How to make deep engraving with Ezcad software?-Eliza

How to make deep engraving with Ezcad software


Some customers wish to make deep engraving on metal parts by fiber laser marking machine. Yes, it is no problem. Fiber laser make deep engraving via repeat marking, marking and marking.

But if you wish to do deep engraving, first you need choose at least 30w and with small F-theta lens(70*70mm or 100*100mm working area). Because with same power, the bigger working area, the longer of focus length, then the weaker of laser beam when it works on metal surface.

If you have machine right now, you may follow below steps.

First oepn Ezcad software, input text, put it in center, then do filling. Because we need do deep engraving, so filling we can set 0.03mm or even more smaller. Power we can set 90%, speed at 500mm/s.


If you only keep this one parameter, after marking several time, you will find it cannot go more deeper because metal surface burned then metal powders gather and stays at marking place. Those slags prevent going deeper.

The better way is we set another parameter and using laser to clean the surface, then marking again. Cleaning needn’t high power. Parameters we can set filling 0.08mm or more, power 50%, speed 1000mm/s. Then put 2 TEXT together in center. The choose all content before marking.


Different colors means different parameters. If you think my description is not quite clear, then you may check this video, it will make everything more clearly.

The last, with more deeper, exceed 1mm, focus length will change, so you need adjust focus length a little to keep focus point at the metal surface. If you need relief results, you need choose 3D laser.
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Details of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.–Oriole

Details of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.

Nowadays, more and more people majoring in wooden artware or other products making. With the technology developing so quickly, a lot of them choose CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine to finish their work.

In order to let you know more about CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine. Here share some details about with you.

What can the machine do?

CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine can cut and engrave wood, leather, pvc, acrylic, etc.

Is there any protection device for the machine?
Our machine has cover protection (when the front cover of the machine is opened, the laser will stop working), emergency stop switch (in an emergency, you can immediately press to cut off the power of the machine), cooling system protection (if the laser tube cooling system has a problem, the laser Will stop working), all doors on the machine can be locked with a key, which is more safe and secure

To amplify the power, can it be achieved by only using a high-power power supply or replacing a laser tube with a higher power?
No, it need to change the laser power supply and laser tube at the same time.

For example, a 60watt laser power supply can only support the work of a laser tube up to 60watts. If you only replace the 80watt laser power supply without replacing the corresponding laser tube, it will generate a certain current pressure on the 60w laser tube, which will affect the life of the laser tube. Make an impact. On the contrary, if you change to an 80watt laser tube without replacing the corresponding laser power supply, it may be impossible to drive the laser tube due to the low current. (In addition, if you replace a larger wattage laser power supply and laser tube, the chiller must be replaced with a larger model. It is also necessary to consider whether the laser tube box can fit a larger wattage laser tube.)

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60w JPT MOPA laser engraving machine in jewelry industry-Ariel

60w JPT fiber laser engraving machine in jewelry industry

If you do jewelry business, we recommend you choose 50w Raycus or 60w JPT laser engraving machine.We will introduce the 60w JPT MOPA laser engraving machine in jewelry industry.

What is the principle of fibre laser marker

What is the principle of fibre laser marker

50w Raycus and 60w JPT

When customers need to do much deep engraving or cutting work,they will always choose 50w or 60w.

We sell many 50w Raycus and 60w JPT LM1+ laser to jewelry industry,firearms gun industry.
Accordign to customers’ feedback,customers say 60w JPT cutting engraving speed is better than 50w Raycus.

Note:Both of 50w Raycus and 60w JPT is good laser source.

Why 60w JPT speed is faster?

Here we explain why 60w JPT laser cutting speed is faster.

Frequency range and single pulse energy is higher,the cutting energy and precision is better.
Pulse width changing scope is wider,the cutting edge and cutting effect is better.

Single pulse energy determines the speed much.

Mopa JPT can mark color

Besides,Mopa JPT LM1+ can also mark some color on stainless steel.

But it is so-called Mopa,it can only mark some very limited color.

If your main work is mark color,you can choose JPT M1+ and M6+ series.

