Advantages of Industrial manipulator–Oriole

                Advantages of Industrial manipulator

Advantages of Industrial manipulator


Industrial manipulator is a new type of mechanical equipment in mechanized and automated production. In the automated production process, an automated equipment with grasping and moving is used. It can simulate human actions during the production process to complete the work. It replaces personnel to carry major objects, enters high temperature, toxic, explosive and radioactive environments to work, replaces people to complete dangerous and boring tasks, relatively reduces human labor intensity and improves labor productivity.

At present, use manipulators in many fields, so what are the advantages of using manipulators?

Firstly, save manpower

When the manipulator is working, onlyrequire one person to take care of the equipment, which relatively reduces the use of personnel and the expenditure of personnel costs.

Secondly, the safety is high

The manipulator works by imitating the actions of people, and it will not cause casualties when encountering unexpected situations during the work, which ensures the safety problem to a certain extent.

Thirdly, reduce the product error rate

In manual operation, certain errors will inevitably occur, but the robot will not have such errors, because the robot produces goods based on certain data, and will stop working after reaching the required data , Effectively improve production efficiency.

The application of robotic arms reduces production costs and improves production efficiency.

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Metal cutter fiber laser machines:Jill

Metal cutter fiber laser machine

Metal cutter fiber laser machines.

Before purchasing Metal cutter fiber laser machines,we need to know some details of product.It is necessary.

1.Why more and more customers choose fiber laser to cut metal?

The most important is the Photoelectric conversion rate is higher.

For example, if you use plasma or CO2 machine to cut 10mm steel,the electrical consumption is about 1kw,but for fiber laser,it just need 0.6kw.

So after the customers use and calculate,use fiber laser cutting machine can save USD22000-USD26400 cost within 3 years.

It is not a few consumption!!!!

And our customers said,use fiber laser is to improve the cutting efficiency,cause for each hour,the quantity we make more,the profit we get more.
Usually they can get all of the machine cost back within half year.

2.Limit cutting

For the limit cutting,usually the speed is slowly,and the cutting edge with little slag,and the cutting side with laser trace.You can take it into consideration.

3.machine operation

And for fiber laser cutting machine,most customers worry about the machine operation,but we are a factory,not a trading company.

We have the after sales department.

It is to support you when customers get the machine, online engineers,and overseas engineers for installation and training.

Our engineer will go to your factory to install and train for you after the special covid period.And you do not need to pay extra salary to engineers,only need to pay the tickets,hotel and food.

Online way include the whatsapp,skype,wechat talking,video talking,phone call,remote control,emails.

We have online install steps,and videos. We will send to you when you receive the laser.

correct on off sequence of the cutting machine:
What we need to do is to make sure the reputation of partners.

So if you want to buy fiber laser cutting machine,contact us.

A professional supplier will offer you the suitable solution.If they only offer you a price,they just want to sell to you.Not support you.

Be careful on such suppliers.They want money from you.

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Advantages and development prospects of automatic loading and unloading equipment–Oriole

Advantages and development prospects of automatic loading and unloading equipment

automatic loading and unloading equipment

Firstly, the suction cup is automatically loaded.

In traditional manual feeding, for example, a 3m×1.5m sheet requires at least three workers to lift the sheet. And need an electric hoist to assist the feeding of heavy sheets. The time required for a sheet is at least three minutes, and the safety risk is very high and big. After using the suction cup to automatically load the material. It only needs manual button operation, which takes 10 seconds to complete the material. Because the equipment’s ergonomics and safety protection measures are in place, personal injury and safety accidents are zero. Andavoid the open type. Production is easy to cause harm to people, while improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Secondly, it can meet the diverse needs of users.

When the production site is narrow and long, can load the equipment from the back of the fuselage workbench. When the site is relatively spacious, can load it from the side of the fuselage, according to the different needs of users, it can meet diversified production conditions and achieve flexibility. It can also ensure compact structure and small floor space.

Thirdly, the overall system has a high degree of automation.

The automatic loading and unloading equipment of the laser cutting machine can realize the cyclic operation of the whole process of plate loading-cutting-unloading through one-key operation. It can also cut manually and step by step. It can match with a three-dimensional material library to intelligently divide materials of different thicknesses. Layer management and easy control.

Fourthly, the function can be expanded at any time to realize the production of multiple machines on the same line.

One automatic loading and unloading equipment can load and unload multiple laser cutting machines. In the later stage, if you expand your production, you can connect multiply units at the same time. Without changing the inherent structure, more and more manufacturers will choose laser cutter and will improve the function of laser equipment.

Fifthly, strong your own brand.

The high degree of equipment automation can enhance the company’s brand image and help strengthen the company’s market competitive advantage.

