Details of Fiber Laser Marking Machine—Oriole

Details of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

There are many details of fiber laser marking machine I want to discuss in this text.I will talk about the reason why we use fiber laser marking maching,the components of it and how can we use it.

Fiber laser marking

Fiber laser marking

Why we choose laser marking machine?

Firstly,power saving.For one hour working ,a laser marking machine just cost 0.5kw/h.

Scendly,maintenance-free.A laser marking machine can work for one hundred thousand hours in theory with no maintenance.

Thirdly,simple using.It is easy for us to use it to mark.

Fourthly,mini.It just cover a small area.

Fifthly,permanency.The pattern it marked will never fall off.

Sixly,elegant appearance.What the machine marked looks superior.

Elements and respective roles:

A fiber laser marking machine consists a lot of components.Each of them has its own function.Let us see.

Firstly,fiber laser source.The most important part of the machine.It decides the efficiency and strength of the machine.

Scendly,2D galvo head. Control the movement of the laser beam in the plane.

Thirdly,2D F-theta lens.Scanning and focussing is what it is doing.

Fourthly,control board&marking software.Order the machine to finish its work.

Fifthly,computer.Play a role together with control board&marking software.

Sixly,lifting pillar.It is helpful for the  laser marking machine to focus.

Seventhly,2D working table.We can place the object here and then we can focus easyer.

Eighthly,power supply.When the power of a laser marking machine is fine and open ,we can begin our marking.

How to use the fiber laser marking machine to marking something?

Firstly,open the switch of the computer and then open other three switches.

Scendly,sto make sure it will mark the object on the right position scan and focus .

Finally,operate the software of the machine,and then you will get the pattern you want.

Last but not the least,when you finish your work,you also need abide by the rules.You should close the computer first and then close other switches.

Attention:when you operate the machine if happened anything dangerous ,you can use the emergency stop switch as soon as possible.






How to choose a suitable fiber laser marking machine-Ariel

How to choose a suitable fiber laser marking machine

If you are interested in buying a fiber laser marking machine, you most probably have the work you want to do with the machine figured out.So how to choose a suitable fiber laser marking machine?We will introduce this problem in this article.

What you need now is a quick analysis of the equipment that best suits your purpose.

For example, how deep is the fiber laser marking machine you are looking to do?

Different models will give you different depths and marking speeds.

As much as it is important to understand the different machine designs, price ranges and features, you also want to look at other extra offerings whichever target company you have is giving you.

For example, if you land on XT, one of the leading Chinese suppliers of these machines, you will get five offerings;

1.Different models of  laser marking machine

Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine 

This is a low power consuming, high speed machine that supports 24-hour operation.

Fiber laser marking machine has a work life of 100,000 hours, and its price ranges from $3500 – $5500 depending on your customization needs.

It gives a 10-20W output laser power and achieves and engraving depth of up to 0.2mm.

Standalone Fiber Laser Etching Machine  

The two main differences between the FL20 and FL10 is the output laser power and design.

This machine is standalone as the name suggests and manages 20W-30W output.

It comes at a price of between $2600 – $6000 depending on the customization required.

It is an ideal laser etching machine for metal working in a small to medium enterprise.

Desktop Enclosure Fiber Laser Engraving Machine 

The FL30 achieves speeds of up to 9000mm/s and a marking depth of up to 0.3mm.

The enclosure design give user healthy and safe work environment.

Deep Metal Laser Engraver

The FL50 is known as the Deep Metal engraver because it manages up to 0.5mm engraving depths.

It has a 50W laser output with speeds of up to 9000mm/s.

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How to find fiber laser marking machine focous .-Amber

How to find  fiber laser marking machine focous

When laser marking machine used, it will involve the problem of correcting the focal plane. Equipment manufacturers emphasize the importance of focal length during equipment installation training and sample adjustment. Laser laser engraving on the correct focal length surface is a key factor for the equipment to properly perform its performance. The direct users of the equipment should know how to properly debug the laser marking equipment. The focal length confused and misunderstood. Today I will give you a summary of some conventional laser marking machine focal length debugging methods.

  The first method: continuous light test

Draw a square or circle of about one centimeter on the marking software, and fill it conventionally. Adjust the laser energy to a relatively large value in the laser setting parameter column, use the low frequency as much as possible, and then select continuous marking, and laser project on the product surface. Place a block such as a metal business card at the position, continuously mark the light, and shake the Y axis up and down until the laser is applied to the metal business card with the strongest energy, the clearest sound, and the brightest color, which is basically the focal length. Test a few more times to find the right focal length.

After finding the focal length, we can use a ruler to measure the distance from the down lens to the surface of the object. Use this distance as a fixed value. The next time you mark the same item, you only need to take out the ruler, so that the height of the galvanometer to the surface of the item can reach this value again.

