Running cost of handheld fiber laser welding machine-Teresa

Running cost of handheld fiber laser welding machine

Nowadays handheld fiber laser welding machines are becoming more and more popular. Laser welding offers travel speeds that can be five to ten times faster than TIG welding and three to five times faster than MIG welding in some applications. It’s a good alternative to resistance spot welding in many applications. The main power includes 1kw, 1.5kw and 2kw. In this article XTLASER will share the running cost of fiber laser welder with you.

Running cost of handheld fiber laser welder

The running cost of handheld fiber laser welding machine mainly includes 3 parts: power consumption, quick wear parts and auxiliary gas.

1. Power comsumption

In fact, we usually use 50%-60% power to weld the metals.
1kw total power consumption is 7.5kw. The real power consumption is only 3.8-4.5kw/h.
1.5kw total power consumption is 8.5kw. The real power consumption is only 4.3-5.1kw/h.
2kw total power consumption is 10kw. The real power consumption is only 5-6kw/h.

fiber laser welding machine

2. Quick wear parts

Quick wear parts for handheld fiber laser welder are only protective lens and copper nozzle.
Protective lens: lifetime is 240 hours, about 40-50pcs per year
Copper nozzle: lifetime is 360 hours, about 20-25pcs per year
Better environment, better operation, longer using time.

3. Auxiliary gas

The gas mainly plays a protection role, its consumption is very small. Nitrogen (N2) or Argon both are OK. But for materials easy to be oxidized, Argon is better. The gas can isolate the air from the welding plate to prevent reaction with the air. So the welding surface of the metal plate will be white and beautiful. The gas also can protect the lens from welding dust.

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Handheld fiber laser welding machine-Teresa

Handheld fiber laser welding machine

Fiber laser welding uses a high energy density laser beam as a heat source for efficient precision welding. However, laser welding requires high precision for workpiece pre-machining. So the position of the beam on the workpiece cannot not deviate significantly. If the assembly accuracy or beam positioning accuracy of the workpiece does not meet the requirements, it is easy to cause welding defects. This limits the process capability of laser welding to a certain extent. Because the spot size is small and the weld is narrow after laser focusing.
In response to the limitations of the above laser welding technology, the market has gradually introduced a laser welding method with double wedge laser vibration.  There’s a special wobble vibration module on the welding head. The application of wobble welding technology can make laser welding more widely used. And it can achieve high-efficiency laser precision welding for larger or wider welds workpieces.

Laser Welding Technology

In conventional laser vibration welding, the collimated beam is vibrated by a uniaxial galvanometer. And the spot focused by the focusing mirror is moved with the welding head to move relative to the workpiece. Thus forms a weld having a certain amplitude, frequency and offset.
Compared to the first two vibration welding modes, the double wedge mirror rotational vibration welding produces a spiral weld seam by the vibration module mounted between the collimating mirror and the focusing mirror, so that the focusing spot moves while the welding head moves. When the focal length is the same, the larger the torsion angle, the larger the vibration amplitude. When the torsion angle is the same, the larger the focal length, the larger the vibration amplitude. Therefore, double wedge vibration welding allows the weld joint to be wider while achieving better weld formability.
Advantages of hand-held laser welding over traditional welding and laser welding?
fiber laser welding
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Learn more about Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine-Ariel

Learn more about Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

We received a lot of new inquiries about the handheld fiber laser welding machine.So this article will introduce that learn more about handheld fiber laser welding machine.We will share some common questions about the machine,hope it will help you learn more about the machine.

1.Weding ability(take stainless steel for example)

material:stainless steel Depth of fusion Welding thickness
1500w ≤4mm ≤5mm
2000w ≤5mm ≤6mm

2.Common questions

1.firstly, Does it come with wire feeder? 
Yes,you can choose to buy the wire feeder or not.It is optical.wire feeder is mainly used for the gap is a little big between two plates.And it can make the welding effect looks better.We will suggest our client choose it.Or it is difficult to add if you need it in the future

2.awxondly, What is the thickness of material that can weld with wire feeder?
I am sorry I misunderstood you yesterday.About the wire diameter, it can be 0.8/1/1.2mm.You can choose it accroding to the gap between the plates.

3.thirdly,does it have English in menu? 
Yes,it have.

4.forthly, does it have consumables? (ex: gun nozzles) 
The quick wear parts are protective lens and copper nozzle.Here is their price and lifetime.

Price lifetime
copper nozzle 10USD/pc about 360hours
lifetime 8USD/pc about 240hours

We suggest you can buy some consumables for stock

5. do you accept payment trough
Yes,no problem.

