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Some tips about purchase a fiber laser marking machine

Today we will introduce some tips about purchase a fiber laser marking machine.Hope it will be helpful to you.

What are the issues to be aware of in addition to the price of the laser marking machine?

In order to allow customers to buy the most suitable machine with the least amount of money, XT Laser has specially arranged some problems to be paid attention to when purchasing laser marking machines.

The laser marking machine is actually not very expensive.

The price of a fiber laser marking machine is about 30,000-30,000.

However, the most important thing for the company and the purchase is not the price.

They pay more attention to the purchase of the marking machine than to be able to produce the desired effect on the product.

Whether there will be failure during use, and maintenance of the machine.

After sales and other issues.

1. Like buying other things, first we have to look at the brand.

The products of well-known brands have quality assurance, followed by the company’s expected price range.

And then the machine that is suitable for its own products.

The last step is to carefully understand the configuration of the machine. , parameters, performance.

2. Choosing the most suitable laser marking machine is the first step to obtain a satisfactory label.

We recommend that users simply understand the basics of purchasing before choosing a laser machine.

And then work with your supplier to select the most suitable product to be labeled.

3. The higher the power, the longer the service life of the laser tube.

This is the most common misunderstanding.

I think that the more power, the more gas, the slower the consumption.

In fact, the higher the power, the more heat the laser tube emits when it is working.

If it cannot be effectively dissipated in time, it will burn out the laser tube.

Therefore, equipment with more than 50 watts usually needs water cooling and a large cooling system. .

Therefore, the high wattage does not guarantee the service life of the laser tube.

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