Details of Fiber Laser Marking Machine—Oriole

Details of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

There are many details of fiber laser marking machine I want to discuss in this text.I will talk about the reason why we use fiber laser marking maching,the components of it and how can we use it.

Fiber laser marking

Fiber laser marking

Why we choose laser marking machine?

Firstly,power saving.For one hour working ,a laser marking machine just cost 0.5kw/h.

Scendly,maintenance-free.A laser marking machine can work for one hundred thousand hours in theory with no maintenance.

Thirdly,simple using.It is easy for us to use it to mark.

Fourthly,mini.It just cover a small area.

Fifthly,permanency.The pattern it marked will never fall off.

Sixly,elegant appearance.What the machine marked looks superior.

Elements and respective roles:

A fiber laser marking machine consists a lot of components.Each of them has its own function.Let us see.

Firstly,fiber laser source.The most important part of the machine.It decides the efficiency and strength of the machine.

Scendly,2D galvo head. Control the movement of the laser beam in the plane.

Thirdly,2D F-theta lens.Scanning and focussing is what it is doing.

Fourthly,control board&marking software.Order the machine to finish its work.

Fifthly,computer.Play a role together with control board&marking software.

Sixly,lifting pillar.It is helpful for the  laser marking machine to focus.

Seventhly,2D working table.We can place the object here and then we can focus easyer.

Eighthly,power supply.When the power of a laser marking machine is fine and open ,we can begin our marking.

How to use the fiber laser marking machine to marking something?

Firstly,open the switch of the computer and then open other three switches.

Scendly,sto make sure it will mark the object on the right position scan and focus .

Finally,operate the software of the machine,and then you will get the pattern you want.

Last but not the least,when you finish your work,you also need abide by the rules.You should close the computer first and then close other switches.

Attention:when you operate the machine if happened anything dangerous ,you can use the emergency stop switch as soon as possible.






Thermal and cold processing of laser marking machine-Zoro

Thermal and cold processing of laser marking machine

Nowadays, marking patterns and text are no longer meticulously crafted word by word. Since people discovered the existence of laser, and it can be used in the processing of electronic components, instrumentation industry, automobile, aerospace industry and so on. Laser marking breaks through the limitations of the previous pneumatic marking and is more in line with the modern high-speed addition mode.

 The principle and application analysis of laser marking

Laser marking uses a high-energy laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of the processed object. And there are two processing principles.

  1, thermal processing laser marking

This method mainly uses the high-density energy source of the laser beam. The concentrated energy stream of the laser beam illuminates the surface of the object to process, thereby increasing the temperature of the surface or outer layer of the processed object or the coating of the atlas, resulting in a series of changes. In this way, the process of marking on the processed object realized.

  2, cold processing laser marking

It refers to high-energy ultraviolet photons, which break the chemical bond inside the processed object or the chemical bond of the surrounding medium, thereby causing the processed object to undergo non-thermal process damage. This type of marking process will not produce heating and deformation effects on the inner layer and nearby areas of the processed object. For example, in the electronics industry, and a thin film of chemical substances deposited on the substrate material. These two different methods can complete the realization of the laser marking process.

Laser marking machine was born under the innovation of laser marking technology application. There si a great role in promoting the development of human civilization and the progress of society.


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How to mark different colors with fiber laser-Ariel

Most of  customers asked to us how to marking color on stainless steel by fiber laser marking machine.How to mark different colors with fiber laser?We will introduce it in this article.

For fiber laser marking machine ,you can mark black, white and golden color easily.

1.How to mark different colors with fiber laser? When marking black color, leave the focus above or under the marking face, decrease the laser power to 80% and increase the speed under 100mm/s.

2.How to mark different colors with fiber laser? When marking white color, leave the focus above or under the marking face,increase the laser power to 40% and decrease the speed under 1400mm/s.

3.When marking face on focus, you can get golden color.

Of course, these area similar parameter, you need test it around them.