6.Laser source lifetime
it is fiber laser source.So its lifetime will  be longer than Yag laser.In theory, it can used about 100,000 hours.Using 5-6 years is ok. When the laser source is done,if other parts are good, you can only buy a laser source.Our after-sale will show you how to install it.

7.What kind of wire is used as filler in the welding process?
About the wire, the material should preferably be the same as the material being welded.For example,if you need to weld stainless steel, the wire is also stainless steel.

8.About the Auxiliary gas
The welding machine can work without gas.But if you want to the welding surface light, use Nitrogen and Argon will be better.And it can protect the lens so the lens lifetime will be longer. The price of the gas is different in different counties and regions. If you think the cost of the gas is too high, you can use air compressor to produce air gas. But the welding effect will not very good, the welding surface of the metal may be black, so our customers should wipe the surface of the metal with ethyl alcohol.

And if you any other questions,pls let me know.

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Precautions for Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine-Ariel

Precautions for Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Recently, we received many inquiries form our clients. So this article is about precautions for handheld fiber laser welding machine.

fiber laser welding machine

1, with the relevant staff.

The person in charge must have relevant knowledge and experience in laser and welding machine.

The person in charge should not only be in charge of the safety lock key and password of the welding machine, but also instruct the operator on how to use the welding machine and teach the relevant safety knowledge.

2, the establishment of a dedicated laser welding area.

The relevant responsible person is responsible for the establishment of a special laser welding area (with a fence and other similar devices separated from the other work area), while in the welding area to set up “loitering personnel prohibited near” and other related signs.

3, the welding machine installed in a level, a solid place, not on the tilt of the place.

This welding machine uses three-phase AC 380V (50 ~ 60Hz) electricity.

4, the ambient temperature of 5 ° C-30 ° C humidity of not more than 85% of the environment in the use of the welding machine, the ambient temperature should not fluctuate too much.

Do not use the machine under the following conditions:
– There is dust, oil pollution of the environment.
– A vibrating environment.
– Corrosive environment.
– High-frequency noise environment.
– Humid environment.
(CO 2, NOx, or SOx) in atmospheres containing high concentrations of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur oxides.

5, in the winter if the ambient temperature dropped below 0 ° C, the water tank will be frozen, the water tank may crack.

Therefore, special care in the winter to ensure that the ambient temperature of the welding machine not less than 0 ° C. If the ambient temperature is below 0 ° C, drain the water from the tank and refer to the relevant section.

6, if the ambient temperature changes in the YAG laser rods and lenses will form water vapor, which will affect the use of welding machines.

Therefore, as far as possible to prevent the dramatic changes in ambient temperature. If the water vapor has been formed, then the machine must be warmed up after a while and then use the machine.

7, if the welding machine chassis stain or water, please use a dry cloth or wet cloth dry.

And if the stain is not clean, neutral detergent or alcohol can be wiped clean. Do not use gasoline or paint thinner to wipe the machine.

8. It is forbidden to place screws or coins on the inside or outside of the welding machine, which may cause a short circuit and damage the machine.

9, please gently operate the button, do not use a screwdriver and other tools to touch the button.

In particular, do not use sharp things touch the touch screen. Because this will cause permanent damage to the touch screen (with your fingers or a dedicated touch pen touch screen operation).

10, buttons and switches do not continuous operation, to ensure that only one click at a time.

Repeated switches affect the life of the machine.

11, control box and welding machine is connected with the connection between the lines.

After removing it, make sure that all connections have been restored before the next use. At the same time, do not let the cable block the fiber.

12. Do not bend the fiber to less than its minimum bend radius.

And if you have any questions about the machine,pls feel free to contact us.

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Shielding gas of handheld fiber laser welding machine-Ariel

fiber laser welding machine

This article is about shielding gas of handheld fiber laser welding machine.


In laser welding, shielding gas will affect the weld formation, the weld quality, the weld depth, and the weld width, etc.In most cases, the blowing of the shielding gas will have a beneficial effect on the weld, but bad use may also bring adverse effects.


The positive effect of shielding gas on laser welding

laser welding machine

●Proper blowing of the shielding gas will effectively protect the weld pool from oxidation and even avoid oxidation;


●Laser welder,Proper blowing of the shielding gas can effectively reduce the splash generated during the welding process and protect the focusing mirror;

laser welding machine

Proper blowing of the shielding gas can promote the uniform spreading of the weld pool during solidification so that the weld more  formed and beautiful;.


