Difference between laser marking and engraving machine-Dora

What is the difference between laser marking and engraving machine?


Fiber laser marking machine-Alice

Reasons for laser tube not emitting

Laser marking machine uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. Laser engraving machine uses laser to engrave materials that need to be engraved. The common features is all processed by laser. And they all belong to advertising equipment. So today we talk about the difference between laser marking and engraving machine specifically.

The difference between laser marking and engraving machine

1. Working format

The working area of ​​laser marking machine is not particularly large. Generally marking area is 100*100mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm.

Low power laser engraving machines have a small processing area, but some high power laser engraving machines are mainly used to cut metal. The processing area is very large. Such as 900*600mm and 1300*900mm.

2. Speed ​​difference.

The speed of  laser marking machine is much faster than that of laser engraving machine.

3. Depth

The depth of laser engraving machine is far more than that of laser marking machine.

4. Laser

The laser of laser engraving machine is generally a carbon dioxide glass tube. The life of the glass tube laser is generally within 2000-10000 hours. Carbon dioxide glass tube lasers are all disposable.

The lasers of laser marking machines are generally metal tube lasers (non-metal marking machines) and pulsed fiber lasers (metal laser marking machines), and their service life is generally more than five years.

5. Price.

The price of laser marking machine is different due to different materials, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

For non-metal laser engraving and cutting machines, the low power price is cheaper. But laser engraving machines for cutting thick metals are also very expensive.

Application of laser marking and engraving machine


Application of laser marking machine:

(1) Electronic hardware accessories industry: automobiles, ships, machinery, equipment etc.

(2) Metal processing industry.

For instance: IT industry, machine manufacturing, medical equipment, watches and glasses, gifts, jewelry.

And printing stoves, precision hardware, accessories. And electrical appliances, instruments and instruments etc.

(3) UV laser marking machines application.

For example: electronic communications, electrical engineering, instrumentation.

And precision hardware, watches and glasses, jewelry etc.

(4) Non-metal processing industry.

Such as leather, craft gifts, packaging, advertising, wood, plastics.

And signs, electronic communications, watches, glasses, printing, decoration.

(5) Food industry
Marking various information on the surface of food, such as patterns, QR codes, etc.
The advantages are no consumables, finer and clearer printing effect, higher resolution, low failure rate, clean and pollution-free.

(6) Direct packaging industry: food and beverage packaging, wine bottle cap cigarette box packaging, medicine box/bottle packaging.
Mark the product’s production date, batch number, two-dimensional code and other content.

Application of laser engraving machine:

(1) Plaques and signs

(2)Architectural model, mechanical model, vehicle model, ship model model

(3) Arts and crafts, gifts, souvenirs

(4) Building materials, such as gypsum ceilings, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, and so on.

(5) Plexiglas technology, Plexiglas processing


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Details of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.–Oriole

Details of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.

Nowadays, more and more people majoring in wooden artware or other products making. With the technology developing so quickly, a lot of them choose CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine to finish their work.

In order to let you know more about CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine. Here share some details about with you.

What can the machine do?

CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine can cut and engrave wood, leather, pvc, acrylic, etc.

Is there any protection device for the machine?
Our machine has cover protection (when the front cover of the machine is opened, the laser will stop working), emergency stop switch (in an emergency, you can immediately press to cut off the power of the machine), cooling system protection (if the laser tube cooling system has a problem, the laser Will stop working), all doors on the machine can be locked with a key, which is more safe and secure

To amplify the power, can it be achieved by only using a high-power power supply or replacing a laser tube with a higher power?
No, it need to change the laser power supply and laser tube at the same time.

For example, a 60watt laser power supply can only support the work of a laser tube up to 60watts. If you only replace the 80watt laser power supply without replacing the corresponding laser tube, it will generate a certain current pressure on the 60w laser tube, which will affect the life of the laser tube. Make an impact. On the contrary, if you change to an 80watt laser tube without replacing the corresponding laser power supply, it may be impossible to drive the laser tube due to the low current. (In addition, if you replace a larger wattage laser power supply and laser tube, the chiller must be replaced with a larger model. It is also necessary to consider whether the laser tube box can fit a larger wattage laser tube.)

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Fiber Co2 laser cutting machine–Wendy from XT Laser

Fiber Co2 laser cutting machine

Fiber Co2 laser cutting machine.