  The second method: red light point value method

It can be positioned by configuring additional red light. This method requires the device to have this hardware configuration. Install one or two oblique red lights next to the galvanometer or galvanometer. Using some principles of a right-angled triangle, use a fixed right-angled edge and two overlapping hypotenuses. Find the other right-angled side of the focal length. You only need to shake up and down until the two red light points coincide to quickly find the focal length. Although this method is convenient and fast, it requires equipment to have this device.


How to improve working efficiency of fiber laser marker-Ariel

How to improve working efficiency of fiber laser marker

This article is about How to improve working efficiency of fiber laser marker.

The purpose of fiber laser marker is to improve productivity to the enterprise. So how to improve the marking speed of metal laser marking machine?

The following are several influential factors.

laser marking machine

Firstly,Marking density.

In the same case of format, spot, and depth, the higher the density of the marking, the slower the corresponding marking speed. Because the density directly increases the marking area.

Secondly, Marking format.

Since the deflection area of the large-format marking galvanometer is increased, the marking speed of the large-format surface is slower than that of the small-format marking.

Thirdly, Marking depth.

According to the demand, if the depth of the marking needs to be deepened, the parameters of the metal laser marking machine need to be adjusted. Increase the power, current and other factors of the metal laser marking machine. Therefore, these will effect marking speed.

And fiber Laser marking machines divided according to lasers. So we need to select different laser marking machines according to the working conditions, marking materials and format. As the most advanced laser marking equipment in the world, the fiber laser marking machine has a wide application range and  recognized as a new generation of solid laser replacement. It has good beam quality, fast marking speed, small size and convenient use. And the working life  long, and it has  favored in the marking industry. To achieve the normal use of fiber laser marking machine and long life, daily cleaning, maintenance and maintenance is essential.

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How to maintain the fiber laser marking machine?-Amber

When the fiber laser marking machine is not working.

The power supply of the marking machine and computer should cut off.

Cover the field lens to prevent dust from polluting the optical lens.

In case of any fault of fiber laser marking machine, the power supply shall  cut off immediately.

If the equipment use for a long time, the dust in the air will  absorb on the surface of the lower end of the focusing lens,

which will reduce the power of the laser and affect the marking effect.

In serious cases, the optical lens will  overheated and burst. When the marking effect is poor, the focus lens surface should  carefully check for contamination.

If the surface of the focusing lens is contaminate, remove the focusing lens and clean its lower surface.

Take special care when removing the focus lens, and be careful not to damage or fall.At the same time,

do not touch the lens with hands or other objects.

The cleaning method is to mix anhydrous ethanol (analytical pure) and ether (analytically pure) in the ratio of 3:1 and use long fiber cotton swab or lens paper to invade the 8 mixture, and gently scrub the lower surface of the focusing lens.

The cotton swab or lens paper must be replaced once every side is rubbed.

During the operation of fiber laser marking machine, do not move the marking machine to avoid damaging the machine.Do not cover piles or other objects on the fiber laser marking machine .

Fiber laser engraving machine marked on Aluminum-Lisa

Fiber laser engraving machine marked on Anodized Aluminum

Now that we’ve covered the details of the material and procedures that we’re going to use. Here are the steps that you’ll need to follow to create your own laser engraved anodized aluminum project:

  1. Get a hold of some anodize aluminum. You can use sheet metal if you’re making something like a sign. But anodized aluminum objects like flashlights or screwdrivers are also okay. (since)
  2. Our laser engraving machines run using high-speed galvanometer technology. The laser engraver works like a computer numerically controlled (CNC) router – it takes designs from your preferred software and translates them into a vector map that tells the laser machine where to cut. Some laser machines run by moving the laser around in a grid, but our galvanometer laser system uses rapidly oscillating mirrors to make precision cuts with remarkable speed. (before)
  3. Now it’s time to get the laser focus on your material. Using the laser machine software on your computer, you’ll be able to adjust the “Z” position of the scanhead, which corresponds to the height. The scanhead has a focusing lens that focuses the laser beam onto the object, and so the “Z” position must be at the right height to focus the beam on the part. The “Z” position to enter into the software is almost always the same as the height or thickness of the part.( but)
  1. Next, you’ll need to get your design ready. The most popular design software options are CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator, so choose the one you’re most comfortable with. You can import an existing design from another program, or draw your own. The important commonality between permissible software options is that they produce vector images. And a file type that is easily translating into usable data by the laser engraving system.