●Laser welding machine,proper blowing of the shielding gas can effectively reduce metal vapor or the shielding effect of the plasma cloud on the laser so that the laser energy reaching the surface of the workpiece, and thereby increase the effective utilization rate of the laser;

laser welding machine

●Proper blowing of the shielding gas can effectively reduce weld porosity.

Choose right gas type, gas flow rate, and blowing , it can achieve good result.However, improper use of shielding gas can also have adverse effects on welding.

laser welding machine

Adverse effects of improper use of shielding gas on laser welding

laser welding machine

●Improper blowing of shielding gas may cause the weld to deteriorate;

●Choosing the wrong type of gas may cause cracks in the weld, and may also lead to the reduction of weld mechanical properties;

●Choosing the wrong type of gas may cause the weld to be more oxidized (whether the flow is too large or too small), or it may cause the weld pool metal to be seriously disturbed by the external force to cause the weld to collapse or form unevenly;

●Choose the wrong gas blowing method will result in the weld not achieving the protective effect or negatively affecting the weld formation;

●Insufflation of the shielding gas will have a certain effect on the weld penetration, especially when the thin plate is welded, the weld penetration will be reduced.The commonly used laser welding shielding gas is mainly N2(nitrogen), Ar(argon), He(helium), and their physicochemical properties are different, so the effect on the weld is different.


●Nitrogen N2—can be used for welding shielding gas of stainless steel

laser weldER

The ionization energy of N2 is moderate, higher than that of Ar, lower than that of He, and the ionization degree under the action of laser is general, which can better reduce the formation of plasma cloud, thereby increasing the effective utilization of laser.Nitrogen can react with aluminum alloy and carbon steel at a certain temperature to produce nitrides, which will improve the brittleness of welds and reduce the toughness, and have a great adverse effect on the mechanical properties of the weld joint.Therefore, it is not recommended to use nitrogen to protect the weld of aluminum alloy and carbon steel.The nitride produced by the chemical reaction between nitrogen and stainless steel can improve the strength of the welded joint and improve the mechanical properties of the weld. Therefore, nitrogen can be used as a shielding gas when welding stainless steel.

laser welding machine

●Argon Ar— high-cost performance, the most conventional shielding gas


The ionization energy of Ar is relatively low, and the degree of ionization is high under the action of the laser. it is not conducive to controlling the formation of the plasma cloud. And will have a certain influence on the effective utilization of laser.However, the activity of Ar is very low. And it is difficult to react with common metals, and the cost of Ar is not high.Besides, the density of Ar is large, which is conducive to sinking above the weld pool and can better protect the weld pool. Therefore, Ar can be used as a conventional shielding gas.


●Helium He—the best but also the most expensive shielding gas

laser welding machine

He has the highest ionization energy and low ionization under the action of laser.

It can control the formation of the plasma cloud very well, and the laser can work well on metal.

Moreover, it does not chemically react with metals.  So it has a good marking effect. However, the cost of He is too high. It is not  suitable for mass production products.

Most of time it use for scientific research or products with very high added 

Hope this information is helpful for you.If you have any questions of machine,please contact to us.

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Take one minute to know fiber laser welding machine-Teresa

Take one minute to know fiber laser welding machine

In industrial manufacturing, laser equipments are popular in marking, cutting, welding and other fields. Fiber laser welding machine has become a major trend at present. This is because of the many advantages of fiber laser welding machine.

1. Advantages of fiber laser welding machine:

Firstly, good processing stability

The heat input can be reduced to the minimum required amount. The metallographic change range of the heat-affected zone is small. And the deformation caused by heat conduction is also the lowest.

Secondly, high processing efficiency

It can reduce the time required for welding thick plates and even save the use of filler metal.

Thirdly, less machine loss

There is no need to use electrodes, and there is no concern about electrode contamination or damage; non-contact welding process. This can make the wear and deformation of the equipment be minimized.

Fourthly, wide processing range

The workpiece can be placed in a closed space (under vacuum or internal gas environment under control). The laser beam will focus on a small area. It can weld small and closely spaced parts, can weld a wide range of materials, and can also join various heterogeneous materials. It is easy to automate high-speed welding and can also be controlled by digital or computer. When welding thin materials or thin-diameter wires, it is not as easy to have trouble like arc welding.

Fifthly, small processing conditions

It is can accurately align the weldment and not affected by the magnetic field. (arc welding and electron beam welding are easy to be affected by the magnetic field). It can weld two metals with different physical properties (such as different resistances). Don’t need vacuum or X-ray protection.

