What are the advantages of 3D laser marking machine? lisa

What are the advantages of the 3D laser marking machine?


First, a larger range and more elaborate light effects

3D marking uses a front focusing optical mode that uses a larger X, Y axis to deflect the lens. Thus allowing for a larger laser spot, better focusing accuracy, and better energy efficiency; if 3D marking is in 2D marking When working with the same focus accuracy, the marking range can be larger.

Second, can mark objects of different heights

3D marking can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, making surface marking impossible for 2D possible. After using 3D, the cylindrical marking in a certain arc can be complete at one time. Which greatly improves the processing efficiency. Moreover, in real life, the surface shape of many parts is irregular. And the advantages of 3D marking will be very obvious.

Third, more suitable for deep carving

The traditional 2D marking has inherent defects in the deep surface carving of the object. As the laser focus moves up during the engraving process, the laser energy acting on the actual surface of the object will drop sharply, which seriously affects the effect and efficiency of the deep carving.

The traditional deep carving method is to electrically move the lifting table at a certain height during the engraving process,  to ensure the laser is on the focus. The 3D marking for deep carving processing does not have the above problems, which not only ensures the effect, but also improves the efficiency, and at the same time saves the cost of the electric lifting platform.

Fourth, can achieve multi-color marking

For general metal surface blackening, such as anodized aluminum, it is usually using for a suitable energy to use higher frequency pulses, marking with a certain defocusing, the defocusing distance obviously affects the energy distribution of the laser on the material surface and Color effect. For general 2D marking users, even if advanced features such as surface marking are not required, it is meaningful for the 3D marking machine to perform plane processing of multi-gradation multi-color effects.
Compared to traditional flat marking, 3D laser marking machine has more practicality in many occasions. If you need deep surface carving, please choose 3D laser marking machine using laser beyond.

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Guns engraving 50w 60w laser marking machine-Jill

Guns engraving 50w 60w laser marking machine

Guns engraving 50w laser marking machine.

Are You looking for Firearms Laser Engraving

Are You looking for Firearms Laser Engraving

Firstly,if you are looking for firearms trace ability, branding with a permanent logo or text to identify a part?

Maybe you are finding the creating custom designs on your firearms, knives or tactical weapons.

If so laser engraving has become the standard method of engraving,many customers prove it.

Additionally,laser Engraving can be to a large variety of firearms parts. Including: handgun slides, frames, polymer accessories, magazines, clips and more.

Basically, if you can create the graphic digitally, our Laser Engraving Software is capable of creating an image-ready file. It is ready to laser engrave on your material. For those laser engraving their slide, customizing their rifle, adding a texture to their handgun frame, or doing other types of custom work, XTLASER has an engraving solution for you.

Are You looking for Firearms Laser Engraving

In USA,Pakistan,Holland,Mexico,etc,many government also buy our machine to do public engraving on the firearms.

If you’re considering adding laser engraving to your current firearms or tactical weapon business, XTLASER will answer all of your questions.Suppliers Showcase for a laser engraving demonstration and to see a large variety of custom engraved samples. Watch our video below for a small sampling of what our Laser Engraving Systems can do!

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Mopa Fiber laser marking machine, JPT M7 new series-Jill

Mopa Fiber laser marking machine, JPT M7 new series-Jill

Mopa Fiber laser marking machine,it is more and more popular now.Now it has M7 series.And then, let us introduce more here.


1.Firstly,JPT laser source

You  can do research in China market.

The most popular color marking laser source is Mopa JPT brand.


2.Secondly,Color series

For color marking series,before there is M1 and M6 series,now JPT stop to manufacture it.

M7 is the update of M1 and M6. However the parameters and color effect is much better than M1 and M6.

For M7,there is 20w,30w,60w,80w,100w,120w,150w,200w.


3.And also,Deep engraving series(higher power)

M7 series also replace LM1 deep engraving series.60w,80w,100w,120w,150w,200w.It is good for deep engraving and thin metal cutting.And also,it is good for color marking too.


4.And then,Pulse width adjust

There are 16 adjustable width range.Continues、2ns、4ns、6ns、 8ns、13ns、20ns、30ns、45ns、60ns、80ns、100ns、150ns、200ns、250ns、350ns.

So it is good for color marking.


5.And also,we listParameteres for M7

20w and 30w:2-350ns;0.8mj;1-4000khz

60w and 100w and 120w:2-500ns;1.5mj;1-4000khz



6.And also,M1 and M6 parameters FYI.

M1+: 6-200ns; M6+: 2-200ns
Single pulse energy is 0.5mj and frequency is 1-2000KHz.