Jewelry industry samples

Here share you a video for reference.

Our sugesstion is that you can choose 60w JPT laser if you have enough budget.Most clients choose 60w JPT MOPA laser engraving machine in jewelry industryIts cutting effect and cutting speed will be better.If not,you can choose 50w Raycus.

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The main parts of fiber laser engraving machine-Ariel

The main parts of fiber laser engraving machine

We will introduce the main parts of fiber laser engraving machine in this article.

Fiber laser engraving machine could achieve deep engraving outcome on the metal.

As we know, the fiber laser marking machine could achieve different outcome on the metal.

For example, the surface marking and deep engraving.

For different requirements of different customers, we introduce the different power machine to them.

The machine parts

Firstly,Laser source: Raycus laser source, the best brand in China.

Lens: 110*110mm lens, wavelength brand from Singapore.

Control card: JCZ control card from Beijng, the best one in China.

Software: EZCAD software, from Beijing JCZ company.

Working table: 2D working table, for focus distance adjust by up-down/forward-backward/left-right moving.

* Galvo head: SINO brand galvo head, the most hot selling one in market.

For the laser source, the two most common type is the Raycus and IPG.

Most western customer and Indian customer prefer the IPG laser source.

And for the lens, also called the working area.

According to our testing experience, the 110*110 working area lens is the most suitable for the deep engraving.

The smaller the lens is , the more concentrated of the light.

So using the 110*110 lens could achieve the best outcome in the short time.

2.consumable parts 

For the fiber laser engraving machine, the only consumable parts of the machine is electricity.

Because The laser source lifetime could reach 100000 hours.

So No any other consumable parts.

Besides, the software and machine is easy to learn and operate.

Therefore, more and more customers buy this machine for working.

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Popular mini split fiber laser marking and engraving machine-Ariel

Popular mini split fiber laser marking and engraving machine

Hi,dear friend,This is Ariel again from XTLASER,responsbile for European market.Thanks for your attention to our fiber laser marking machine on our website.Mini split laser marking machine is very popular in European market.So we will introduce the popular mini split fiber laser marking and engraving machine in this article.

1.Firstly,Laser source
90% of our clients choose Raycus laser source,it is the best brand in China with its good quality and service.

2.Secondly,Machine model
Mini split model is the our most popular model.It can save more shipping cost and space.Here is the machine photo.We have 20w,30w and 50w can be chose.Pls kindly contact us for more machine details.









3.Thridly,About the tariff
The machine HS code is 845611.You can check the import tax with it.We also have CE certificate,pls kindly check it in attachment.

4.Fourthly,About the warranty
We offer three years for whole machine(it has no quick-wear parts).If any parts broken during in the period(not human factors), you only need to send us the part, we will repair it for you for free and bear the return shipping cost.

5.About the after-sales
This machine is easy to operate, we will install the software before shipping,so you can use it directly.If you use your own laptop, we will send you the software,then you can install it with yourself.We have after-sales department,all of them can speak English directly.So if you have any questions about the machine, you can talk with them directly.And we will create an online group for you after you receiving the machine, they will teach you to use the machine.

6.About the delivery time
It will take about 7-10 working days to after receiving the deposit.

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What are the advantages of 3D laser marking machine? lisa

What are the advantages of the 3D laser marking machine?


First, a larger range and more elaborate light effects

3D marking uses a front focusing optical mode that uses a larger X, Y axis to deflect the lens. Thus allowing for a larger laser spot, better focusing accuracy, and better energy efficiency; if 3D marking is in 2D marking When working with the same focus accuracy, the marking range can be larger.

Second, can mark objects of different heights

3D marking can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, making surface marking impossible for 2D possible. After using 3D, the cylindrical marking in a certain arc can be complete at one time. Which greatly improves the processing efficiency. Moreover, in real life, the surface shape of many parts is irregular. And the advantages of 3D marking will be very obvious.

Third, more suitable for deep carving

The traditional 2D marking has inherent defects in the deep surface carving of the object. As the laser focus moves up during the engraving process, the laser energy acting on the actual surface of the object will drop sharply, which seriously affects the effect and efficiency of the deep carving.