2. XTLASER handheld fiber laser welding machine:


Firstly, simple and easy to operate

Simple and easy operation, no deformation of the welding seam; stable laser output to ensure welding consistency; high power density after laser focusing; fast speed, large depth and small deformation; 360-degree micro-welding without dead angles.

Secondly, fast welding speed

It is more than twice that of solid YAG laser welding, and 3-5 times that of argon arc welding; it saves cost, is stable and worry-free.

Thirdly, beautiful welding process

Breaking through the limitations of the original workbench, it is suitable for all kinds of complex welding seams, and it is easy to weld any part of the workpiece at any angle. The humanized design and technology upgrade can produce beautiful welding seams.

Fourthly, swing welding head

The process that traditional magnetic head cannot complete, the swing welding head only needs to use 70% of the power, which can save the cost of the laser;
The swing welding method, the width of the welding point is adjustable, and the welding fault tolerance is strong, which makes up for the small shortcomings of the laser welding point, expands the tolerance range of the processed parts and the width of the welding seam. Thus obtains a better welding seam forming effect.

Fifthly, 360 degree micro welding

After the laser beam is focused, a small spot can be obtained, which can be accurately positioned and used for group welding of small and micro-sized workpieces to realize mass production. Mainly used for welding thin-walled materials and precision parts. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding, etc. It has high aspect ratio, small weld width, small affected area, small deformation, fast welding speed. What’s more, do not need to process or simple handling after welding.

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The advantages of handheld fiber laser welding machine-Ariel

The advantages of handheld fiber laser welding machine

Nowadays handheld fiber laser welding machine become more popular.So today we will introduce the advantages of handheld fiber laser welding machine.

Today,XT LASER will share some features of laser welding machine.

The main features of laser welding are as follows:

(1)The heat input is small, the weld width to width ratio is large, and the heat affected zone is small, resulting in small shrinkage and deformation of the workpiece, and no post-weld orthopedics are required;
(2)high weld strength, fast welding speed, narrow weld seam and good surface condition, eliminating the need for post-weld cleaning;so 
(3)Welding consistency and stability are generally not filled with metal and flux, and can achieve partial dissimilar material welding;so

(4)  The beam is easy to control, and the welding positioning is accurate and easy to automate;

(5)Non-contact processing, no need to pressurize the workpiece and surface treatment;so 
(6) Small solder joints, high energy density, suitable for high speed machining;so
(7)Short-time welding, which has no thermal influence on the outside world, and has small thermal deformation and heat-affected zone of the material itself, especially suitable for processing high melting point, high hardness and special materials;

(8) so No processing noise, no pollution to the environment;

(9) if It is possible to realize long-distance, difficult-to-reach parts, multi-channel simultaneous or time-sharing by optical fiber;so 
(10) so It is easy to change the laser output focal length and solder joint position;
(11) if It is easy to mount on the automaton and robot device;
(12) Compared with other welding methods, the initial investment of laser welding is relatively large;
(13)The assembly precision of the welded workpiece is high, and the accuracy of the beam manipulation is relatively high;

(14) Due to the large spatter, the penetration weld is rougher than brazing, but the strength is much higher than ordinary spot welding.

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XTLASER the introduction of laser welding machine Martin

XTLASER the introduction of laser welding machine Martin

XTLASER the introduction of laser welding machine Martin

There are many kinds of welding machines: Single spot single function, Single spot double function, Single spot multifunction. Both of them only have one weld head. There are still have two spots, three spots, four spots, even six spots. Different welding machines have different functions. Also, the efficiency is different.

Now we just introduce the fiber laser welding machine.

Principle of the laser welding machine: The laser has high power. We use high power to heat the metal area that we want to connect. The power of the laser can reach the materials’ internal. And let the metal melt. When the temperature becomes low. The materials will solidify to make the connection.


This is the new weld way. It focuses on thin wall materials, precision parts, etc.

Advantage of laser welding machine:

First, laser welding gun weight is light, easy to move.

Second, compact size, save floor space, easy to move

Third, IPG/Maxphotonics laser source, good quality, 100000 hours life span.

Fourth, Environment-friendly, protect operator health

Fifth, Fashion outlook.

Sixth, It can weld stainless steel, middle steel, carbon steel, aluminium sheet, iron plates, brass, steel, galvanized sheet and plates, other sheet metals and metal tubes.


The disadvantage of laser welding machines:

First, The position of the weldment must be very precise. And it must be within the focus range of the laser beam.

