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About fiber laser marking machine


Desktop integrated fiber laser marking machineHi, I’m Nora from XTLaser and I’m going to talk about the basic components of a fiber laser marking machine.

First of all, It is the basic composition of fiber laser cutting machine.The marking machine has nine main parts.
These are fiber-optic laser source and laser scanner, as well as F-theta lense, control panels and computer.And lift, 2D workstation and power supplie, and more powerful machines with water coolers.

The most important component is the fiber laser source, which is the core component of the fiber laser source. The fiber life is up to ten years, which is very long. The main brands of fiber laser source are IPG, Raycus and MaxPhotonics.All three are relatively stable.

Then there are the laser scanners, whose function is to control the bending of the laser beam in the XY plane. The main brands of laser scanners are Sino, Scanlab and Centry Sunny.But our standard configuration is Sino.

Then there’s the F-Theta lens.
According to the wavelength, the objective is divided into 1064nm and 10.64 micron objective, there are also 532nm and 355nm objective, the main brand is wavelength.

Lasers are as important as circuit boards and marking software.
Its brands include EZCAD, a very well-known brand in China.EZCAD is easy to use.And it can be updated at any time.EZCAD is support windows 7 64bit, windows 8 and 10.

The next one is the computer.We use Lenovo and Philips a lot.You can also choose the computer you want.

Lifting rod: The length is 50cm and 80cm respectively. The focal length can be adjusted by the hand wheel above.

2D workstation, can be adjusted from left to right.

Strength: As the name suggests.

These are the basic components of a fiber laser marking machine.

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