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Thick metal fiber laser cutter:Jill

Thick metal fiber laser cutter

Thick metal fiber laser cutter.

As industrial production needs change, laser cutting has become more and more popular.

Laser cutting machine is considered to be an important means to promote the upgrading of traditional industries.But it still faces a huge bottleneck of insufficient application and backward core technology.

Especially in the process of cutting metal slabs, the cutting speed will be significantly slowly.

And the reproducibility of the slits is not good enough to compete with conventional techniques.

If the laser cutting machine can overcome the difficulties in the thick plate cutting process, there will undoubtedly be a greater market prospect.

Carbon steel plate perforation problem.

In the processing of thick plates, the perforation time accounts for a large proportion. Laser manufacturers have developed rapid perforation technology, which is more representative of high-energy perforation (deep holes). The advantage of this method is that it is fast.

However, the drawback is that the enormous energy injected during the perforation causes the temperature of the sheet to rise,which in turn affects the subsequent overall cutting process and affects the processing of small shapes.

And also,with a small power pulse for perforation, the time is very long (12 seconds).Which leads to a decrease in the efficiency of cutting and an increase in unit cost.

And also,Cutting surface quality problem.

Figure 1. and Figure 2. show the cutting section that is often encountered when processing medium-thick plates. Such cutting is not only affect the quality of product, but also with over-burning and severe slag, so that it does not reflect high prices.

The value of laser processing machines is different from other cutting methods.

And here we share different fiber laser wattage for different thickness metal.

watt Air cutting Often cutting thcikness
1000W 1 cs
1-3 ss
1 alu
1 brass
1-8 cs
1-4 ss
1-2 alu
1-2 brass
1500W 1 cs
1-4 ss
1-3 alu
1-3 brass
1-10 cs
1-5 ss
1-3 alu
1-3 brass
2000W 1 cs
1-5 ss
1-5 alu
1-4 brass
1-14 cs
1-6 ss
1-5 alu
1-4 brass
3000W 1-2 cs
1-8 ss
1-6 alu
1-5 brass
1-18 cs
1-8 ss
1-8 alu
1-5 brass
4000W 1-3 cs
1-10 ss
1-8 alu
1-8 brass
1-20 cs
1-10 ss
1-10 alu
1-6 brass
6000W 1-5 cs
1-14 ss
1-10 alu
1-12 brass
1-22 cs
1-18 ss
1-16 alu
1-10 brass
8000W 1-6 cs
1-16 ss
1-10 alu
1-14 brass
1-25 cs
1-20 ss
1-20 alu
1-12 brass
12000W 1-10 cs
1-35 ss
1-16 alu
1-18 brass
1-35 cs
1-40 ss
1-30 alu
1-16 brass

Thick metal cutting videos FYI.

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Why choose plate and tube combined fiber laser cutter-Ariel

Why choose plate and tube combined fiber laser cutter

For fiber laser cutting machine,we have one model-plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine.So why choose plate and tube combined fiber laser cutter?We will talk this topic today.

In XTLASER,we have Plate Laser Cutting machine ,Tube Laser Cutting machine and Plate and Tube laser cutting machine.

Then maybe some people will confuse and ask why do you make a plate and tube laser cutter?

We mentioned our customers come from all works of life.So we make this combniation cutter  in order to Meet their needs of plate cutting and pipe cutting.

Next, i will tell you the advantags og plate and tube laser cutting machine.

1,almost the same price

For laser cutting machine,

In different prices, the type of machine is not the most important part, and the power of the machine is the key factor.

Because for manufactures,plate cutters or tube cutters just has difference shapes.And just need some metal meterial can solve it.

About machine power,the higher the power, the more expensive the machine will be.

Take a simple example.If you buy an iphone, it may only cost a few hundred dollars to buy an iphone 8 now.

But if you buy an iphone12,maybe you need some thousands dollars.(That just is a example,not a truth)

The two are the same truth.

And if you have $50,000 burget,and you want to cut plate at most,few cut ube.

We will recommend the combniaton cutter,although it is a little more expersive.

2,Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine type

For laser machines,we have opening and enclosed.

There is no difference between them, it just depends on the choice of customers.

Opening Plate and Tube laser cutting can be shown smoothly.

And enclosed Plate and Tube laser cutting is safety and no pollution.


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Comparation between laser cutter and traditional cutting ways-Oriole

Comparation between laser cutter and traditional cutting ways

Nowadays, with the science and technology developed quickly. The requirement of cutting is higher. So manufacturers choose to buy a laser cutter. Today we will show you the comparation between laser cutter and traditional cutting ways.

