the ecological environment, so need less cooling and energy consumption is significantly lower.

The CO2 laser needs to be adjusted before using the light. The condition of the optical path will directly affect the cutting effect of the workpiece. Therefore,need to adjust and maintain the optical path manually regularly. The thermal lens effect of the YAG solid-state laser is obvious and needs frequent maintenance. The optical fiber transmission of the fiber laser is free of adjustment. It is maintenance-free, highly stable and easy to operate.

The photoelectric conversion rate of the fiber laser is more than 30%.

And the photoelectric conversion rate of the same power CO2 laser cutting machine is about 10% to 15%.

The photoelectric conversion rate of the solid laser is 3%.

The fiber laser consumes only 20-30% of the power of the same power CO2 laser, and the overall cost is lower.

By comparison, the fiber laser cutting machine works more efficiently under the same conditions, and the cutting effect is better, maintenance-free.

If you do not know which is suitable for you,we could help you.




Auxiliary gas of fiber laser cutting machine-Teresa

Auxiliary gas of fiber laser cutting machine.

Auxiliary gas of fiber laser cutting machine.

When cut the fiber laser cutting machine, different cutting gases according to the material of the cutting plate. The choice of gas and pressure has a great impact on the quality of fiber laser cutting machines.

Effect of cutting gas and pressure on cutting quality

1) The cutting gas helps to dissipate heat and assist combustion.And blows off to obtain a better quality cut section.

2) When the pressure of the cutting gas is insufficient, the melting will occur during cutting, and the cutting speed cannot meet the production efficiency.

3) When the pressure of the cutting gas is too high, the influence on the cutting quality: the cutting surface is rough, and the slit is wide; at the same time, the cut section is partially melted, and a good cutting section cannot be formed.

The effect of cutting gas pressure on perforation.

1) When the gas pressure is too low, the laser does not easily penetrate the cut sheet, and the punching time increases, resulting in low productivity.

2) When the gas pressure is too high, the penetration point is melted to form a large melting point, which affects the quality of the cutting.

3) When laser drilling, generally, a higher gas pressure is to the punching of the thin plate member.

And a specific punching method for the punching of the thick plate member.

Tthereby eliminating the disadvantage of the low air pressure to protect the lens.

4) When the laser cutting machine cuts ordinary carbon steel, the thicker the material, the lower the pressure of the cutting gas. When cutting stainless steel, the cutting gas pressure increases relatively with the thickness of the material. In short, we need choose cutting gas and pressure during laser cutting according to the actual situation during cutting. In specific applications,Select different cutting parameters according to the specific conditions.

Anything more you want to know about fiber laser cutting machine.

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How to Improve the Precision of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Ariel

How to Improve the  Precision of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How to Improve the  Precision of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. With the development of modern laser technology, the fiber laser cutting machine have been applying in progressive metal industry.


In the subsequent development process, laser cutting technology was gradually applied in sheet metal processing, plastic, wood and other materials cutting.

It is gradually becoming an indispensable and important process in industrial production.

So, how to increase the laser cutting accuracy?

First, it needs to achieve accurate control of the laser focus.

The smaller focal depth of the focusing lens is, the smaller spot at the focal point will be.

Therefore, the focus position can  control on the metal surface very effect to improve the cutting quality.

Secondly, optimize the cutting and piercing technology.

Because the laser cutting machine work process is hot cutting processing, it needs to penetrate a small hole in the metal plate, and then the laser beam starts to cut the plate from the small hole.

Third, optimize nozzle design and flow control technology.

During the cutting processing of sheet metal, oxygen is squeezed by a nozzle and acted on the surface of the material to be cut by laser beam

The basic requirements for airflow are large flow rate and fast speed, so as to ensure that there is enough oxygen thermal reacts with material, at the same time, there is enough gas flow to blow away the slag.

Generally speaking, the laser factors affecting the cutting quality, it mainly includes the following aspects: first, the size of the spot;

Secondly, the positioning accuracy of the work table;

The third is the thickness of the workpiece;

The fourth is the workpiece material.

The smaller laser beam spot is, the higher the precision of the workbench, the thinner the workpiece thickness is, the more conducive to improve the quality of cutting.

Hope this information is helpful for you.

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How to Choose the Auxiliary Gas of Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine?-Serena

How to Choose the Auxiliary Gas of Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine?

When using fiber laser cutting machine, it need to be equipped with auxiliary gas. This is also applied to fiber laser pipe cutting machine.  Auxiliary gas usually contains oxygen, nitrogen and compressed air.

The applicable conditions for the three gases are different. So the following are the differences of them.

1. Compressed air

Compressed air is suitable for cutting aluminum sheets and galvanized steel sheets, which can reduce the oxide film and save costs to some extent. Generally, the cutting sheet is relatively thick, and the cutting surface is not required to be too perfect.

2. Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a kind inert gas. It prevents sheet surface from oxidation during cutting, and prevents burning (it is easy to occur when the sheet is thick).

3. Oxygen

Oxygen mainly acts as a combustion aid, which increases the cutting speed and thickens cutting thickness. It is suitable for thick plate cutting, high speed cutting and sheet cutting,such as some large carbon steel plates, thick carbon steel structural parts.

Although increasing the the gas pressure can improve the cutting speed, the high cutting speed also will cause a decrease after reaching a peak value. Therefore, when debugging the machine, it is very important to control the air pressure.

XT laser provide all day and night service to you. Our engineers who serve for the foreigh customers are more than 70 employees. If your machine has any problem, engineers willl help you by online or on-site.

How does the nozzle influence the fiber laser cutting ability-Teresa

How does the nozzle influence the fiber laser cutting ability

The relationship between nozzle and cutting quality

When the nozzle center and the laser center are not on the same axis, the effect on laser cutting quality:

1) Affect the cutting section. When the cutting gas is sprayed, it will cause uneven air volume. And it will make the cutting section have melting stains on one side and not on the other side. It has little effect on cutting thin plates below 3mm. When cutting a sheet of more than 3mm, its impact is more serious, and sometimes it will not be able to cut.

2) Influencing the quality of sharp corners, when cutting workpieces with sharp corners or small angles, local overmelting is likely to occur. When cutting thick plates, it may not be possible to cut.

3) Affect the perforation, instability during perforation, the time is difficult to control, the penetration of thick plates will cause overmelting, and the penetration conditions are not easy to grasp, and the impact on thin plates is small.

How to choose the nozzle aperture

There are several types of nozzle apertures: φ1.0mm, φ1.5mm, φ2.0mm, φ2.5mm, φ3.0mm, etc. At present, two kinds of nozzle apertures are φ1.5mm and φ2mm. The difference between the two is:

1) Thin plates below 3mm: use φ1.5mm, the cutting surface will be thin; use φ2mm, the cutting surface will be thicker, and the corners will have melting stains.

2) Thick plates above 3mm: Due to the higher cutting power, the relative heat dissipation time is longer, and the relative cutting time also increases. With φ1.5mm, the gas diffusion area is small, so it is not stable when used, but it is basically usable. With φ2mm, the gas diffusion area is large and the gas flow rate is slow, so the cutting is more stable.

3) The hole diameter of φ2.5mm can only be used for cutting thick plates over 10mm. In summary, the size of the nozzle aperture has a serious impact on cutting quality and perforation quality. At present, laser cutting mostly uses nozzles with φ1.5mm and φ2mm apertures.

Therefore, when the nozzle aperture is larger, the relative protection of the focusing lens is worse. Because the sparks of the melt splash during cutting and the probability of bouncing upward is great, which makes the life of the lens shorter.

The concentricity between the center of the nozzle and the laser

The concentricity between the center of the nozzle and the laser is one of the important factors that cause the quality of the cutting, especially when the workpiece is thicker, its influence is greater. Therefore, the concentricity between the nozzle center and the laser must be adjusted to obtain a better cutting section.

Note: When the nozzle is deformed or there are melting stains on the nozzle, its impact on the cutting quality is the same as described above. Therefore, the nozzle should be placed carefully and not bumped to avoid deformation; the melting stains on the nozzle should be cleaned up in time . The quality of the nozzle has high precision requirements during manufacturing, and the correct method is required during installation. If various conditions are to be changed during cutting due to the poor quality of the nozzle, the nozzle should be replaced in time.

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