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8kw fiber laser cutting machine

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Common causes and solutions for burrs produced by laser cutting machines
W Series

Automatic Pipe Laser Cutting


Automatic Plate Laser Cutting

We Focus On Fiber Laser Solution

We Are a Professional Provider Of Customized Industrial Laser Application Solutions. The Sales Network Covers All Provincial Capitals And Municipalities Nationwide, And Exports To More Than 140 Countries And Regions Including India, Russia, Europe And Southeast Asia.

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Fiber Laser Cutting Solution

XTLASER Is a Laser Automation Equipment Manufacturer With An Assemblage Of Research & Development, Design, And Production. Our Products Include Fiber Laser Cutting Machines 、Laser Marking Machines、Laser Engraving Machines、Laser Cleaning Machines、Laser Welding Machines, Etc.

Fiber Laser Marking Solution

In conclusion Professional Supplier For Providing The Solutions In Laser Industry With 17 Years’ Experience.

Focusing On The Quality ,Innovation ,High-technology ,Leading The Market In Laser Industry

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