As for other colors, this machine also could do it, but it’s hard and we need to test with your material.

In general, It can mark white, gold, and black color on stainless steel and carbon steel. It only can mark color on high quality stainless steel, just like 304.

If you want to mark color, pls better tell us your stainless steel number. We will make detailed parameter for you in advance. Then after you got machine, all will be convenient.

1.Laser power:

Now in the market,mainly have 20w/30w/50w/60w/100w:

  • 20w suitable for surface marking;
  • 30w suitable for some engraving works;
  • 50w and 60w gain more popular in jewelry cutting and guns engraving industry;
  • 100w engraving speed is better than 50w,60w,however,because of its cost,so very few customer chose this model.

If you just need to engrave on metal materials,30w will be Fine.

2.Laser source:

98% customers would like to chose Raycus as the reasonable cost and good quality,so we recommend you this one.

Hope it is helpful for you,if you have any questions of machine ,welcome to contact to us.

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Why Laser Engraving Gun is popular in America-Ivy

Why Laser Engraving Gun is popular in America

Why Laser Engraving Gun is popular in America?

We here aim not to express any inclination to guns.

But to introduce the versatility of our fiber laser marking machine.

It has increasingly popularity among American gun lovers.

Fiber laser marking machine not only works well on common advertising signage,but also performs well on the surfaces of guns.
laser enfraving machine
Most of gun lovers treasure guns as precious collections just like some people like to collect watches, antiques.

They can imply their beliefs or life philosophies.

Personalized characters, images or patterns are therefore introduced to enrich the gun’s meaning and decoration.

Laser Engraving is just the machine which we canuse it to engrave permanent symbols on the guns.

Then what on earth a  laser engraving machine can do to customize the appearance of guns?

It’s an easy work actually.

Firstly, we should select and upload a symbol to the software in the connected computer of the fiber laser marker.

Then put the gun on the work table and fix it firmly.

Turn on the machine and just let it do all the rest of engraving work.

The fiber laser head will create a magic work for individual need.

Comparing with traditional marking and engraving methods, the  fiber laser marking machine stands higher.

Because of more precise marking result, high-efficiency energy consumption and faster speed.

The rotation axis configured on the machine makes it more possible to mark beautiful images on gun barrels and handles. But as a friendly reminder, do not install the bullets in the gun when the fiber laser marking machine are working on it. Otherwise, gun engraving magic will become “engraving attack”.

So please be more careful!

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Main functions of 3D fiber laser marking machine-Lisa

Main functions of 3D fiber laser marking machine-Lisa









Laser marking machine have very fast development nowadays, we can see 2D laser marking machine have very wide application in so many fields. But the disadvantage of 2D laser is it can only work on the flat surface. With the help of rotary device, we can use it mark some cylinder, such as cup. Even in this case, it have many limitation on curved surface marking. So 3D fiber laser engraving machine rise in the market.

3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine









3D means Dynamic focusing, compare with ordinary 2D laser machine, 3D laser marking machine use different galvo head. Ordinary 2D scanning head only have two mirrors, but 3D scanning head have three mirrors. The third mirrors can move forward and backward. This is the key technology of 3D laser marking machine.

Except scanning head, control card and control software is the brain of laser markers. One good control software will make complex operation become very easy. Most company will development the software together with scanning head.

1. Curved laser marking








3D laser marking machine have three main application. include curved laser marking, emboss laser engraving large format laser marking machine.1. Curved laser marking

This type 3D laser’s working size usually under 300*300mm. We can use it mark curved surface and ball surface. Different with rotary marking, 3D curved marking have very high precision and working speed is much more faster. It is same with normal flat marking.

2. Emboss laser engraving







Emboss laser engraving is same popular with curved laser marking. we can use it make many art crafts, gift, mold etc. Its main application is deep engraving.

Although 2D laser machine can do deep engraving, all depth is same and in same leveal. 3D laser engraving can reach different depth and the performance seems like three-dimensional pattern.

