Popular UV laser marking machine in market-Eliza

Popular UV laser marking machine in market-Eliza

>>Firstly UV Laser Marking Machine picture

>>Second Machine feature

  • Firstly, cold light, no heat effect, minimal heat affected zone, no thermal effect, no material burning issue;
  • Secondly,355um UV laser focused spot is very tiny, suitable for very high precision marking.
  • Thirdly, Materials can absorb, and thus a wider range of applications;
  • Fourthly, Stable performance , small size, low power consumption.
  • Fifthly, High marking speed, high efficiency;
  • Sixthly, High speed galva mirror scanner.
  • Seventhly, Deft design brings good protection for the operator.
  • Eighthly, Easy operation,software supporting AutoCAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop etc.
  • Finally, Powerful software Text symbols, graphics, images, bar code, automatic layout and modify the qr code, serial number, etc

>>Third Applicable industry

  • The flexible PCB marking, scriping;
  • Plastic, like ABS;
  • Porous silicon wafers, blind hole processing;
  • LCD glass qr code marking, punching;
  • Metal surface coating glassware surface marking;
  • Plastic buttons, electronics, gifts;
  • Communications equipment, building materials and so on;
  • Ceramics;
  • Lens
Machine Mode XTL-UV5
Marking Scope 110*110mm
Laser wavelength 355nm
Min. character size 0.06mm
Laser power 5w
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Package size 92*80*157cm
Net weight 120kg
Gross weigh 170kg
HS Code 845611

Additionally, UV laser is optical fiber laser integrated structure, it has no optical pollution, no power of the coupling loss, compact structure compact, air cooling, with other laser don’t possess the high efficiency and reliability.

Here sharing with you the new marking samples on leaf by UV laser marking machine, it is just tested by our engineer, he has 15 year’s experience on laser machines, and has a good knowledge for parameters setting. He always do some interesting testing:










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The Top 4 Benefits of UV Laser Marking-lisa

The Top 4 Benefits of UV Laser Marking

fiber laser marking machine tutorial (2)

Manufacturers are increasingly requiring identification marks on their products to help with traceability. While the traditional marking method is typically ink printing. It’s out of date already, especially in the medical industry as ink that often easily removed, altered, or contaminated. That’s why many manufacturers have begun to use ultraviolet lasers to mark their products.

Laser marking makes it easy to identify parts and authenticity without a physical tool etching the surface of the part or transmitting any substances onto the surface. Instead, the laser light focused onto a material, producing damage-free, easy-to-read marks. Apple Rubber uses laser marking to add model numbers, bar codes, logos and more onto customer’s o-rings and seals.

Here are the top four benefits of utilizing UV laser marking in your manufacturing facility:

1. Flexible processing

Laser marking also used on many products in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense DOD, medical and electronic components. Apple Rubber uses laser marking on virtually any o-ring or seal where product identification required.

In many industries, product authenticity and traceability is required by law. Automotive companies, for example, use part traceability to quickly determine when and where the part produced in the case of component failure, which helps for product recalls. Because of the importance of product identification, using a flexible and reliable marking technique is critical.

2. Overall speed

In traditional ink marking, printing equipment is often mechanically complex, requiring longer downtimes for maintenance and frequent cleanings. With UV laser marking, no prolonged downtime associated with cleaning or fixing a printer, and the overall engraving process is extremely quick and simple.

UV lasers are better absorbed than other wavelengths and marking techniques by virtually all materials, requiring less power to produce a clear mark. This makes the process even simpler since UV laser marking ensures a high-quality, high-contrast mark in one application.

3. Maximizes authenticity

UV lasers create easy-to-read marks that are far superior to printed marks or labels. Apple Rubber uses a high-quality laser that can focus in on smaller spot sizes and produce a high peak power, leading to crisp, clear marks on o-rings and seals. This ensures that parts can clearly identified and their markings cannot  altered or tampered with.

In the pharmaceutical industry, counterfeiting has become a huge issue with many social and economic implications. Since pharmaceutical manufacturers are limite in what types of markings they can use, they must choose an option that is tamper-proof, easy to read, compatible with their specific environment and cannot alter the product. Because of these requirements, laser marking is the best choice in this industry and many others that require complete authenticity in their products.