Second, The weld bead solidifies rapidly.

Third, The equipment is expensive. It is the biggest disadvantage.

Although there are many disadvantages. As technology develops, the price of laser source becomes lower and lower. So there will become more competitive compare with others’ welding machine.


If you are interested in our laser welding machine. Please free feel to contact us.

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How to maintain the handheld fiber laser welding machine-Ariel

How to Maintain the Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

The hand-held laser welding machine has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful welding seam, fast welding speed and no consumables.So today we will introduce you how to maintain the handheld fiber laser welding machine.


Firstly,The laser welding can perfectly replace the traditional argon arc welding and electric welding in thin stainless steel plate, iron plate, galvanized steel plate and other metal materials welding.

Handheld laser welding is 2-10 times faster than conventional welding. And a machine can save at least 2 workers a year.The weld seam is smooth and beautiful, reducing the subsequent grinding process, saving time and cost. The laser welding workpiece has no deformation, no welding, and the welding is firm. Less laser welding consumables.

Firstly,Manual operation and maintenance of hand-held laser welding machine

1.If We must  train Hand-held laser welding machine operators to understand the use of system lights and buttons, familiar with the most basic equipment knowledge.

2.Check the working line slot before work, the wire is not damaged and exposed. It is can’t prohibit to place tools on the water cooler.
3.It is strictly forbidden to place liquid objects and flammable articles on the control cabinet. The temperature of the operation room must not exceed 25 ℃ no leakage and leakage.No leakage of air, water and electricity.

Secondly,Maintenance of welding machine body.

1.Periodic testing.
2.Clean up the dust inside the welder regularly
3.Check the wiring of the electric power wiring regularly.
4.Replace defective parts during annual maintenance and inspection.Comprehensive repair work such as outer casing and insulation deterioration.

Thirdly,Regular Maintenance and inspection.

Regular Maintenance and inspection can reduce the occurrence of welding failure, extend the service life.

It can improve work efficiency, ensure the performance and safety of welding machine.

Hope it is helpful for you. And if you have any questions,please feel free contact to us.

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Handheld fiber laser welding machine for metal materials-Ariel

Handheld fiber laser welding machine for metal materials

Nowadays Handheld fiber laser welding machine for metal materials is very popular in the market.So today we would like to introcude this machine to you.

Compared with common welding machine, you can hold the welding head to do welding job.That’s why we call it “handheld” fiber laser welding machine.

Firstly, about the advantages of the welding machine.

  1. Laser welding gun weight is light,easy to move
  2. Compact size , save floor space, easy to move
  3. IPG/Raycus/Maxphotonics laser source, good quality , 100000 hours life span
  4. Environment-friendly , protect operator health
  5. Fashion outlook
  6. wobble welding function
  7. It can welding Stainless steel, middle steel, carbon steel, aluminium sheet, iron plates, brass, steel, galvanized sheet and plates, other sheet metals and metal tubes

Seconedly,about the main part of the handheld fiber laser welding machine.

1.Laser source

We use IPG,Raycus, Max laser source.IPG is German brand,good quality, laser power weakened slower than other brand.Also High photoelectric conversion rate.It can reach 45%, other brands are only about 25%,so it can save more cost for you.low failure rate, only 3%. But its price is expensive than Chinese brand. Raycus is the best brand in China, professional in laser source industry.MAX is also a good brand in China, younger than Raycus.But Raycus is affected a lot by the virus, so its delivery time is little longer.If your budget is limited, you can consider MAX.

2.Welding head.

We all use wobble head now.In fact,there is a galvanometer motor for swinging back and forth welding.Compared with normal welding head, it can weld up to 0.5mm gad and can reduce bubble, fry point, splash, ect.Now there are main four welding heand brand in market.Like Hanwei,Xinghong,Qilin,WSX.Our standard configuration is Hanwei,which is easy to operate.If you want to learn more about the difference between them,pls feel free to contact us.

3.Control board.

The control board is same brand as the welding head.Like you choose Hanwei laser,the control board is also Hanwei brand.You can use Xionghong brand.

4.Water chiller

It will cool the laser source and welding head.

5.Automatic wire feeder

Like control board, it is same brand with welding head.

Thirdly, the common questions about the machine

  • Can we adjust the welding speed?

yes, moving speed depend on operator’s hand.

  • Also can we adjust the wire speed?

Yes, it can adjust the wire speed.

  • Can we adjust the wattage as well?

Yes,we can control power output rate on touch screen board.

And Other more questions,pls feel free to contact us.

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