3. Large format laser marking machine






We know the max working size of 2D laser marking machine is 300*300mm now. But many people need do large working size. With 3D laser marking machine, usually its working size can reach 600*600mm. As for bigger size, it need customized scanning head.

Although 3D laser marking machine have many special application, its price also is higher now. Most customers can’t accept it. With the help of development and price decreasing, it may become same popular with ordinary laser in the near future.

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Applications of laser marking machines in the mobile phone industry Lisa

What are the applications of laser marking machines in the mobile phone industry?

Laser marking machine is applicable to the product marking in many industries. The mobile phone manufacturing industry is no exception. Mobile phone is the primary application of laser processing in mobile phone manufacturing. Mobile laser marking is a clean and pollution-free high environmental protection.

Processing skills has non-touch carving, the workpiece is not deform, the carving precision is high, the definition is high,the permanent is good and so on. Well-known mobile phone parts laser marking mainly includes: logo marking, mobile phone case, mobile phone battery. Mobile phone jewelry marking, earphone, power adapter and so on.



What the Laser marking machine can do?

The traditional method is to use silk screen printing on the outside, silk screen ink is heavy, not delicate, difficult to follow. The printing effect is not ideal, and the ink component use in silk screen printing is heavy metal chemical element. not only

The importance of laser marking machine on mobile phones: the new technology of carbon environmental protection. The mobile phone uses laser marking, this permanent marking method can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability. And can increase the added value, so that the product looks higher grade. More branded. because of Processing characteristics of mobile phone laser marking machine:

1, the mobile phone can be processed in a wide range, mobile phone casing. mobile phone film, mobile phone screen, chip and other components are suitable for laser processing;

2, a large number of mobile phone parts, the need for a variety of laser processing methods, including violet lasers, fiber lasers, etc.;
3, a large number of mobile phone materials, including metal, plastic, dielectric materials, liquid crystal materials, etc. need to use different laser equipment; such as
4, high processing accuracy, high efficiency, low cost, laser processing is extremely advantageous. although
The laser marking machine features very obvious, integrated design, small size, low power consumption, long life, high efficiency, maintenance-free, high-quality laser beam, fine spot, no need for consumables.

So, is there any application of laser marking machine in the mobile phone industry? so

1. Hardware decorative film and mobile phone case

The laser marking machine can not only mark the LOGO, product information, etc. on the metal decorative piece and the outer casing, but also make the effect of the netting result and the drawing result, and the marked lines are more refine and the pattern is more refine. Other laser marking machines have a higher repetition rate and can greatly increase the marking rate. in summary

2. Mobile phone light button

It accepts light-transmitting buttons made of silicone, which is highly sensitive to laser power. The sequence of the pulse of the usual laser marking machine is not stable, which is easy to cause uneven marking and affect the transmission result. Accepting the end-pump layout and participating in the pulse-controllable skills, it can form a stable pulse sequence with a more uniform color. for

3. Charger and battery and other finished products (even though)

You can use laser marking machine to mark LOGO, product information, etc. Including serial number, production date and batch number, barcode, QR code, etc. because
The current mobile phone processing industry has embraced the laser processing skills, including satisfaction with some of the natural needs. From a market perspective, it is imperative to develop a product with clear logo. stable performance. Mature skills, small size, easy maintenance and high cost performance. The laser marking machine not only has a fine marking, well-proportional, stable pulse sequence. But also low cost, which is very good for the current mobile phone processing market. since
The laser marking machines can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials. Used in clothing accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, wine packaging, architectural ceramics, beverage packaging. Fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplates, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries. as soon as

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What are the advantages of 3D laser marking machine? lisa

What are the advantages of the 3D laser marking machine?


First, a larger range and more elaborate light effects

3D marking uses a front focusing optical mode that uses a larger X, Y axis to deflect the lens. Thus allowing for a larger laser spot, better focusing accuracy, and better energy efficiency; if 3D marking is in 2D marking When working with the same focus accuracy, the marking range can be larger.