Firstly, cutting speed

According to the actual test results of the laser field, the cutting speed of the laser cutter is

Fiber laser cutter

Fiber laser cutter

more than 10 times of the traditional cutter. For example, for 1mm stainless steel plates cutting, the maximum speed of the laser cutter can reach more than 30 meters per minute, which is impossible for traditional cutting machines.

Secondly, cutting quality and precision

The laser cutter is a non-contact method, won’t do harm to the materials.
Because the laser cutting machine uses advanced accessories to make the equipment more stable during operation, the cutting accuracy is more accurate, and the error even reaches 0.01mm accuracy. The cutting surface is flat and smooth. It not only saves costs but also saves processing time.

Thirdly, the operation is easier and more convenient

Design the cutting pattern in the computer, and any complicated pattern can be used. The equipment will automatically process it without manual intervention.

Fourthly. automation and no pollution

Fast cutting speed, high degree of automation, easy operation, low labor intensity, and no pollution. 

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Comparison between IPG & Raycus and Max-Ivy

Comparison between IPG & Raycus and Max

This article is about the Comparison between IPG, Raycus and Max.

When you have a plan to purchase a fiber laser cutting machine,you will send the inquiry to many suppliers. Then you will get many offers form many different suppliers.They will ask you what materials do you need to cut and the thickness of the materials. And you will notice that the quotation list will have four different laser sources-IPG,nLIGHT,MAX and Raycus.

But what’s the difference of them ?How can I choose the suitable laser source.Many clients will have this question.Today we will talk about it.

If you need to cut aluminum, copper or brass ect, we recommend you choose nLIGHT laser source. They have patent in cutting high-reflective materials, so it can protect well the laser source and laser cutting head.

Here are the Comparison between IPG & Raycus and Max.

  1. Country: Raycus and MAX are all Chinese brand, while IPG is German brand.
  2. Cutting ability:the same laser power for the same materials, their cutting ability are same.
  3. Raycus:Best brand in China, but the delivery time will be longer because of the virus;
  4. Chinese famous brand, cost-effective.Max is also good , Max is located in Shenzhen, they are yonger than Raycus, but now their market occupation is increasing.Especially, during this virus period,
  5. The advantages of IPG laser source.
  6. 1)High photoelectric conversion rate.It can reach 45%, other brands are only about 25%,so it can save more cost for you;
    2)German brand, good quality, laser power weakened slower than other brand;
    3)High market share, a certain degree of reaction to brand strength and quality;
    4)low failure rate, only 3%;
    5)light power can be seen in real time;
    6)after-sale service spots all over the world, problems can be resloved in time;

Our suggestion:It depends on the client’s budget and cutting demands.If client has enough budget, we recommend to choose IPG.If not, Max will be a better choice.

If you have any other questions,pls feel free to contact us.

Popular 1kw fiber laser cutting machine:Jill

Popular 1kw fiber laser cutting machine

Popular 1kw fiber laser cutting machine.

Following with one of my customers inquiry on our fiber laser cutting machine:

Please send me quotation for Fully enclosed and tubes fiber laser cutting machine, as it follows:

Firstly,Fully enclosed and tubes fiber laser cutting machine  1.5kW,
-with domestic (Chinese) brand laser generator and cutting head, and
-additional cost for IPG laser generator and IPG or Switzerland Raytools cutting head

Secondly,Fully enclosed and tubes fiber laser cutting machine  2kW,
-with domestic (Chinese) brand laser generator and cutting head, and
-additional cost for IPG laser generator and IPG or Switzerland Raytools cutting head

At the first,For Fully enclosed and tubes fiber laser cutting machine :

This machine with protective cover ,exchangeable platform,the metal plate cutting area1500*3000mm and pipe cutting area 6m length,and 20-215mm clamping size.

The enclosed cover is to protect your workers away from the laser,consider your workers potential safety.

For the exchangeable platform,which is used to save customers loading time,who need a higher cutting efficient.
Sharing the exchangeable platform process video with you:

Secondly,With domestic (Chinese) brand laser generator and cutting head, and
-additional cost for IPG laser generator and IPG or Switzerland Raytools cutting head

You know,Chinese laser technology is growing faster and better recently,and the quality is stable.

In China,the best laser source is Raycus brand,it is the first factory to produce the laser source in China,and it is supported by our Government.With a lower failure rate,stable than other brands in China.

For IPG laser source,as you known,its the best one in the world,just the price is higher,cause we also need to import it from German,the shipping cost and tax makes the higher price than Raycus.

(In advance,we have to tell you all the machine brands,we use its original brand,not copy brand,cause in the market,there are some suppliers cheat customers with a lower price,but bad machine parts,you know,will to a bad quality.We shame on those suppliers.

For all the Original brands,there with S/N,thats the only point we can check it is real or not.)

If you have a higher laser power,we recommend you to choose IPG,cause Raycus is popular for lower wattage for our customers,according our testing and customers feedback,IPG is more stable than Raycus for higher laser power.

The laser cutting head,yes,we use the Raytools brand,Swiss brand,for now,about 95% suppliers in China use the Raytools head,the quality is proved.


Thirdly,Maybe you have a good known of fiber laser cutting machine,but we also need to make sure your cutting requirements before your purchasing,we are a factory,need to confirm our machine can do your work,not like a trading company,just sell machine.

Such as 1500w and 2000w:

For 1500w,it can cut 5mm SS,4mm Alu,14mm CS
2000w,it can cut 8mm SS,5mm Alu,20mm CS.

If the same thickness,2000w will be faster than 1500w,and we do not recommend the maximum cutting.

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Brass copper fiber laser cutting:Jill

Brass copper fiber laser cutting

Brass copper fiber laser cutting.

The metal laser cutting machine can cut various of materials.And the application in the cutting of copper products has gradually promoted in recent years. For the cutting of copper products, many workers have many problems for the specific operation and adjustment of the metal laser cutting machine. Cutting is not just the use of machine cutting, but also some experience problems. Let us introduce you specifically. How to cut brass material with a metal laser cutting machine.

High-reflective metal materials is always difficult materials for metal laser cutting machines.Including copper, aluminum, gold and other metal materials. These materials are also common materials in our daily processing. Solving metal laser cutting machine cutting high-reflection materials is more important.Nowadays, many metal laser cutting machine manufacturers are thinking about the solution.

When cutting a highly reflective metal material requires the addition of an auxiliary gas.When the laser cutter cuts the metal copper, the add auxiliary gas reacts with the material at a high temperature condition to increase the cutting speed.For example, oxygen can be to achieve the combustion-supporting effect. Nitrogen is an auxiliary gas for improving the cutting effect for laser cutting equipment. For copper materials below 6MM, metal laser cutting machine can cut it completely.

Therefore, when using a metal laser cutting machine, there is no need to worry about whether it can cut it off or not. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the processing effect.So it is best to use nitrogen as the auxiliary gas. When the thickness of the metallic copper reaches 2 MM, it cannot cut it with nitrogen. At this time, need add some oxygen.To oxidized the brass,then we can cut it.

Brass fiber laser cutting video:

If you need to cut carbon steel,stainless steel and brass,then tell us the different material thickness.

Cause brass is hard to cut.If the same thickness,like 3mm.3mm carbon steel,1000w is enough.But for brass,1500w is okay.

If you only need to cut brass,then we need to think about nLIGHT laser source.

It is more stable to cut brass,aluminum,etc.

More info about fiber laser cutting machine,contact us.


How to choose a right laser cutter power?–Oriole

How to choose a right laser cutter power?

Firstly, choose a right power according to the material to be processed and the cutting thickness:

Choosing a right power need according to the actual material and the thickness of the cutting. So we can determine what model of the equipment an the processing format. And it can be a simple pavement for the later procurement work. The application field of laser cutting machine involves many industries such as sheet metal processing, metal processing and so on.

Secondly, choose a right power according to the smooth cutting surface:

How to choose a right laser cutter power?

How to choose a right laser cutter power?

The cutting thickness and the kind of gas will determine whether the cutting surface of laser cutter has burrs or not. There is no burr for cutting below 3mm. Nitrogen is the best gas, followed by oxygen, and air is the worst. The metal laser cutting machine has the least or no burrs, the cutting surface is very smooth, the speed is relatively high, and the material deformation is relatively small.

Thirdly,  choose a right power according to selection of core parts of laser cutting machine:

Lasers and laser heads are imported or domestic. Imported lasers generally use more IPGs, and domestic ones generally use Raycus. At the same time, pay attention to other parts of laser cutter, such as whether the motor is imported servo Motor, guide rail, bed, etc. Because they affect the cutting accuracy of the machine to a certain extent. One thing that needs special attention is the cooling system of the laser cutting machine-the cooling cabinet. Many companies directly use household air conditioners for cooling. In fact, everyone knows that the effect is very bad. The best way is to use industrial air conditioners. In order to achieve the best results.

Power selection:

For example, most factories cut metal sheets below 6mm. There is no need to buy a high-power laser cutting machine. A 1000W laser cutting machine can meet the production needs. If the production volume is large, I worry that the 1000W efficiency is not as good as the high-power laser cutting machine. The best choice is to buy two or more small and medium-power laser cutting machines, which will help manufacturers in controlling costs and improving efficiency.

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