How to ensure the safety of fiber laser cutting machine-Eliza

How to ensure the safety of  fiber laser cutting machine

How to ensure safety operation on fiber laser cutting machine

1. Please observe the general operation specification of fiber laser cutting machine.

Start the laser machine according to the starting procedure of operation specification.

2.Operators must be trained.

Be familiar with equipment structure, performance, and knowledge of fiber laser cutter machine operating system.

3.Wear protection articles and laser protective glasses in accordance with the regulations.

4.Do not process a material until it is clear whether it can be irradiated or heated by a laser to avoid the potential danger of smoke or steam.

5.Operators are not allowed to leave while the equipment is running and should stop if they have to leave.

6.Put the fire extinguisher within your reach.

Turn off the laser source or turn off the machine when the machine is not working. Do not place paper, cloth or other flammable material in the vicinity of the laser beam.

7.Turn off the machine in time when founding an anomaly in the process of processing,

8.Keep the machine surrounding site tidy and orderly.

Stack the workpiece, plate and waste in accordance with the regulations.

9.Observe the standard process when maintenance machine. Carry out machine maintenance every 40 hours or every week, and every 1000 hours or every six months, in accordance with regulations and procedures.

10.Before the first time use, you should manually check X, Y direction in low speed to confirm if there is an abnormal situation.

11.After download the new artifact program into machine, you should run it without cutting first and check if it’s normal to use.

12. When working, pay attention to observe the machine work. So we can avoid the accident caused by the cutting machine out of the prescribed travel range.

Pay attention to the operation and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine. In this way we can increase the service life of the equipment. Also save the cost and increase the benefit.

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Laser Source Antifreeze Guide-Teresa

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

The weather is getting colder, in order to prevent the laser from freezing and breaking down, XTlaser reminds you:

Firstly, Please replace the pure waterin the laser chiller with antifreeze in time. (This fault is not covered by the warranty)

Secondly, Adjust the temperature of the laser chiller.Low temperature water is about 27 degrees in summer, 20-22 degrees in winter, 24-25 degrees in spring and autumn. High temperature water is around 30 degrees per year.

Recommend choosing CLARIANT brand

There are two models of antifreeze suitable for laser systems:

1)ANTIFROGENN ethylene glycol—water type (industrial products, toxic tothe human body)

2)ANTIFROGENL propylene glycol—water type(food grade,harmless to humans)

*Note: If you cannot buy the above brands, you can buy car antifreeze.

Any antifreeze can not completely replace deionized water. And we cannot use it for a long time throughout the year. After winter, the pipeline must be cleaned with deionized water or purified water. And deionized water or purified water must be used as the coolant.

Why choose XTLASER?

We have established a strong foothold in this market due to our optimum quality machines and fully-covered service. Owing to the transparent business dealings and ethical policies, we have been able to win confidence of numerous clients.

Firstly, rich industry experience.

When we was a small factory, we had already put our focus on fiber laser cutting machine, which is not like some other suppliers who turn to laser market when they found the potential.

Secondly, separate R&D department.

This means we are able to offer customized machines for our clients, cater their exclusive demands.

Thirdly, technical supports.

We have offered our machines to over 100 countries and regions, which allow us to accumulate abundant successful experience from our clients. In this way, we are able to offer all kinds technical solution and service.

Fourthly, optimum quality.

All suppliers, cooperating with us, are coming from world-class manufacturers. Each machine, before leaving for our clients, is needed to be tested and inspected for 48 hours (marking machine) and 4-7 days ( cutting machine). Therefore, this allows us to have a fully check on the machine.

Fifthly, timely delivery.

Each machine is arranged with precise assembly steps without any delay. So we can offer you the products in time.

Sixthly, after-sales services and Guarantee.

We offer 2 years warranty, during the period, any problem happen, we are responsible to solve. And if any part of the machine was broken, which happens rarely, we would send you a new one by DHL, and all cost is all on us.

Seventhly, company value:

To create value for the community with laser technology.

Eighthly, our attitude:

We are honest, professional, hardworking and eager to obtain results. We take clients as our partners.

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How to choose suitable gas and pressure for fiber laser cutter-Ariel

How to choose suitable gas and pressure for fiber laser cutter

How to choose suitable gas and pressure for fiber laser cutter.We will introduce this topic in this article.

During the laser cutting,we need choose different cutting gas according to different materials.

The choice of cutting gas and pressure have great influence on laser cutting quality.