Second, can mark objects of different heights

3D marking can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, making surface marking impossible for 2D possible. After using 3D, the cylindrical marking in a certain arc can be complete at one time. Which greatly improves the processing efficiency. Moreover, in real life, the surface shape of many parts is irregular. And the advantages of 3D marking will be very obvious.

Third, more suitable for deep carving

The traditional 2D marking has inherent defects in the deep surface carving of the object. As the laser focus moves up during the engraving process, the laser energy acting on the actual surface of the object will drop sharply, which seriously affects the effect and efficiency of the deep carving.

The traditional deep carving method is to electrically move the lifting table at a certain height during the engraving process,  to ensure the laser is on the focus. The 3D marking for deep carving processing does not have the above problems, which not only ensures the effect, but also improves the efficiency, and at the same time saves the cost of the electric lifting platform.

Fourth, can achieve multi-color marking

For general metal surface blackening, such as anodized aluminum, it is usually using for a suitable energy to use higher frequency pulses, marking with a certain defocusing, the defocusing distance obviously affects the energy distribution of the laser on the material surface and Color effect. For general 2D marking users, even if advanced features such as surface marking are not required, it is meaningful for the 3D marking machine to perform plane processing of multi-gradation multi-color effects.
Compared to traditional flat marking, 3D laser marking machine has more practicality in many occasions. If you need deep surface carving, please choose 3D laser marking machine using laser beyond.

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Fiber laser marker used for marking ABS-lisa

Fiber laser marker used for marking ABS-lisa

ABS is a kind of BS (styrene-butadiene rubber), PB (polybutadiene),  PBA (butadiene rubber) dispers in AS (acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer) or PS (polystyrene) multi-component polymer. Due to the different ratios, different properties and melting temperatures can be obtain. If the ABS blend with other plastics or additives, it can be expanded to ABS for different uses. Such as impact grade, flame retardant grade,heat resistance,transparent grade, electroplating grade, enhanced grade, etc. Based on the characteristic of ABS material, the laser marking machine can mark on the ABS material. ABS has very good flame retardancy,which widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, and communication equipment. since

Buy the best ABS laser marker machine

The ABS laser marker absorbs laser energy and converts the laser beam into heat energy, which generates heating, evaporation carbonization and chemical reaction. For different plastics chemistry, there are different varieties of light-color laser markings on dark backgrounds and dark laser markings on light-color backgrounds, which are suitable for black, white, yellow and gray marking on materials such as nylon.because
1, UV laser marker marks plastic has better effect ,but more expensive. UV laser does not have heat, so will not burn the plastic surface , the pattern is more beautiful. It is popular to use for mobile phones LOOG,  high-end cosmetic case,mobile phone charger, FPC circuit board,  high-grade tableware, high-end watch,glass porcelain, bottle cap QR code etc. but

2, fiber laser marker machine, affordable  price is about $2600~$4000, the shortcomings have higher requirements for plastic materials. It must be pure material, can not dope with any nozzle material. It is necessary to add laser engraving powder to the plastic raw materials to achieve the idea effect.

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Bird rings engraved with fiber laser marking machine-lisa

Bird rings engraved with fiber laser marking machine-lisa

Spring is here and to many of us that means BABY CHICKS!! There can be one problem: how do you tell which is which?

Why would you want to keep track of you baby chicks? Well, the answer varies from poultry fancier to poultry fancier but here are a few reasons.

Breeding Program

– One of the main reasons you would want to track your baby chicks is so that you know their lineage. So this would be done by using one of the methods that allows you to track the individual birds. Which means it needs to have numbers on them.

Tracking a Breed

– Sometimes a breed can be easily identified by the type of eggs or the chick marking so you want to tag them and id them right away so you can keep track of that bird.

Age/Year of the birds

– You may want to band your birds so you know how old they are. Layers are usually only laying a lot of eggs for about two years so if you have flock of mixed age birds you should band them so you know which birds belong in which age group.