Firstly, as a manufacturer of CO2 laser cutting machines with output power from 2.2 to 6 kW. True fiber laser machines ranging from 2 to 4 kW. XT LASER is often asked about the benefits of each type of machine. Who is better for specific applications. As there is often some confusion in the marketplace. We outlines below the pros and cons of the two technologies.

1000w cnc laser cutting machine
Briefly, banks of diodes creates the fiber laser. The light is channeled and amplified through fiber optic cable similar to that used for data transfer in metal laser cutting machine.

Secondly, Creation of the light is 200% more efficient than via a traditional CO2 laser.  Delivery is far simpler. With no expensive optical mirrors. The focusing lens, unlike on a conventional CO2 laser machine.

Thirdly, If one examines the price-to-performance ratio of the different models, the main cutting speed benefit of the higher-power 4 kW laser is in mid-range materials from 6 to 8 mm thick. There are also small benefits in thickness capacity when cutting non-ferrous materials, typically an increase of one gauge of material. This helps only customers who cut a lot of material in the 6 to 8 mm range or who wish to cover all eventualities, as it is their only metal laser cutting machine.

CO2 laser

The disadvantages of fiber compared with CO2 mainly relate to the cutting speed when processing thicker materials. Typically above 5 mm. Where the CO2 machine is faster in a straight line. It also has much faster piercing times at the start of the cut. There is also the advantage of a smoother surface finish with the CO2 machine when cutting thicker materials.

Thus,  Sometimes also CO2 laser profilers.

Firstly. Over 70% of fiber laser customers are subcontractors, the remainder being original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This is surprising. As one would expect OEMs to be more confident about deciding to purchase a fiber laser machine. Where the advantages and disadvantages vary greatly, depending on the products to be cut. Subcontractors can never be sure what the next job will be. What material thicknesses will need to be processed. So theoretically the versatility of a CO2 machine would be more attractive in metal laser cutting machine.

Secondly. Of the subcontractors, only 31% had a single laser profiler after purchasing the fiber machine. Whereas 69% were multiple laser users and could decide which machine to put work onto, CO2 or fiber.

Thirdly. The main reason for purchasing a fiber machine was the speed of cutting thin (1 to 2 mm and up to 3 mm) materials.

Fourth. An important secondary reason was the lower running cost. And the lower power consumption using fiber technology. It was particularly important in companies at the top end of the electrical supply limit in their workshops.

Fiber VS CO2 Laser- Ariel

Fiber VS CO2 Laser

Fiber VS CO2 Laser, which one is better?



Many clients still have the question, today we will talk about it. Fiber laser is mainly cut metal materials, while CO2 laser is mainly cut non-metal materials.Below we compare based on CO2 lasers and fiber lasers, hoping to help you in choosing a laser source.

Firstly,Fiber laser.

Photoelectric conversion: 25% – 30%.

Small size, light weight and compact structure.

And the optical path is simple in design, and the laser passes through the optical fiber and can be directly with the cutting head.

No need maintenance.

Cutting range:Suitable for cutting metal materials, can also cut for high-reflective materials such as copper.

Secondly,CO2 laser.

Photoelectric conversion 8%-12%.

Large volume, high environmental requirements.

The optical path design is complicated, and there are more optical lenses in the resonant cavity.

Regular maintenance, such as mirror calibration, cavity maintenance, etc.

Optical path adjustment before using, so need manual adjustment of the optical path and regular maintenance.

Then, Cutting range: especially suitable for cutting non-metallic materials, not suitable for cutting high-reflection materials.

What’s more, The fiber laser has a wavelength of 1070 nm,non-metal can not absorb it easily. It is not suitable for cutting non-metallic materials. The CO2 laser has a wavelength of 10.64 um, non-metal materials easily absorb the weavelength.So it is more suitable for cutting non-metallic materials. A large number of continuous, fast-cut metal materials will affect the life of RF tubes.

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There are many types of lenses for your CO2 laser equipment. At XTLASER we are distributors of lenses of the highest quality and at the best price; We leave aside the cheapest lenses that, instead of providing benefits, can end up bringing problems to your equipment when it comes to cutting or engraving, in addition to their shorter life time.

Which lens is best for each type of job?

There are many types of laser lenses on the market, the ideal focal length is different for each lens.