  2. Once you’re happy with your design, save it as a vector file and load it into the laser engraving software. You can adjust the power, speed, frequency, and number of passes in the “Material File” in order to obtain different results. You can also load a previous material file that you know gives the results you’re looking for. If you’re not sure which settings will generate the results you want, we recommend that you test your materials under different settings to determine which one produces the results you want.(because)
  3. Close the door of your laser engraving machine and click on “Mark” to start the engraving process. You’ll see the high-powered laser activate and the rapidly oscillating mirrors dance in a unique pattern that engraves your specific design onto the anodized material you’ve chosen. Whether you’re creating a big project or a small one, galvanometer lasers produce incredibly fast results, engraving your anodized aluminum at speeds of up to 2 meters per second.
  4. Once finishing the process , look inside the laser machine and take out your newly laser-engraved anodized aluminum project

Ideas For Laser Engraving Projects With Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is a durable and versatile material. And we’ve seen plenty of cool projects mark with the laser engraving machine. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Promotional Items – High-quality keepsakes can be engraved with the name of your business, organization,. Or special event to create a lasting impression. If your company is hosting a booth at a conference, consider handing out aluminum flashlights or pens with your company logo laser-engraved onto them. High-end promotional items are impressive to your prospective clients. They reflect your firm’s attention to detail and the way you value quality. as soon as
  • Gifts – Personalized gifts show that you’ve gone the extra mile to create something unique for your special someone. Laser-engraved aluminum phone cases, dog tags or other jewelry. And even a nameplate for an office desk are all easily creating with a laser engraving machine and anodized aluminum. so
  • Industrial – Laser engraving is used to produce permanent markings on a variety of items in manufacturing. For example, a pcs of anodized aluminum car part might have its serial number engraving with a laser. This creates a permanent marking that will always be easy to find and read.


Anodized aluminum is a versatile material  in the world. Whether you’re marking parts for manufacturing, promoting a business. Or using your own design to make a gift for someone, laser engraving on the anodized aluminum is a cheap. And simple process that produces impressive results.

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The difference between fiber laser and Mopa laser marker-Ariel

The difference between fiber laser and Mopa laser marker

Many clients ask us about the difference between fiber laser and Mopa laser marker.Today we will talk about it.

What is Mopa fiber laser marking machine

if The most popular way of achieving power scalability is the “MOPA” (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) approach. The “MO” produces a highly coherent beam, and an optical “A” is used to increase the power of the beam while preserving its main properties. The “MO” has no need to be powerful, and has no need to operate at high efficiency because the efficiency is determined mainly by the “PA”. The combination of several laser amplifiers seeded by a common “MO” is essential concept of the High Power Laser Energy Research Facility. This is mopa fiber laser marking machine.

Different between Mopa laser with Q-switched laser

If Now Q-switched fiber laser marking machine is the most popular fiber laser marking solution in market. We use mopa laser on more and more fields.

so But also it have limited on some special material, such as stainless steel, anodised aluminium, plastic etc.  however mopa laser can do it.

if Compared with Q-switched fiber laser source, Mopa laser’s can adjust pluse. so it have more wide application then Q-switched laser.


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Main functions of 3D fiber laser marking machine-Lisa

Main functions of 3D fiber laser marking machine-Lisa









Laser marking machine have very fast development nowadays, we can see 2D laser marking machine have very wide application in so many fields. But the disadvantage of 2D laser is it can only work on the flat surface. With the help of rotary device, we can use it mark some cylinder, such as cup. Even in this case, it have many limitation on curved surface marking. So 3D fiber laser engraving machine rise in the market.

3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine









3D means Dynamic focusing, compare with ordinary 2D laser machine, 3D laser marking machine use different galvo head. Ordinary 2D scanning head only have two mirrors, but 3D scanning head have three mirrors. The third mirrors can move forward and backward. This is the key technology of 3D laser marking machine.

Except scanning head, control card and control software is the brain of laser markers. One good control software will make complex operation become very easy. Most company will development the software together with scanning head.

1. Curved laser marking








3D laser marking machine have three main application. include curved laser marking, emboss laser engraving large format laser marking machine.1. Curved laser marking

This type 3D laser’s working size usually under 300*300mm. We can use it mark curved surface and ball surface. Different with rotary marking, 3D curved marking have very high precision and working speed is much more faster. It is same with normal flat marking.

2. Emboss laser engraving







Emboss laser engraving is same popular with curved laser marking. we can use it make many art crafts, gift, mold etc. Its main application is deep engraving.

Although 2D laser machine can do deep engraving, all depth is same and in same leveal. 3D laser engraving can reach different depth and the performance seems like three-dimensional pattern.

3. Large format laser marking machine






We know the max working size of 2D laser marking machine is 300*300mm now. But many people need do large working size. With 3D laser marking machine, usually its working size can reach 600*600mm. As for bigger size, it need customized scanning head.

Although 3D laser marking machine have many special application, its price also is higher now. Most customers can’t accept it. With the help of development and price decreasing, it may become same popular with ordinary laser in the near future.

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Applications of laser marking machines in the mobile phone industry Lisa

What are the applications of laser marking machines in the mobile phone industry?

Laser marking machine is applicable to the product marking in many industries. The mobile phone manufacturing industry is no exception. Mobile phone is the primary application of laser processing in mobile phone manufacturing. Mobile laser marking is a clean and pollution-free high environmental protection.

Processing skills has non-touch carving, the workpiece is not deform, the carving precision is high, the definition is high,the permanent is good and so on. Well-known mobile phone parts laser marking mainly includes: logo marking, mobile phone case, mobile phone battery. Mobile phone jewelry marking, earphone, power adapter and so on.



What the Laser marking machine can do?

The traditional method is to use silk screen printing on the outside, silk screen ink is heavy, not delicate, difficult to follow. The printing effect is not ideal, and the ink component use in silk screen printing is heavy metal chemical element. not only

The importance of laser marking machine on mobile phones: the new technology of carbon environmental protection. The mobile phone uses laser marking, this permanent marking method can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability. And can increase the added value, so that the product looks higher grade. More branded. because of Processing characteristics of mobile phone laser marking machine:

1, the mobile phone can be processed in a wide range, mobile phone casing. mobile phone film, mobile phone screen, chip and other components are suitable for laser processing;

2, a large number of mobile phone parts, the need for a variety of laser processing methods, including violet lasers, fiber lasers, etc.;
3, a large number of mobile phone materials, including metal, plastic, dielectric materials, liquid crystal materials, etc. need to use different laser equipment; such as
4, high processing accuracy, high efficiency, low cost, laser processing is extremely advantageous. although
The laser marking machine features very obvious, integrated design, small size, low power consumption, long life, high efficiency, maintenance-free, high-quality laser beam, fine spot, no need for consumables.

So, is there any application of laser marking machine in the mobile phone industry? so

1. Hardware decorative film and mobile phone case

The laser marking machine can not only mark the LOGO, product information, etc. on the metal decorative piece and the outer casing, but also make the effect of the netting result and the drawing result, and the marked lines are more refine and the pattern is more refine. Other laser marking machines have a higher repetition rate and can greatly increase the marking rate. in summary

2. Mobile phone light button

It accepts light-transmitting buttons made of silicone, which is highly sensitive to laser power. The sequence of the pulse of the usual laser marking machine is not stable, which is easy to cause uneven marking and affect the transmission result. Accepting the end-pump layout and participating in the pulse-controllable skills, it can form a stable pulse sequence with a more uniform color. for

3. Charger and battery and other finished products (even though)

You can use laser marking machine to mark LOGO, product information, etc. Including serial number, production date and batch number, barcode, QR code, etc. because
The current mobile phone processing industry has embraced the laser processing skills, including satisfaction with some of the natural needs. From a market perspective, it is imperative to develop a product with clear logo. stable performance. Mature skills, small size, easy maintenance and high cost performance. The laser marking machine not only has a fine marking, well-proportional, stable pulse sequence. But also low cost, which is very good for the current mobile phone processing market. since
The laser marking machines can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials. Used in clothing accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, wine packaging, architectural ceramics, beverage packaging. Fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplates, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries. as soon as

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What are the advantages of 3D laser marking machine? lisa

What are the advantages of the 3D laser marking machine?


First, a larger range and more elaborate light effects

3D marking uses a front focusing optical mode that uses a larger X, Y axis to deflect the lens. Thus allowing for a larger laser spot, better focusing accuracy, and better energy efficiency; if 3D marking is in 2D marking When working with the same focus accuracy, the marking range can be larger.

Second, can mark objects of different heights

3D marking can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, making surface marking impossible for 2D possible. After using 3D, the cylindrical marking in a certain arc can be complete at one time. Which greatly improves the processing efficiency. Moreover, in real life, the surface shape of many parts is irregular. And the advantages of 3D marking will be very obvious.

Third, more suitable for deep carving

The traditional 2D marking has inherent defects in the deep surface carving of the object. As the laser focus moves up during the engraving process, the laser energy acting on the actual surface of the object will drop sharply, which seriously affects the effect and efficiency of the deep carving.

The traditional deep carving method is to electrically move the lifting table at a certain height during the engraving process,  to ensure the laser is on the focus. The 3D marking for deep carving processing does not have the above problems, which not only ensures the effect, but also improves the efficiency, and at the same time saves the cost of the electric lifting platform.

Fourth, can achieve multi-color marking

For general metal surface blackening, such as anodized aluminum, it is usually using for a suitable energy to use higher frequency pulses, marking with a certain defocusing, the defocusing distance obviously affects the energy distribution of the laser on the material surface and Color effect. For general 2D marking users, even if advanced features such as surface marking are not required, it is meaningful for the 3D marking machine to perform plane processing of multi-gradation multi-color effects.
Compared to traditional flat marking, 3D laser marking machine has more practicality in many occasions. If you need deep surface carving, please choose 3D laser marking machine using laser beyond.

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