7.Last but not least,Mopa and Q-Switch (Raycus,IPG)

Same:1064nm wavelength laser beam
Mopa———Pulse width (2-350/500ns), Pulse frequency (1-4000HZ) .So MOPA laser is more flexible.
Q-Switch—- Pulse width and pulse frequency are fixed, can not be changed.
Pulse width (110-150ns),Pulse frequency(30-100 kHz)

Mopa can do all the Raycus’ work.
Mopa  > Raycus


8.Most of customers from jewelry and firearms guns industry choose 60w M7.

Because it can mark color on stainless steel.At the same time,it can also do the deep engraving work very well.

And then,we list some Color marking videos:



And also,For firearms marking engraving,you can check below article:


And also,For jewelry marking engraving cutting,you can check below article:


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China Fiber laser marker cutter welder cleaner in NA USA Canada,xt laser fiber laser machine-Jill

China Fiber laser marker cutter welder cleaner in NA USA Canada,xt laser fiber laser machine-Jill

China fiber laser machine is more and more popular in NA market.

Firstly,Fiber laser marking machineis popular in the firearms guns,jewelry,customs engraving industry.

Secondly,Fiber laser cutting/welding machine is popular in the sheet-metal,customs laser industry.

Thridly,Fiber laser cleaning machine is popular in the laser service,mould making industry.


1.Firstly,Fiber laser marking machine

There is 20w,30w,50w,100w,etc,.30w and 50w  is the best seller now.

Then,For firearm and jewelry making,50w is more and more popular.Because the laser machine is cheaper and cheaper now.












And then,we share some marking videos.

And then,gun firearms engraving:




And then,Jewelry cutting and ring marking:






2.Secondly,Fiber laser cutting machine

There is 1kw,1.5kw,2kw,3kw,4kw,6kw,etc,.

And then,Beseide the 1500x300mm model,Small format is the best serller in NA.

For small format cutter,there is 1300×900 model and 600x600mm.


1309 model(cutting area is 1300x900mm ).

Machine picture

several problems

laser cutting machinery for metal







Then,we share some videos.





6060 model(cutting area is 600x600mm ).

In jewelry cutting industry,they will choose this to cut 925 silver sheet.

Cutting speed is much faster than fiber laser marker.

Then,share the machine picture.

High precision cutting machine







Then we share some videos.






3.Thirdly,Fiber laser welding machine

Handheld fiber laser welding machine will replace YAG laser welding.

Now fiber laser is more and more popular.
It can weld stainless steel,carbon steel,brass,aluminum,etc,.

Then,share the picture.








4.And also,Fiber laser cleaning machine

It mainly clean the rust,dust,oil,etc,.

Then we share some videos.






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Benefits of using laser marking machine for jewelry-lisa wang

6 Benefits Of Using Laser Marking Machine For Jewelry

laser marking machine

Over the past decade, laser marking machines have revolutionized the jewelry industry. We see a constant increase in jewelry businesses that utilizing laser technology to offer bespoke and customized items for their customers. This article explores the benefits of laser technology and shows you some of the main advantages compared to traditional engraving methods.


what is MOPA laser

Foremost, a single laser system can engrave multiple surfaces. That means that you only need to buy one laser marking machine to be able to engrave silver, gold, copper, titanium, brass and tons more applications. In fact, a fiber laser machine can also engrave non-metal surfaces, such as acrylic, plastic and wood.

The other benefit for jewelers is the application for individualizing and personalizeing different shaped items. So, whether you’re looking to engrave rings, bracelets, necklaces or watches; it can all be done with the same machine! The only restriction is the size of your machine’s marking area. Although that is typically not a concern, as jewelry items tend to be small in size.


You can create virtually any design, no matter how complex, and have it successfully engraved onto your jewelry item. Even the smallest of designs remains legible when marked with a laser beam.

Thanks to its versatility, Jewelry designers use the laser machine for countless applications. Whether it’s engraving a photo onto a pendant; adding a unique pattern to a ring; branding jewelry with a logo for corporate events; or personalizing a necklace with a heart-warming message – the possibilities are endless.


The fiber laser machine uses a non-contact marking method. Essentially, a laser beam is directed onto the item’s surface and produces a mark by removing the material. As a result, there is no contact between the laser equipment and the jewelry item.

Since there is no contact during the engraving process. The jewelry is never compromised with engraved by fiber laser machine. Additionally, the machine doesn’t have moving parts, which can wear down over time and require replacement.

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Top 4 benefits of uv laser marker-lisa

The Top 4 Benefits of UV laser marker

Manufacturers of laser marker are increasingly requiring identification marks on their products to help with traceability. While the traditional marking method is typically ink printing. It’s out of date already, especially in the medical industry as ink that often easily removed, altered, or contaminated. That’s why many manufacturers have begun to use ultraviolet lasers to mark their products.