Combustion-supporting and heat dissipation, timely blow away the molten stains produced after cutting,

and prevent cutting molten stains upward rebound and get into nozzle,and protect focusing lens,etc.

a) The influence of cutting gas and pressure on cutting quality

1) The Cutting gas help to heat dissipation and combustion,

blew away the molten stains, to get good quality cutting face.

2) When the pressure of cutting gas is not enough,cutting quality will be affected as follows:

Generate molten stains when cutting, cutting speed can’t meet requirement,affect production efficiency.

3) When the cutting gas pressure is excessively high will affect the cutting quality:

Cutting surface is more rough, and kerf is wide; At the same time will cause partial melting of the cutting

surface, unable to form a good cutting surface.

b) The influence of cutting gas pressure on punch a hole

1)When gas pressure is excessive low,laser will difficult penetrate the cutting board,

and the time length to punch a hole will increase,lead to low production efficiency.

2) When the gas pressure is too high, cause melting of the laser punching,

form a larger melting point, thus affecting the quality of the cutting.

3) When laser drilling,Generally use the higher gas pressure to punch the thin plate,

and for thick plate punching, using the low gas pressure.

4) When laser cutting machine cutting ordinary carbon steel,

the thicker the material thickness, the cutting gas pressure relatively lower.

And when cutting stainless steel, although cutting gas pressure not change with the thickness of the material,

but the cutting gas pressure is always in a state of high pressure.

In a word, when select cutting gas and pressure,we must adjust according to actual condition when cutting,

should choose different cutting parameters according to the specific situation in specific application.

The Equipment in the factory before delivery we will reserve two gas pipeline, oxygen and air using one utility piping,

nitrogen use a high pressure pipe. Two gas road respectively connect with gas pressure reducing valves, as following figure:

Reducing valve

Instruction of reducing valve:

The meter on the left shows the current air pressure, the right one shows the capacity of residual gas

“Attention” Nitrogen gas supply pressure should not exceed 20 kg

Oxygen supply pressure can not exceed 10 kg, otherwise easy to cause blowout of the pipe.

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How tho use a fiber laser cutting machine.-Amber

How tho use a fiber laser cutting machine

As a beginner or operator, you need to learn the 3 tips you should know before starting a laser cutter.The 12 steps to learn how to use a laser cutter.The 12 precautions for laser cutting machine.

3 Tips You Should Know Before Starting a laser cutter.

1. Before starting, pay attention to check whether the power voltage matches the rated voltage of the laser cutting machine to avoid unnecessary damage.

2. Firstly,check whether the exhaust pipe is placed at the air outlet to avoid obstructing air convection.

3. Secondly,check whether there are other foreign objects on the laser cutting table.

12 Steps to Learn How to Use a Laser Cutter.

1. Firstly,Fixed cutting material. Fix the material to be cut on the work surface of the laser cutting machine.

2.Secondly, Adjust the parameters of the equipment according to the material and thickness of the metal plate.

3. Select appropriate lenses and nozzles, and check them before starting to check their intact condition and cleaning condition.

4. Adjust the focus. Adjust the cutting head to the proper focus position.

5. check and adjust the nozzle center.

6. Cutting head sensor calibration.

7. Select the appropriate cutting gas and check whether the spraying state is good.

8. Try cutting the material. After the material is cut, check whether the cutting end surface is smooth and check the cutting accuracy.
If there is an error, adjust the equipment parameters accordingly until the proof meets the requirements and is available.

9. Programming the workpiece drawings and corresponding layout, and import the equipment cutting system.

10. Adjust the position of the cutting head and start cutting.

11. During the operation, the staff must be present at all times and carefully observe the cutting situation. If there is an emergency situation, they need to respond quickly, press the emergency stop button.

12. Check the cutting quality and accuracy of the first sample.

12 Precautions for Laser Cutting Machine.

1.At first, Observe the general safety regulations for laser cutting machines. Start the laser in strict accordance with the laser startup procedure.

2. Secondly,The user must be trained, familiar with the equipment structure and performance.And master the relevant knowledge of the operating system.

3. Wear protective gear according to regulations.You must wear appropriate protective glasses near the laser beam.

4. Do not process a material without knowing whether it can be irradiated or heated with a laser .To avoid the potential danger of smoke and vapor.

5. When the laser cutter is running, the operator shall not leave the post or entrust the management without authorization. If it is really necessary to leave.The laser cutter operator shall stop or cut off the power switch.

Fiber laser cutting machine photo

1500*3000mm working area fiber laser cutting machine

6. Keep fire extinguishers within easy reach; turn off lasers or shutters when not processing. Do not place paper, cloth, or other flammable materials near unprotected laser beams.