4. Minimizes contamination

While the ink in traditional marking methods is non-toxic, the printing equipment often utilizes lubricants and solvents that can become airborne and contaminate printed products. Medical manufacturing often requires completely sterile products that produced in a classified cleanroom. In this case, traditional marking would not be acceptable.

During the laser marking process, the marking device does not come into direct contact with the product, allowing for clean operation with minimal contamination. This creates a product identification option for industries that require sterile products. And ensures that outside materials will not cause future contamination of a product.

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Industrial Application of UV Laser Marking Systems-Lisa

Industrial Application of UV Laser Marking Systems-Lisa

Before discussing the industrial applications, let’s know what laser marking is. Laser marking is a process which to leave marks on an object. Which may also include the color change caused due to chemical or molecular alteration, foaming, melting or more. The method does not include the use of inks. It also does not use tool bits which contact the engraving surface and wear out. This gives it the advantage over other marking technologies where we use inks orbit heads which to be replaced regularly.

Laser marking has more pronounced impact on the laserable materials which specially designed and sometimes also for some paints. These materials may also include new metal alloys and polymers which are laser sensitive.

Sometimes, Laser marking can also used as a common term which covers a broad spectrum of surfacing techniques which include printing, hot-branding and laser bonding.

Here we are going to discuss a specific type of laser marking systems i.e. UV laser marking systems. Read on to learn the industrial applications of UV laser marking systems:


  • UV laser marker is known to provide extraordinary performance. This system represents the perfect solution for both the direct part marking and also label marking in almost every market segment. These market segments include automotive, healthcare, solar, medical or surgical tools marking, electronics as well as packaging and many other applications. For more information, you may search UV Laser Marking Machines.
  • UV laser marker systems are providing help in a varied range of industries right from the automotive industry to the healthcare and packaging. This can be the result of the feature that these systems provide power in different ranges. You may find a system according to the desired power range.
  • Some of the UV laser markers are available with the wavelength of around 355 nm. Due to the high repetition rate, they are particularly suitable for marking plastics. They can reach very high speeds. As high speed is indispensable for short cycle times in industrial manufacturing environments. These systems often used in those applications.
  • Also, they are capable of providing high peak powers, so one of the application area s for these systems are fine marking and structuring. They are used in such a way that there is no thermal impact on glass applications or ceramics.

  • An excellent quality for micro material processing and classical laser marking applications.
  • Due to their diverse features, they are also application in medical/ pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. In these industries, these systems deter tampering and counterfeiting. These applications help to ensure lifetime brand protection and be traced.
  • UV laser marking systems find applications in those areas where high contracts marking and required coding. For example, an UV laser marking system can mark up to 250 products per minute without any distortion of code on the rotary devices.

Above mentioned application describe the ways how UV laser marking systems used in various industries. These systems use the extensive experience and success of its efficient components and represent the architecture of THG where THG stands for third harmonic generation. Many of these systems use the extra cavity technology which allows high-efficiency conversion of a nonlinear crystal and compactness of the laser source. If you wish to know more about them, you can search UV Laser Marking Systems.

The Introduction of ABS Laser Marking Machine-lisa

The Introduction of ABS Laser Marking Machine-lisa

ABS is a kind of BS (styrene-butadiene rubber), PB (polybutadiene),  PBA (butadiene rubber) dispersed in AS (acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer) or PS (polystyrene) multi-component polymer. Due to the different ratios, different properties and melting temperatures can be obtain. If the ABS is blend with other plastics or additives, it can be expanded to ABS for different uses. Such as impact grade, flame retardant grade,heat resistance,transparent grade, electroplating grade, enhanced grade, etc. Based on the characteristic of ABS material, the laser marking machine can mark on the ABS material. ABS has very good flame retardancy,which widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, and communication equipment. since

Buy the best ABS laser marking machine

The ABS laser marking machine absorbs laser energy and converts the laser beam into heat energy, which generates heating, evaporation carbonization and chemical reaction. For different plastics chemistry, there are different varieties of light-color laser markings on dark backgrounds and dark laser markings on light-color backgrounds, which are suitable for black, white, yellow and gray marking on materials such as nylon.because
1, UV laser marking machine marking plastic has better effect ,but more expensive. UV laser does not have heat, so will not burn the plastic surface , the pattern is more beautiful. It is popular to use for mobile phones LOOG,  high-end cosmetic case,mobile phone charger, FPC circuit board,  high-grade tableware, high-end watch,glass porcelain, bottle cap QR code etc. but

2, fiber laser marking machine, affordable  price is about $2600~$4000, the shortcomings have higher requirements for plastic materials. It must be pure material, can not dope with any nozzle material. It is necessary to add laser engraving powder to the plastic raw materials to achieve the idea effect.

