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What is the difference between laser marking and engraving machine?


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Laser marking machine uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. Laser engraving machine uses laser to engrave materials that need to be engraved. The common features is all processed by laser. And they all belong to advertising equipment. So today we talk about the difference between laser marking and engraving machine specifically.

The difference between laser marking and engraving machine

1. Working format

The working area of ​​laser marking machine is not particularly large. Generally marking area is 100*100mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm.

Low power laser engraving machines have a small processing area, but some high power laser engraving machines are mainly used to cut metal. The processing area is very large. Such as 900*600mm and 1300*900mm.

2. Speed ​​difference.

The speed of  laser marking machine is much faster than that of laser engraving machine.

3. Depth

The depth of laser engraving machine is far more than that of laser marking machine.

4. Laser

The laser of laser engraving machine is generally a carbon dioxide glass tube. The life of the glass tube laser is generally within 2000-10000 hours. Carbon dioxide glass tube lasers are all disposable.

The lasers of laser marking machines are generally metal tube lasers (non-metal marking machines) and pulsed fiber lasers (metal laser marking machines), and their service life is generally more than five years.

5. Price.

The price of laser marking machine is different due to different materials, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

For non-metal laser engraving and cutting machines, the low power price is cheaper. But laser engraving machines for cutting thick metals are also very expensive.

Application of laser marking and engraving machine


Application of laser marking machine:

(1) Electronic hardware accessories industry: automobiles, ships, machinery, equipment etc.

(2) Metal processing industry.

For instance: IT industry, machine manufacturing, medical equipment, watches and glasses, gifts, jewelry.

And printing stoves, precision hardware, accessories. And electrical appliances, instruments and instruments etc.

(3) UV laser marking machines application.

For example: electronic communications, electrical engineering, instrumentation.

And precision hardware, watches and glasses, jewelry etc.

(4) Non-metal processing industry.

Such as leather, craft gifts, packaging, advertising, wood, plastics.

And signs, electronic communications, watches, glasses, printing, decoration.

(5) Food industry
Marking various information on the surface of food, such as patterns, QR codes, etc.
The advantages are no consumables, finer and clearer printing effect, higher resolution, low failure rate, clean and pollution-free.

(6) Direct packaging industry: food and beverage packaging, wine bottle cap cigarette box packaging, medicine box/bottle packaging.
Mark the product’s production date, batch number, two-dimensional code and other content.

Application of laser engraving machine:

(1) Plaques and signs

(2)Architectural model, mechanical model, vehicle model, ship model model

(3) Arts and crafts, gifts, souvenirs

(4) Building materials, such as gypsum ceilings, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, and so on.

(5) Plexiglas technology, Plexiglas processing


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