7. When an abnormality is found during laser cutting, the machine should be shut down immediately.The fault should be rectified or reported to the supervisor in time.

8.Then Keep the laser generator, frame and surrounding area clean. Orderly, and free of oil pollution. Workpieces, plates, and waste materials should be stacked in accordance with regulations.

9. When using gas cylinders, avoid damaging the welding wires to avoid leakage accidents. The use and transportation of gas cylinders shall comply with the gas cylinder monitoring regulations.
Do not expose cylinders to direct sunlight or heat sources. When opening the bottle valve.The laser cutter operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth.

10.After starting the laser cutter, manually start the laser cutting machine at low speed in X and Y directions.And check whether there is any abnormal situation.

11. After entering the new workpiece program.It should be tested first and checked for its operation.

12. When working, pay attention to the operation of the machine. To avoid the laser cutter out of the effective stroke range.


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Learn more about fiber laser cutting machine software-Ariel

Learn more about fiber laser cutting machine software

Some customers worry about the machine software operation.So this article is about learn more about fiber laser cutting machine software.Hope it will be helpful to you.


















We use Cypcut or Tubepro cutting software from FSCUT,they are a very profession in cutting softwares.

Firstly,for metal plate cutting,the software support format is DXF file,its same as CO2 machine and other CNC software.

Tube cutting need IGS or ZZX format,i think most customers use some CAD software to make designs,it also can export the IGS format.

Many customers said the function is similar like CAD,easy to operate.

Secondly,there are many basic functions,like nesting,array,drawings,scale,Micro Joint,Auto sort,etc.

Except these parts,then it is the cutting parameters settings.We should set the gas pressure,focus,cutting height,pierce,frequency,cutting speed for different materials and thickness.

Before shipping,engineers will test the machine and save parameters on your machine.And usually for fiber laser cutting machine,customers need engineers installation and training.So do not worry about it.

Thirdly,the software with the control handle,including the signal receiving device,you can leave the machine 5 meters away to operate the machine,no need worry about the safety.

On control handle,there are the functions to adjust the laser head ,the cutting position.

Like Zero,make the laser head back to Zero point.

Frame is to make sure the cutting position.

And control the laser head move back and forward.Blow the gas.

Start cutting,stop cutting,pause cutting.

Dry cut,no real cutting,to check Mechanical running,etc.

So no need to worry about the operation.Do not image a big problem for yourself.

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How to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine bed?-Ariel

How to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine bed?

How to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine bed?We will introduce it in this article.

Firstly,every other week must check the X-axis guide rail and screw, Y-axis guide rail and screw, Z-axis guide rail and screw lubricant filling, to maintain the lubrication of various moving parts, extend the X, Y, Z-axis guide rail and wire The service life of the bar.

Secondly,Depending on the environmental conditions of the workshop, check the contamination of the mirror and the focusing mirror surface at least once in a month, and clean the optical lens in time to ensure its service life (see the maintenance of optical lenses for details).

Thirdly,Regularly clean up the debris at the exhaust outlet to ensure the effect of ventilation.

Next. Regularly check the filter in the gas path to remove the accumulated water and debris in the filter.

Next. Regularly check whether the travel switch bracket and the bumper bracket screw are loose.

Then. It is necessary to clean the dust on the filter screen of the electric control cabinet ventilation fan in time to ensure good ventilation, so as to facilitate the heat dissipation of internal electrical components.

Then,the bed in time to clear the rail to protect the skin cavity debris, so as not to damage the rail, thus extending the life of the rail.

Finally. After the machine tool is installed, use the machine for a period of time to re-adjust the level of the machine to ensure the cutting accuracy of the machine.

When you run the machine,focus on the correct using,that will extend the machine life time.

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What is a laser cutter used for? -Amber

What is a laser cutter used for?

There are many materials that can be cut by a laser cutter: from wood to plastic, from steel to ceramic.

Let’s have a look for the wide range of laser cutting applications:

Aeronautic and Aerospace Aeronautic and laser cutting technology have always been closely linked. Remember, Boeing was among the first companies to use laser cutting technology for its engines in the 1970’s.

Aviation and space travel place indeed the highest demands on materials and technology: modern engines need to achieve an ever higher performance while, at the same time, reducing fuel consumption. Utilizing materials with improve strength and reduce density is by far the most efficient way to achieve this goal, and laser material processing has been proved suitable for these ambitions.