The traditional deep carving method is to electrically move the lifting table at a certain height during the engraving process,  to ensure the laser is on the focus. The 3D marking for deep carving processing does not have the above problems, which not only ensures the effect, but also improves the efficiency, and at the same time saves the cost of the electric lifting platform.

Fourth, can achieve multi-color marking

For general metal surface blackening, such as anodized aluminum, it is usually using for a suitable energy to use higher frequency pulses, marking with a certain defocusing, the defocusing distance obviously affects the energy distribution of the laser on the material surface and Color effect. For general 2D marking users, even if advanced features such as surface marking are not required, it is meaningful for the 3D marking machine to perform plane processing of multi-gradation multi-color effects.
Compared to traditional flat marking, 3D laser marking machine has more practicality in many occasions. If you need deep surface carving, please choose 3D laser marking machine using laser beyond.

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Guns engraving 50w 60w laser marking machine-Jill

Guns engraving 50w 60w laser marking machine

Guns engraving 50w laser marking machine.

Are You looking for Firearms Laser Engraving

Are You looking for Firearms Laser Engraving

Firstly,if you are looking for firearms trace ability, branding with a permanent logo or text to identify a part?

Maybe you are finding the creating custom designs on your firearms, knives or tactical weapons.

If so laser engraving has become the standard method of engraving,many customers prove it.

Additionally,laser Engraving can be to a large variety of firearms parts. Including: handgun slides, frames, polymer accessories, magazines, clips and more.

Basically, if you can create the graphic digitally, our Laser Engraving Software is capable of creating an image-ready file. It is ready to laser engrave on your material. For those laser engraving their slide, customizing their rifle, adding a texture to their handgun frame, or doing other types of custom work, XTLASER has an engraving solution for you.

Are You looking for Firearms Laser Engraving

In USA,Pakistan,Holland,Mexico,etc,many government also buy our machine to do public engraving on the firearms.

If you’re considering adding laser engraving to your current firearms or tactical weapon business, XTLASER will answer all of your questions.Suppliers Showcase for a laser engraving demonstration and to see a large variety of custom engraved samples. Watch our video below for a small sampling of what our Laser Engraving Systems can do!

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Mopa Fiber laser marking machine, JPT M7 new series-Jill

Mopa Fiber laser marking machine, JPT M7 new series-Jill

Mopa Fiber laser marking machine,it is more and more popular now.Now it has M7 series.And then, let us introduce more here.


1.Firstly,JPT laser source

You  can do research in China market.

The most popular color marking laser source is Mopa JPT brand.


2.Secondly,Color series

For color marking series,before there is M1 and M6 series,now JPT stop to manufacture it.

M7 is the update of M1 and M6. However the parameters and color effect is much better than M1 and M6.

For M7,there is 20w,30w,60w,80w,100w,120w,150w,200w.


3.And also,Deep engraving series(higher power)

M7 series also replace LM1 deep engraving series.60w,80w,100w,120w,150w,200w.It is good for deep engraving and thin metal cutting.And also,it is good for color marking too.


4.And then,Pulse width adjust

There are 16 adjustable width range.Continues、2ns、4ns、6ns、 8ns、13ns、20ns、30ns、45ns、60ns、80ns、100ns、150ns、200ns、250ns、350ns.

So it is good for color marking.


5.And also,we listParameteres for M7

20w and 30w:2-350ns;0.8mj;1-4000khz

60w and 100w and 120w:2-500ns;1.5mj;1-4000khz



6.And also,M1 and M6 parameters FYI.

M1+: 6-200ns; M6+: 2-200ns
Single pulse energy is 0.5mj and frequency is 1-2000KHz.


7.Last but not least,Mopa and Q-Switch (Raycus,IPG)

Same:1064nm wavelength laser beam
Mopa———Pulse width (2-350/500ns), Pulse frequency (1-4000HZ) .So MOPA laser is more flexible.
Q-Switch—- Pulse width and pulse frequency are fixed, can not be changed.
Pulse width (110-150ns),Pulse frequency(30-100 kHz)

Mopa can do all the Raycus’ work.
Mopa  > Raycus


8.Most of customers from jewelry and firearms guns industry choose 60w M7.