Laser marker makes it easy to identify parts and authenticity without a physical tool etching the surface of the part or transmitting any substances onto the surface. Instead, the laser light focused onto a material, producing damage-free, easy-to-read marks. Apple Rubber uses laser marker to add model numbers, bar codes, logos and more onto customer’s o-rings and seals.

Here are the top four benefits of utilizing UV laser marker in your manufacturing facility:

1. Flexible processing

Laser marker also used on many products in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense DOD, medical and electronic components. Apple Rubber uses laser marker on virtually any o-ring or seal where product identification required.

In many industries, product authenticity and traceability is required by law. Automotive companies, for example, use part traceability to quickly determine when and where the part produced in the case of component failure, which helps for product recalls. Because of the importance of product identification, using a flexible and reliable marking technique is critical.

2. Overall speed

In traditional ink marking, printing equipment is often mechanically complex, requiring longer downtimes for maintenance and frequent cleanings. With UV laser marker, no prolonged downtime associated with cleaning or fixing a printer, and the overall engraving process is extremely quick and simple.

UV lasers are better absorbed than other wavelengths and marking techniques by virtually all materials, requiring less power to produce a clear mark. This makes the process even simpler since UV laser marker ensures a high-quality, high-contrast mark in one application.

3. Maximizes authenticity

UV lasers create easy-to-read marks that are far superior to printed marks or labels. Apple Rubber uses a high-quality laser that can focus in on smaller spot sizes and produce a high peak power, leading to crisp, clear marks on o-rings and seals. This ensures that parts can clearly identified and their markings cannot  altered or tampered with.

In the pharmaceutical industry, counterfeiting has become a huge issue with many social and economic implications. Since pharmaceutical manufacturers are limite in what types of markings they can use, they must choose an option that is tamper-proof, easy to read, compatible with their specific environment and cannot alter the product. Because of these requirements, laser marker is the best choice in this industry and many others that require complete authenticity in their products.

4. Minimizes contamination

While the ink in traditional marking methods is non-toxic, the printing equipment often utilizes lubricants and solvents that can become airborne and contaminate printed products. Medical manufacturing often requires completely sterile products that produced in a classified cleanroom. In this case, traditional marking would not be acceptable.

During the laser marker process, the marking device does not come into direct contact with the product, allowing for clean operation with minimal contamination. This creates a product identification option for industries that require sterile products. And ensures that outside materials will not cause future contamination of a product.

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Laser engraving machine for marking engine from Lisa

Laser engraving machine for engraving engine

laser marking machine

Smart Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

What is Laser Engraving of the Engine?

It has become an essential part of the manufacturing and automotive industry as it assists businesses to keep check of their products, minimize simulating, develop quality and more. There are good numbers of benefits for engraving in industries for helping understand the perspective behind this technology. The laser technology is one of the most amazing applications to involve with. The major problem found was information regarding engine build for investigation in case any failures occurred. The idea was to install a 2D code onto the engine casing, conversely, this would need multiple engraving techniques to mount at the plant.

The Engraving Process is Clean and Eco-Friendly:

Chemical Engraving or Inkjet like processes use inks and chemicals in engraving that have a negative effect on the surroundings apart from being costly consumables for the industries. The Laser Engraving, on the other hand, is way far from using any kind of consumables that makes it reasonable, clean and energy competent. It also excludes downtime and costs related to fixing, cleaning or fueling printers. The products might also get damaged over time due to peel off, tearing or any other reason. But laser engraving helps the permanent engraving to remain really long, supporting the brand and quality in the industry.

Laser engraving promises clean processing at least adulteration since the process cannot contacted. Where printing techniques will lead to burning down of the material by engraved, the damage-free process includes no or least material dissemination.

The Engraving Procedure:

  • Laser engraving is the result of when beam comes into contact with the material surface, slightly modifying its features or presentation.
  • Obtained by moving a low-mechanical beam gradually across the material using a technique called staining, that produces high-contrast marks without troubling the material.
  • Laser raises the material temperature that causes oxidation below the surface and turning the material black.
  • The laser engrave applies low temperatures to metal to toughen the surface.
  • All of this is done while leaving the surface undamaged.

Laser engraving is unique from laser etching and laser engrave in a number of ways:

  • It is a rare process and not all places provide these services.
  • Also known as laser dark engraving or laser coloration, and also charring for plastic materials and strengthening for metals.
  • There are 4 collective types of laser engrave: carbon migration, annealing, coloration, and
  • It is very common in the medical device industry for titanium parts and stainless steel but can executed on other materials too.
  • A laser marker is perfect for barcodes, QR codes, UID codes, logos and other recognition needs.