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The working principle and application range of UV laser marking machine-June

The working principle and application range of UV laser marking machine

The working principle and application range of UV laser marking machine
Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to a series of laser marking machine series, and is also a newly  laser processing technology. Because the traditional laser marking machine uses laser is a thermal processing technology, which is obtained in terms of fineness. The lifting space has a restrictive development. However, the UV laser marking machine adopts a cold processing, so the fineness and heat influence is a great leap in laser technology.


With the continuous development of the laser application industry, the innovation of various types of laser equipment is accelerating. Among them, the laser marking machine is an extremely important part of the laser technology. However, the UV laser marking machine is one of the series of laser marking machines. The product is a mature laser processing technology newly developed.


In the field of modern precision machining, the traditional laser marking machine adopts laser thermal processing technology, and the fineness has restrictive development. Under such a background, the ultraviolet laser marking machine has become the darling of the new era. It uses a cold working process called “lighting” effect, “cold processing” (ultraviolet) photons with very high load energy, which can break the chemical bonds in the material or surrounding medium, so that the material is not hot. So the fineness and heat influence are minimize, which is a large laser technology. leap. Shenzhen Shangtuo Laser has a strong focus in the field of laser marking machines, and has developed a series of standard and non-standard automated UV laser marking equipment.


The working principle of UV laser marking machine:

The reaction mechanism in ultraviolet laser processing is realize by photochemical ablation. So, that is, laser energy is using to break the bonding between atoms or molecules, so that it becomes a small molecule to vaporize and evaporate. The focusing spot is extremely small, and the processing heat affected zone is minimal. So ultra-fine marking and special material marking can be performing.

Application range:

Nowadays, with the rapid development of laser equipment and the improvement of the power of UV laser marking machine. However, UV laser marking machine applying on  the high-end market of ultra-fine processing, the surface of packaging bottles for iPhone, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and other polymer materials. Marking; flexible PCB board marking, dicing; silicon wafer micro-hole, blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware surface, metal surface plating, plastic buttons, electronic originals, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc. Fields.

Glasses plastic uv laser marking machine,glasses bottle and plastic marking-Jill

Glasses plastic uv laser marking machine,glasses bottle and plastic marking

fiber laser marking machine can mark on any metal .

Also,it can also mark some hard plastic,such as abs.

However,uv can mark on glasses bottle and plastic.



Also plastic is special material.

Therefore if customer need to mark on plastic,they need to test.

①firstly,fiber Raycus

In fact,Fiber Raycus is the  cheapest.

However the plastic marking effect is not good.

Also sometimes it can not mark.

②Secondly,Fiber Mopa

Fiber Mopa is a little expensive than  fiber Raycus.

However the effect is better than Mopa.

③laser powder

If want to use fiber to mark on plastic,you need laser powder.

It can help fiber to mark a good effect on plastic.


However,uv no need to test and no need powder.uv is the best for plastic.

Fiber laser

Firstly,we share fiber working videos.

After add laser powder,fiber laser marking video:











uv laser

secondly,we share uv laser videos.







Secondly,it is glasses.

CO2 glavo head marking machine  and CO2 engraving machine.

This 2 machine can mark on glasses.

But we do not suggest.

For glasses marking,uv laser is the best.

Below is the comparison between CO2 galvo and uv laser.

uv laser

Firstly,let us see uv laser.

Firstly,uv glasss marking videos:










co2 laser

And then,it is co2 laser.

And then,we share Co2 engraving machine marking videos.




3.Other material.

Besides,uv laser can also mark on other materials.

Such as,Rubber,leather notebook,pen,etc.,

And then we share uv laser marking videos for your reference:






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