Because it can mark color on stainless steel.At the same time,it can also do the deep engraving work very well.

And then,we list some Color marking videos:

And also,For firearms marking engraving,you can check below article:


And also,For jewelry marking engraving cutting,you can check below article:


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China Fiber laser marker cutter welder cleaner in NA USA Canada,xt laser fiber laser machine-Jill

China Fiber laser marker cutter welder cleaner in NA USA Canada,xt laser fiber laser machine-Jill

China fiber laser machine is more and more popular in NA market.

Firstly,Fiber laser marking machineis popular in the firearms guns,jewelry,customs engraving industry.

Secondly,Fiber laser cutting/welding machine is popular in the sheet-metal,customs laser industry.

Thridly,Fiber laser cleaning machine is popular in the laser service,mould making industry.


1.Firstly,Fiber laser marking machine

There is 20w,30w,50w,100w,etc,.30w and 50w  is the best seller now.

Then,For firearm and jewelry making,50w is more and more popular.Because the laser machine is cheaper and cheaper now.












And then,we share some marking videos.

And then,gun firearms engraving:

And then,Jewelry cutting and ring marking:


2.Secondly,Fiber laser cutting machine

There is 1kw,1.5kw,2kw,3kw,4kw,6kw,etc,.

And then,Beseide the 1500x300mm model,Small format is the best serller in NA.

For small format cutter,there is 1300×900 model and 600x600mm.


1309 model(cutting area is 1300x900mm ).

Machine picture

several problems

laser cutting machinery for metal







Then,we share some videos.


6060 model(cutting area is 600x600mm ).

In jewelry cutting industry,they will choose this to cut 925 silver sheet.

Cutting speed is much faster than fiber laser marker.

Then,share the machine picture.

High precision cutting machine







Then we share some videos.–1SuRQw


3.Thirdly,Fiber laser welding machine

Handheld fiber laser welding machine will replace YAG laser welding.

Now fiber laser is more and more popular.
It can weld stainless steel,carbon steel,brass,aluminum,etc,.

Then,share the picture.








4.And also,Fiber laser cleaning machine

It mainly clean the rust,dust,oil,etc,.

Then we share some videos.


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Benefits of using laser marking machine for jewelry-lisa wang

6 Benefits Of Using Laser Marking Machine For Jewelry

laser marking machine

Over the past decade, laser marking machines have revolutionized the jewelry industry. We see a constant increase in jewelry businesses that utilizing laser technology to offer bespoke and customized items for their customers. This article explores the benefits of laser technology and shows you some of the main advantages compared to traditional engraving methods.


what is MOPA laser

Foremost, a single laser system can engrave multiple surfaces. That means that you only need to buy one laser marking machine to be able to engrave silver, gold, copper, titanium, brass and tons more applications. In fact, a fiber laser machine can also engrave non-metal surfaces, such as acrylic, plastic and wood.

The other benefit for jewelers is the application for individualizing and personalizeing different shaped items. So, whether you’re looking to engrave rings, bracelets, necklaces or watches; it can all be done with the same machine! The only restriction is the size of your machine’s marking area. Although that is typically not a concern, as jewelry items tend to be small in size.


You can create virtually any design, no matter how complex, and have it successfully engraved onto your jewelry item. Even the smallest of designs remains legible when marked with a laser beam.

Thanks to its versatility, Jewelry designers use the laser machine for countless applications. Whether it’s engraving a photo onto a pendant; adding a unique pattern to a ring; branding jewelry with a logo for corporate events; or personalizing a necklace with a heart-warming message – the possibilities are endless.


The fiber laser machine uses a non-contact marking method. Essentially, a laser beam is directed onto the item’s surface and produces a mark by removing the material. As a result, there is no contact between the laser equipment and the jewelry item.

Since there is no contact during the engraving process. The jewelry is never compromised with engraved by fiber laser machine. Additionally, the machine doesn’t have moving parts, which can wear down over time and require replacement.

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