Which industries use Laser Engraving?

When investing the laser, it was one of the best creations and gained early recognition for its usefulness in different industries. But the laser engraving has given modern reach to the flourishing companies by promoting their brand name and assurance for quality.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Industrial & Tooling
  • Medical
  • Military & Defense
  • Oil & Gas and more…

For the automotive industry and motorized industries, companies extensively make use of laser engraving on the engines. It is the recognition for their appreciation of every automotive manufacturing entity. Every industry uses the laser for different purposes. For instance, the manufacturing companies understand the importance of product branding and therefore. They mostly make use of laser engraving on their products and gain recognition in the industry. Not only for the laser engraving but also for laser engraving and etching, business widely apply these techniques.

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Fiber laser marking machine,firearms gun deep engraving laser machine-jill

Fiber laser marking machine,firearms gun deep engraving laser machine

Today we would like to share some information for firearms gun deep engraving laser machine.

Fiber laser marker is widely used in gun firearms industry.


1.Firstly,for wattage choose

If just surface marking,20w is ok.

Most customers need to do deep engraving work on guns.

So they choose 30w 50w or 60w.

50w is the best seller in firearms industry.

Especially you always do the deep engraving work on steel.

Aluminum and brass is easier to do deep engraving.


2.Secondly,Machine model

In order to save shipping cost,most overseas customer choose the min split model.

1)Firstly,mini model





2)Secondly,Desktop model








3)Thirdly,Enclosed model






3.Thirdly,Rotary axis

Most customers will choose rotary axis to mark the round object,such as the barrel,etc,.

As per experience,80mm rotary is good enough.

rotary device








4.Next,we share some working videos FYI











5.And also,share some gun samples.

gun fiber laser engaving machine

gun fiber laser engraving machine










Fiber Laser Engraving on Firearms









6.And also,Some customers also would like to use it for jewelry customs engraving.

Here we would like to share some videos.








7.And next,For stainless steel,mopa fiber laser can do the color marking on stainless steel.

20w and 30w Mopa JPT M1 or M6 is good.

Share some color marking videos.






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Firearms marking and engraving-Ivy

Fiber Laser Marking System,designed for Firearms marking and engraving.

1. First,Work Principle

Fiber laser belongs to heat treatment. Machine can mark signs on product by burn its surface.

2. Second,Application

Firearms laser engraving machine with fiber laser source for metal engraving. Which can make deep engraving on metals. Such as steel, aluminium, copper, alloy, gold, silver, brass, iron. The laser engraving machine can mark gun stock, gun barrel and other weapons.

3. Third,Product Features

Advantages of Firearms marking and engraving as follow:

First,Machine is chamber, compact and safe.

Second,High speed scanning galvo head: Guns, firearms laser engraving machine can provide high precise engraving with high speed.

Then, Various lens for different marking size: 100*100mm/150*150mm/175*175mm (Optional).

Also, Gun laser engraver adopts lifting wheel and measures to adjust the focus length conveniently.

Besides,Firearm laser engraver adopts Germany IPG fiber laser source with fine laser light. Which is professional for high precision engraving (Raycus is optional).

And,2D working table for X and Y axis moving, there are many screw holes on the table. It is convenient for positioning and fitting the special fixture.

Also, Rotary device for option. Which is used for printing on round and cylinder materials.


silver ring laser marking machine

laser marking machine

Smart Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Deep engraving on guns-Ivy

Recently, we often meet with some customers who ask for deep engraving on guns, especially some American customers.

As we all know, the most material of the gun is carbon steel, stainless steel or the aluminium.

Our fiber laser engraving machine is mainly used to mark on these materials.

Therefore, choosing our fiber laser engraving machine to engrave gun is a right choice.

Engraving samples:

For deep engraving, we usually introduce at least 30w machine to our customer.

If the customer do not care about the time ,so 30w machine to achieve deep engraving.

However, if they want to  short time, much more depth, then the 50w machine or the 100w would be a better choice.

As for the laser source, different people may have different choice.

Some customers may only know the IPG laser source, the most popular in the world, made from Germany.

But we often introduce the Raycus laser source to customer. It is the best brand on China, which has been accepted by many customers.

XTL-FP series optical fiber laser marking machine use 1064 nm laser diode as the sources are used to pump.

The average working hours can up to 100000 hours.

Small and exquisite Volume , applicable in the bad environment

Optical fiber surface area/volume ratio is high, also good cooling effect.

There is no need huge water cooling system, just simple air cooling, can be running in bad conditions.

Such as high impact, high vibration, high temperature, dirt under the conditions of the normal operation.

Free maintenance operation

Optical fiber laser no need for any maintenance (not including adjust or clean lens).

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Working videos: