Comparation between laser cutter and traditional cutting ways-Oriole

Comparation between laser cutter and traditional cutting ways

Nowadays, with the science and technology developed quickly. The requirement of cutting is higher. So manufacturers choose to buy a laser cutter. Today we will show you the comparation between laser cutter and traditional cutting ways.

Firstly, cutting speed

According to the actual test results of the laser field, the cutting speed of the laser cutter is

Fiber laser cutter

Fiber laser cutter

more than 10 times of the traditional cutter. For example, for 1mm stainless steel plates cutting, the maximum speed of the laser cutter can reach more than 30 meters per minute, which is impossible for traditional cutting machines.

Secondly, cutting quality and precision

The laser cutter is a non-contact method, won’t do harm to the materials.
Because the laser cutting machine uses advanced accessories to make the equipment more stable during operation, the cutting accuracy is more accurate, and the error even reaches 0.01mm accuracy. The cutting surface is flat and smooth. It not only saves costs but also saves processing time.

Thirdly, the operation is easier and more convenient

Design the cutting pattern in the computer, and any complicated pattern can be used. The equipment will automatically process it without manual intervention.

Fourthly. automation and no pollution

Fast cutting speed, high degree of automation, easy operation, low labor intensity, and no pollution. 

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Brass copper fiber laser cutting:Jill

Brass copper fiber laser cutting

Brass copper fiber laser cutting.

The metal laser cutting machine can cut various of materials.And the application in the cutting of copper products has gradually promoted in recent years. For the cutting of copper products, many workers have many problems for the specific operation and adjustment of the metal laser cutting machine. Cutting is not just the use of machine cutting, but also some experience problems. Let us introduce you specifically. How to cut brass material with a metal laser cutting machine.

High-reflective metal materials is always difficult materials for metal laser cutting machines.Including copper, aluminum, gold and other metal materials. These materials are also common materials in our daily processing. Solving metal laser cutting machine cutting high-reflection materials is more important.Nowadays, many metal laser cutting machine manufacturers are thinking about the solution.

When cutting a highly reflective metal material requires the addition of an auxiliary gas.When the laser cutter cuts the metal copper, the add auxiliary gas reacts with the material at a high temperature condition to increase the cutting speed.For example, oxygen can be to achieve the combustion-supporting effect. Nitrogen is an auxiliary gas for improving the cutting effect for laser cutting equipment. For copper materials below 6MM, metal laser cutting machine can cut it completely.

Therefore, when using a metal laser cutting machine, there is no need to worry about whether it can cut it off or not. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the processing effect.So it is best to use nitrogen as the auxiliary gas. When the thickness of the metallic copper reaches 2 MM, it cannot cut it with nitrogen. At this time, need add some oxygen.To oxidized the brass,then we can cut it.

Brass fiber laser cutting video:

If you need to cut carbon steel,stainless steel and brass,then tell us the different material thickness.

Cause brass is hard to cut.If the same thickness,like 3mm.3mm carbon steel,1000w is enough.But for brass,1500w is okay.

If you only need to cut brass,then we need to think about nLIGHT laser source.

It is more stable to cut brass,aluminum,etc.

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How to choose a right laser cutter power?–Oriole

How to choose a right laser cutter power?

Firstly, choose a right power according to the material to be processed and the cutting thickness:

Choosing a right power need according to the actual material and the thickness of the cutting. So we can determine what model of the equipment an the processing format. And it can be a simple pavement for the later procurement work. The application field of laser cutting machine involves many industries such as sheet metal processing, metal processing and so on.

Secondly, choose a right power according to the smooth cutting surface:

How to choose a right laser cutter power?

How to choose a right laser cutter power?

The cutting thickness and the kind of gas will determine whether the cutting surface of laser cutter has burrs or not. There is no burr for cutting below 3mm. Nitrogen is the best gas, followed by oxygen, and air is the worst. The metal laser cutting machine has the least or no burrs, the cutting surface is very smooth, the speed is relatively high, and the material deformation is relatively small.

Thirdly,  choose a right power according to selection of core parts of laser cutting machine:

Lasers and laser heads are imported or domestic. Imported lasers generally use more IPGs, and domestic ones generally use Raycus. At the same time, pay attention to other parts of laser cutter, such as whether the motor is imported servo Motor, guide rail, bed, etc. Because they affect the cutting accuracy of the machine to a certain extent. One thing that needs special attention is the cooling system of the laser cutting machine-the cooling cabinet. Many companies directly use household air conditioners for cooling. In fact, everyone knows that the effect is very bad. The best way is to use industrial air conditioners. In order to achieve the best results.

Power selection:

For example, most factories cut metal sheets below 6mm. There is no need to buy a high-power laser cutting machine. A 1000W laser cutting machine can meet the production needs. If the production volume is large, I worry that the 1000W efficiency is not as good as the high-power laser cutting machine. The best choice is to buy two or more small and medium-power laser cutting machines, which will help manufacturers in controlling costs and improving efficiency.

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Advantages of enclosed laser cutter–Oriole

Advantages of enclosed laser cutter

Nowadays more and more people choose laser cutter to finish there metal cutting work. The requirement is higher and higher. Enclosed type laser cutter is hot selling now. Today we will show you some advantages of enclosed laser cutter.

             Advantages of enclosed fiber laser cutter

Firstly, one of advantage of fiber laser cutter is safe

Fully enclosed & when the door is open, it won’t work. Standard door protection switch.
Standard two cameras to ensure safe production, inside & back of cover.
converter to control the exchangeable table( up and down, parallel shift), helpful for protecting operator.

Secondly, enclosed laser cutter is environmental friendly & clean workshop

Two directions for fume exhaust( upward & downward) to protect the cutting head, etc.
Normally Australian manufacturers choose to buy another dust/fume extraction together with enclosed cutter to ensure the clean environment in workshop.

Thirdly, fiber laser cutter is efficient & profitable

Partition dust removal: remove dust in stages according to the using area, save energy & reduce emissions. Exchangeable table, cutting while uploading and unloading. Save your time, more productive within same time, profitably.

Finally, easy to operate

FSCUT 2000 Cypcut control system, easier to operate.
Modular blade, easy to replace and strong bearing capacity, up to 1200kgs.

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Comparison between 6kw and 12kw fiber laser cutting machine-Teresa

Comparison between 6kw and 12kw fiber laser cutting machine

12kw fiber laser cutting machine VS 6kw fiber laser cutting machine

1. Cutting speed

carbon steel cutting by 6kw and 12kw

For carbon steel, the cutting speed of 12 kW is 88% -567% faster than 6 kW.

stainless steel cutting by 6kw and 12kw

For stainless steel, the cutting speed of 12 kW is 163% -289% faster than 6 kW.

Also taking the cutting of 5mm stainless steel as an example, the 12kw fiber laser cutting machine works continuously for 24 hours, which is equivalent to the 6kw fiber laser cutting machine working continuously for 2.7 days, and the 3000w laser cutting machine working continuously for 4.4 days.

Conclusion: 12kw has faster cutting speed and higher production efficiency than 6kw. It means customers can cut more parts than other manufacturers in the same time.

For sheet metal cutting, the delivery time can measure the processing level to a large extent. The shorter the delivery time, the higher the customer satisfaction and the stronger the market competitiveness. For self-produced and self-sold customers, faster processing speed means higher parts delivery efficiency, and can easily meet the demand for increased production capacity.

2. Advantages of cutting carbon steel with air

12kw fiber laser cutting machine cutting with air

12kw fiber laser cutting 6-14mm carbon steel with air is 181% -567% more efficient than cutting with oxygen

Conclusion: Air can be used when cutting 6-14mm carbon steel, save on oxygen by ensuring cutting speed, thus to save more gas cost.

High power laser cutting machine can use air to cut thin plates, and the cutting effect can be guaranteed. Air is much cheaper than Oxygen, this will further reduce the cost of use and enhance the profitability of the company.

3. Cutting effect

12kw fiber laser cutting compared to 6kw

Conclusion: 12kw has better cutting effect than 6kw

The high power laser cutting machine has a better cross-section and a smaller taper. At the same time, it can cut a wider thickness of the bright surface. It can complete the bright surface cutting of 30mm carbon steel. Customer is more satisfied with the finished product.

cutting effect of 12kw fiber laser cutting machine

Main advantages of high power fiber laser cutter

From the comparision, you can know what’s the main advantages of high power fiber laser cutter:

  1. Faster cutting speed, higher production efficiency, help customers gain more orders
  2. Can cut thin plates with air, save more gas cost
  3. The cutting effect is better, less slag/ burr and more shining surface
  4. The rejection rate is much lower than lower power, it can save more plates for customers and reduce the production cost and wasteage.

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Do you know the fiber laser cutters:Jill

Do you know the fiber laser cutters

Do you know the fiber laser cutters.

1530H fiber laser cutting machine


Actually,there are so many people want to buy fiber laser cutting machine.But you really know fiber laser cutting machine?Why you want to buy fiber laser cutter? Try to think about your cutting requirement

Firstly, if you want to cut metal plate and tube,then go on to know the fiber laser cutting machine.

And think about what the specific material and thickness you want to cut?for the maximum cutting thickness, how many hours you want to cut per day?cause for every kind of machine,fiber laser,CO2,or plasma or YAG,etc,different powers have the limit cutting capacity. For machines,if always under the limit cutting situation,is not good for machine life time.So i think if we buy one machine,we need take good care of it,right? Then take one example for you: if your cutting limit is 4mm stainless steel,and everyday need 8hours to cut it,750w power can do it,but it is the maximum cutting thickness.So you need choose a higher power,1000w.That is the right way to have a machine,and make it work longer.

Secondly,you also need to know the fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for you or not?

Cause more and more customers know fiber laser cutting machine now,but they don’t really know. Someone follow others steps,someone just need price. For example,if you want to cut 20mm stainless steel,and 20mm carbon steel,fiber laser cutting machine is not suitable for you.Although the fiber laser technology is more and more better,for thick stainless steel,20mm,also hard to cut it,need 15000w.Cost is really higher.I think it is no necessary to have one fiber laser machine. I suggest that maybe you can buy one 3000w or 4000w fiber laser machine to cut 20mm carbon steel,and stainless steel below 10mm, the thicker stainless steel you still can use your old machine,like water jet,CO2,etc. Do not waste any source of you already have.

Finally,the fiber laser cutter can not instead of the traditional machines totally now,maybe in future.

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Aluminum steel fiber-laser-cutting-machine:Jill

Aluminum steel fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Aluminum  steel fiber-laser-cutting-machine.

Lets go on our topic of how to find one suitable fiber laser cutting machine to cut aluminum,stainless steel,carbon steel,brass,cooper,etc.

Actually,in Chinese market,maybe you can find that the machine shape looks almost same,but the price with a large difference. Thats surprised you,right?

Many of my friends ask about this situation before their purchasing,and always want to choose one cost-effective one,thats normal for any buyers.

When i buy something from Amzon or Alibaba ,i always compare the price and quality before buying,thats necessary.

And in China, there is one proverbs is that you get what you pay for.

I noticed that many suppliers prefer to share their machine pictures with the buyers,to show that they really have the machine.

Yes,they have the machine,but you have to focus on if they are factory or just one trading company. Maybe they show you many machine pictures,but they have show you their factory? they have invited you to have a visiting of their factory to see the real machine cutting process,to see the machine quality ?

Well, even if they take you to their machine factory,but you can sure thats their factory?

Its too difficult to judge it,but you can know it according to their talking with others in factory.

If they are in good relations,say hi to everybody,almost they are from this factory.

After you know they are real factory,then focus on their factory strength.

The amount of the machines,the staffs of the factory,the service of the company,of course,the most important is the machine quality.

How to judge the quality?

Firstly to ask their machine configuration sheet,to know about their brand of configuration,to see the configuration sheet is professional,complete or not.

Then to see the real machine,to make sure the real machine configuration is the same with the sheet.

Thirdly,to check the configurations cost,if the machine with higher configurations,but the price is too lower than others,so pls focus on the false higher configurations or they will send you machine without some parts to balance their cost.

Finally,the cutting process,as a great machine,the cutting will be not with any black border.

And for that time,maybe there is just several factories you can choose.Then to compare the price and the quality,to choose one honest,reliable supplier with good quality.

Finally,if you want to know more about the fiber laser cutting market and machine.

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Maintenance of fiber laser cutter–Oriole

Maintenance of fiber laser cutter

More and more company choose laser cutter,  we will show you maintenance of fiber laser cutter in this article.

1. Lens cleaning for fiber laser cutting machine maintenance

Fiber laser cutter

Fiber laser cutter

The cutting head of the fiber laser cutting machine has protective lenses, focusing lenses, etc., whose function is to reflect and focus the laser light from the laser head through the lens. The lens is prone to dust and other contaminants, resulting in laser loss or lens damage.
Maintenance method + cycle: check the lens every two months, check the protective lens or focusing lens before going to get off work every day, if there is dust and other contaminants, use a professional cleaning cloth and absolute ethanol to wipe gently in the same direction, if there is If damaged, replace it immediately.

2. Water tank cleaning for fiber laser cutting machine maintenance

Before the fiber laser cutting machine works, the water quality of the water cooler tank must be checked. The water quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser.
Maintenance method + cycle: regularly replace the circulating water and clean the water tank. Replace it every six months or before long-term use.

3. Fan cleaning for fiber laser cutting machine maintenance

The use of the fan on the fiber laser cutting machine for a long time will cause the fan and air duct to accumulate a large amount of solid dust, which will cause the fan to generate a lot of noise, and it is also not conducive to dust removal and deodorization.
Maintenance method + cycle: loosen the connection hose clamp between the exhaust pipe and the fan, remove the exhaust pipe, and clean the dust in the exhaust pipe and the fan. Clean the fan once a month.

4. Guide rail cleaning for fiber laser cutting machine maintenance

Rails and racks are one of the core components of the equipment, and their function is to guide or support the equipment. During the operation of the equipment, due to the large amount of dust and smoke generated during the processing of the workpiece, the smoke and dust will be deposited on the surface of the guide rail and the frame for a long time, which will affect the processing accuracy of the equipment.
Maintenance method + cycle: first wipe the original lubricating oil and dust on the guide rail and the frame with a non-woven cloth, and then replace the new guide rail lubricating oil. Clean the guide rails and racks once a month.

5. Maintenance of screws and couplings

After the fiber laser cutting machine has been working for a period of time, the screws and couplings at the motion connection are easy to loosen, which affects the stability of the mechanical motion. Therefore, it is necessary to observe whether the transmission parts have abnormal noise or abnormal phenomena during the operation of the machine, and promptly Contact the manufacturer for adjustment and maintenance.
Maintenance method + cycle: regularly communicate equipment and maintenance matters with the manufacturer. Check the noise and abnormality of transmission components once a month.
The above is the maintenance analysis of fiber laser cutting machine. The main products of Xintian Laser include laser cutting machine, full CNC hydraulic bending machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine and laser application automation equipment, etc., which are used in sheet metal processing, chassis Cabinets, lighting, mobile phones, 3C, kitchenware, sanitary ware, auto parts machining and hardware industries.

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Operating cost of fiber laser cutter–Oriole

Operating cost of fiber laser cutter

Fiber laser cutter

              Fiber laser cutter

For many small companies, it would be a relatively large investment if they use multiple or one laser cutting machine. Many factories can indeed appreciate the advantages of metal fiber laser cutting machines, but there are also many people who think that the cost of laser cutting is still relatively large. When it comes to laser cutting, it is already a familiar term in the processing industry, so many people think The metal laser cutting machine is suitable for large enterprises in terms of cost. Let’s take a look at how high the cost of the metal laser cutting machine is. Is it what we imagine?

The metal laser cutting machine is currently the latest type of laser cutting equipment. The laser cutting machine has higher cutting speed, better cutting quality and lower use cost. The metal laser cutting machine has high power from 1000w to 20000w. But the metal laser cutting machine has great advantages in thin sheet metal cutting. The cutting efficiency is far better than other laser cutting equipment on the market, which improves the stability of the system and reduces the equipment’s cost. The amount of maintenance, therefore, greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the equipment. There are some important reasons to control its cost.

Let’s take a look at how to control the cost of laser cutting machine operation. The cost of metal laser cutting machine in cutting is also very low, accounting for only about 1/8 of the same kind of CO2 laser cutting machine. The hourly use cost of metal laser cutting machine is about 30-40 yuan, while CO2 laser cutting The machine is about 200-240 yuan per hour. At the same time, because the cutting speed of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is very fast, it is nearly 300 times higher than that of the wire cutting. Therefore, the metal laser cutting machine creates a very low cost. A higher value. Nearly 80% of the cost of using laser cutting machines comes from the consumption of gas.


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What is the Advantages of IPG laser source?-Ivy

What is the Advantages of IPG laser source?


What is the Advantages of IPG laser source? IPG laser sources have some big advantages over other laser sources. The following are the advantages of IPG laser sources.

Firstly, IPG is a pure import laser source. It is made in Germany, Russia and the United States, but generally shipped randomly.

Secondly, it has a high photoelectric conversion rate and increased production capacity, up to 45%, while Raycus or Maxphotonics brands are only around 25%. This leads to lower production costs and, in the long run, higher profits for customers.

And because it’s a German brand, quality is guaranteed. Laser power attenuation is slow. Using the machine for longer can create greater value for the user.

The high market share of IPG reflects brand strength and quality to some extent. Many large foreign enterprises, such as Bystronic, LVD and so on are using IPG laser.

There is also its low failure rate, only 3% of the failure rate, such a low failure rate to ensure that your production is not affected.

IPG’s lasers can also see the output power in real time.

IPG has been established for a long time, with a very complete after-sales system and after-sales service points all over the world, so that problems can be solved in time.

IPG also has an official public account: IPG Fiber Laser
It can calculate IPG and other brands of electricity calculation, to help customers calculate the cost of use.

These are the advantages of IPG lasers over other brands of lasers.

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