If you are a bird lover and you happen to read this article, you must be a lucky man.
Yes we already found the ways to solve this problems.
In recent years, fiber laser marking machine is becoming popular on the applications of bird rings.
This is the mini type fiber laser marking machine, a compact model that can save space and shipping cost

what is MOPA laser


Please click these videos to learn the working

1:fiber laser for marking bird rings

2: laser marking machine for rings

3: pigeon rings with laser marking machine

From the video, you saw the rotary and fixture bar are both necessary.
1. Fixture bar, fixing many pcs of rings on one steel, and achive marking once time






2.Rotary device, clamping the steel bar and make it rotating for marking different sides







In summary, fiber laser marking machine widely used on the marking rings, bird rings, pigeon rings, finger rings,

Most of metal materials you can use it to mark

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Fiber laser engraving machine for stainless steel-lisa

Fiber laser engraving machine for stainless steel

Stainless steel is a kind of modern general engineering material.

We use the fiber laser engraving machine in various industries. From the daily consumer products to the kitchen wares. From manufacturing the surgical operation device to the roof, stainless steel is always the best choice. There are over 150 types of stainless steels which purchased from the market. Their surface smoothness is also in great varieties. When the fiber laser engraving technology is working on various stainless steel materials,. there will be amazing effect. Many products or components made of stainless steel require marks of certain forms.

Fiber laser engraving machine

No matter these marks are the manufacturing date or the simple alphanumeric code indicating the component number. Or even the more complicated bar code or data bar code, fiber laser engraving machine can make marks without exception. The fiber laser engraving machine can mark the typefaces in single lines, in hollow or solid. Some marks are rather complex, such as the functional marks like the scales on the tools or instruments. Furthermore, the fiber laser engraving machine can still engrave more complicated decorative patterns.

The fiber laser engraving machine is small in size.

But it can generate the nanosecond-level monopulse, with the light concentration of 10~40W. To enable the stainless steel surface to have visible changes under the premise that the main stainless steel material is not impacted by the heat. When using with the photoelectric scanner, the laser will be utilized effectively to carve and print different patterns. According to the characteristics of the incident light and the stainless steel type. As well as the different reaction of the stainless steel to the laser, various visible effects can be obtain.

The impulse with enough energy also can use to melt the partial surface. And then the laser will make the surface to generate a series of small pitting, which will have chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air, thus forming the touchable black marks. When the impulse increases, some materials will be evaporated. The melt in the pitting will be extruded out because of the pressure, so as to have a flashing effect and improve the visual quality significantly, thus having a carving sense.


If rather using low energy strength, a long reaction time will bring a total different effect.

Under the premise of not melting the metal, a surface mark of annealing spot in dark color will form. To be more accurate, it is the black oxidation spot with high contrast. With no influence to the surface roughness and structure of the material. Such marks are usually widely use in the daily consumer products. Or the medical surgical operation tools with strict requirements on marks. So as to make sure that the tools will not erode after repeated sterilization. The flexibility and the generated controllable impulse of the fiber laser engraving machine make all these surface marks to become true.
Fiber laser engraving machine can still make pure white marks on the stainless steel. In addition, through controlling the laser energy, the very short low-energy impulse can be use to generate very small fondant. So that it can print the grind before oxidation and generate solid and white marks. Because of its elegant appearance, it is usually use for the daily consumer products. Such as the camera and mobile phone. The mark of this type will generate obvious influence to the physical characteristics of the material, such as the waterproof performance of the material.
The same as the traditional printing, changing the density of the spot or the energy strength will also change the gray mark effect.
Fiber laser engraving machine has another application, which is to use the very short and biggest repetitive rate low-energy impulse in 1MHz to polish the stainless steel with the surface wiredrawing process. Such a way will melt the dimpling part of the texture surface of the wiredrawing process. The remelting generated herein will be able to polish the material effectively, thus making the material to have the effect of reflecting light.

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