In aeronautic and aerospace, the powers of the lasers are in the order of few hundreds of watts to few thousands of watts. They are employ for the cutting and fusion welding of alloy and superalloy sheets, turbine engine deep hole drilling, repair of blades for gas turbines aircraft engines, on-the-fly drilling of de-icing panels and heat treatment of surfaces. Thanks to these techniques, the engines can operate efficiently at high temperatures.

Aeronautic and aerospace now even use ultrafast laser cutters. There are two types of ultrafast lasers: picoseconds (1×10-12 second) and femtosecond (1×10-12 second). Their extreme short pulse duration provides peak power reaching giga watts, enabling almost all kinds of materials to break down instantaneously under laser irradiation.


• Improves the strength of the material but reduces its density.

• The processing is highly versatile: by tuning laser parameters, multiple tasks can achieve such as cutting, drilling, welding and cladding with a single machine.

Photovoltaic Panels

The making of photovoltaic panels requires several thin layers of conductive and photoactive materials. These layers are then structure, drille and cable together.

Lasers are use for edge deletion on thin film solar cells. To protect thin film solar modules from corrosion and long-term short circuits, the layering system at the edge of the module is removed and laminated. In the 2000’s, the entire solar industry converted to lasers in order to remove this few millimeters fraction of semiconductor material from the edges of the silicon wafer, which would otherwise lead to undesired short-circuiting around the edges.

During this process, the laser beam works at a speed of more than 700 mm per second, with a very low risk of short-circuiting. It is much more reliable than any other techniques on the market so far, better than sand blasting for example.  A second operation successfully accomplished by lasers when building solar panels is drilling solar cells. The laser works contactless and can get into position very quickly, without producing any mechanical charge. Thousands of holes can be drilled in a second.


1. Creates extremely small and precise solar cells.


3.Very few time consuming.

4.Easy to integrate in the production line.

5. Contactless, precise and process-safe.

6.There is a very low risk of short-circuiting.

7.Much more reliable than any other techniques on the market so far.


Laser cutter used to be reserved for haute couture designs, but the technology is now more readily available to manufacturers. It is now more common to see laser-cut silk and leather in ready-to-wear runway collections or at retailers such as Topshop or ASOS.

In general, laser-cutting works best on synthetic fabrics; the plastics in these textiles melt during the process, resulting in a sealed, perfect edge that will not fray. Natural fabrics on the other hand, are slightly spoiled by the heat of the laser, holding the fibers in place. This generally results in a discoloration at the edge of the cut, even if adjustments can  made depending on the fabric and the strength of the laser to potentially eliminate any marks.

Laser works also really well on leather. For example, the French saddler and designer Hermès has acquired several lasers in its workshops, and uses them to cut pieces in leather skin. The craftsmen can now cut four to five bags in one skin thanks to this precise technology, without losing as much of their precious and expensive material as they did when cutting with blades.


*High Accuracy.

* Clean laser cuts.

* Sealed fabric edges to prevent fraying.

1. A unique machine can cut many different materials: silk, nylon, leather, neoprene, polyester, cotton…

2. Laser cuts made without any pressure on the fabric, no part of the cutting process requires anything else to touch the garment.

3.No unintended marks left on the fabric, which is particularly beneficial for delicate fabrics like silk and lace.

Robots, Drones and Electronic Fabrications

Laser cutter offers an efficient cutting solution for almost every material in the electronic industry.  For example, concerning MicroSD cards, laser cutting is three times more cost effective at comparable performance than water jet cutting.

Same goes for laser-cutting of circuit boards. When making cellphones and smartphones, laser-cutting is a powerful tool in every aspects of the conception. Lasers cut plastic boxes, drill the holes of the keyboard, for the different plugs, engrave the brand… The laser is even use to melt a plastic patch to protect the screen.  Drones and robots often require the use of laser-cutting as well, for the electronic components as for the pieces of the device.


1. Beam deflection with scanning heads allows any complex contours that can  reprogramm to be cut in a short time.

2.As opposed to other cutting processes, the laser cannot wear out, which assures the continuous processing quality.

3.Sealed and neat edges.

Common questions of square tube fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

Common questions of square tube fiber laser cutting machine

This article we’d like to share you some common questions of square tube fiber laser cutting machine,hope it can help you learn more about the machine.

1.What the Hiwin motion system included in  tube laser cutting machine

Firstly for Y Axis, Hiwin motion system 35mm
Then for X Axis,Hiwin motion system 25mm
35 and 25 mm are refering to the Hiwin motion system, just guide rails.

2.Please explain, which servo motor, which movement is doing?

Firstly,Y axis has 3 servo motors, all of them are 3kw ,
2 are for rotary , 1 for back and forth movement.
X axis has 850w, Z axis has 400w

3.What is the approx weight of the machine?4.How the tube is fixed horizontal?
As long as you fix tube on the rotary , the tube will be on same center automatically.

In fact,About 5 tons

4.Both X and Y axes are with rack and pinion system?

Firstly,our standard configuration is servo motors + rack&pinion.
At the moment, we don’t use linear motors for tube cutting machine
We only apply linear motors into XTC-FS6040 cutting machine, small precision cutting machine.

5.The Z ax movement is by ball spindle? or other system? it is included in offer? 

Firstly it is Ball spindle,then please see below picture.

6.The holding rolls are fix, I mean they has a vertical movement or not?
The holding rolls are free rolls or they are moved by some engines?

firstly, it has a vertical movement.
Then Controlled by air pressure, Pneumatic.It is our Patented innovation.

7.In case, if it is needed, the collector can be produced longer?
Standard length is 1.6m,also we can customize for customers according to requirements.

8.In normal continuous working , how the residual pieces are evacuated?

Firstly,Two Rotary Chuck is pneumatic clamping.
so residual pieces will evacuated after clamp is loosed.

9.The synchronization of the two rotating engines has to be solved by the software or it is already synchronized somehow? 
It is synchronized .Because their speed reduction ratio is same.
If you use your own software, it is still synchronized.

10.Are there limit switches on the machine?
Firstly,limit switches are necessary.
Then Please see Position 1 and 2 in the picture.

So any confusions about cutting machine,just contact us.


Why is a fiber laser cutting machine in automotive Industry-Amber

Benefits of Laser Cutting in Automotive Industry

1. Clean and perfect cuts – no edge reworking necessary

2. No material fixation necessary

3. Extremely high level of repeat accuracy

4. Laser cutting and engraving in a single operation

5. No tool wear, therefore consistently high cut quality

6. High degree of flexibility in the choice of contours – without any need for tool construction or changeover

Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine in Automotive Industry

Putting its specific benefits and advantages aside for just one moment, cutting with a laser is one of the most used processes in the automobile industry, and any manufacturing industry for that matter. It involves the process of cutting materials and shapes down to size, and this is something that is widely use when it comes to creating intricate and complicated products.

However, laser cutting itself provides a unique alternative to other forms of traditional cutting that are on the market. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that users can deliver extremely precise finishes with smooth edges, heightening the end product and reducing material waste. Laser-based cutting also uses an extremely low power consumption, it has low maintenance costs, and can be used for multiple applications, reducing time wastage too.

Finally, it is one of the safest processes available. Laser cutting is required to be conducted in an enclosed, tight light box. Whereas more traditional and conventional methods see a free-running blade doing the cutting. While steps are taken to ensure that conventional methods are safe, laser cutting simply provides those in the manufacturing industry with one less thing to worry about.

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The Trends of Chinese Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Ariel

The Trends of Chinese Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This article is about the trends of Chinese Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.If you are interested in it,let’s start.

How is the market for fiber laser in China ?

We can see more and more fiber laser cutter using in metal fabrication.

Not only is it popular in job shops that provide contract processing service.

But more and more production companies are using fiber laser cutting machine in-house producing their own products.

In the next 8 years, China’s laser cutting machine market demand will reach more than 100 billion yuan(14.705 billion dollars) .

Up to 2019,there are nearly 100 laser brands selling and producing fiber laser cutting machines.

These manufacturers in general locate in Guangdong province ,Wuhan ,of Hubei Province, Jiangsu province, etc.

Of all these brands ,about 25 brands with at least 4-5 years history in fiber laser are able to build full series laser machines .

Producing all table size ,low to high power .

Large thick steel plate laser cutting machine will be more popular in China’s construction machinery industry.

The global laser manufacturing technology is developing rapidly.

And the gap between China and international laser technology has decreasing.

High-end laser processing equipment is absolutely made in China without any problem, resulting in a 90% laser machine share in China.

Most of these machines use fiber lasers from either IPG Photonics or Chinese fiber lasers from Raycus or Max Photonics  laser.

The 2D fiber laser cutting machine market is currently the fastest-growing laser market.

The overall number of cutting machines sold in 2018 was in the range of 900–1000 units.

There are many brands of laser equipments from Europe ,Japan ,Turkey America ,,,anyway You see many more laser brands from China。

In most machine tool exhitions ,metal fabrication exhitions or fair ,most of booths with  fiber laser cutting machine are from China.