Lens 1.5″

This lens size is ideal for high engraving resolutions. Recommended for engraving small letters or very small details. Produces a laser beam between 0.0762 and 0.1651 mm. suitable for cutting material less than 1.8 mm thick.

Lens 2″

It is the standard lens on most laser machines. It produces a laser beam between 0.1 and 0.18 mm, recommended for cutting and engraving work between 300 and 600 dpi.

Lens 4″

This lens produces a more focused cut at a greater vertical distance. Recommended for engraving on curved materials and for cutting thicker materials.

How long is the life time of a CO2 Laser lens?

The life time of your lens can vary greatly and there are many factors that can lengthen or shorten its life, such as maintenance and good use, leaving these factors aside, the quality of the lens you are acquiring directly influences its durability.

A USA ZnSe lens can give us a durability of approximately 6 to 9 months, based on our experience with clients, but let’s go step by step, first of all:

What does ZnSe mean?

ZnSe is short for Zinc Selenide and is the preferred material for coating laser and other optical lenses because of its high transmission of infrared light as opposed to normal glass.

ZnSe lenses are very sensitive, and any dirt or oil on the skin can severely contaminate them, which can cause performance degradation.

For this, it is very important to put on finger covers, or even much better latex gloves, since this way you have your hands completely covered and it will be easier to manipulate the lens without damaging it.

Lastly, we recommend that you keep the lens clean and use it with the proper equipment to maximize its life time.



Application of various laser marking machines-Leo

Application of various laser marking machines

Application of various laser marking machines: Fiber lasers have become a hot topic in laser physics research in recent years, and it has been unanimously considered as a new generation product that has the potential to completely replace solid-state lasers. With the development of laser equipment and there are more and more types of laser marking machines and the application industry is also expanding. But different laser marking machine applications are also in different fields. Kinds of applications. If you want to know more about the laser marking machine, you can consider to consult XT LASER, there will be professional to answer your questions.

CO2 laser marking machine

The applicable materials are mainly non-metal materials such as bamboo and wood products and paper and cloth leather and plexiglass and epoxy resin and acrylic and polyester resin and etc.

Fiber laser marking machine

Necessary equipment for improving efficiency, saving energy and pursuing quality.

UV laser marking machine

Industry applications: Mainly used in ultra-precision processing of high-end markets.

Fiber laser deep engraving machine

Industry applications and applicable materials: Suitable for all metal materials.The machine can mark high-resolution with very beautiful text and patterns on electroplating materials and coating materials and spray materials, plastic rubber, resin, ceramics and other materials.

3D laser marking machine

Suitable for laser marking of various metal or non-metal products with three-dimensional curved surfaces.

Fiber laser marking machine is the most advanced laser marking equipment in the world. It has the characteristics of good beam quality and small size and fast speed and long working life and flexible and convenient installation and maintenance-free.

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what is MOPA laser

Maintenance of plotter type laser machine-Bunny

Every laser machine needs continuous maintenance in order to obtain a good quality of engraving and cutting. As well as avoiding possible breakdowns caused by residues that accumulate in the optical elements. In the machine manual, the manufacturer usually dedicates a section to maintenance, since each manufacturer has its own way. But the basic for all equipment would be the following:

1. Cleaning of lenses and mirrors.

When working with wood, methacrylate, plastics, etc., the laser beam vaporizes part of the engraving or cutting material and the dust accumulates on the lens and mirrors. In the long term, if a lot of residue accumulates, the lens can heat, since it absorbs more laser energy. And can break or crack, which will lead to replacing it with a new one. This is why a daily inspection is essential.

To clean the lens, a solution for laser optics and cotton swabs is necessary. The mirror instead clean with a special paper in addition to the liquid solution. You should take into account how prone the optics are to scratch and only accessories intended for cleaning will be used. The correct way to clean the optics you will see in the photo.

2. Cleaning and lubrication of the mechanical system of the guides.

The same residue also adheres to the guides. This may cause the quality of engraving and cutting to decrease in the short term, in addition to the deterioration that will be caused without proper maintenance and lubrication. To clean these guides you can use a cloth dampened in degreaser. Once clean, a thin layer of lubricant must be applied so that when working, the movement is smooth, this will optimize the engines and the quality of the engraving.

Note: Also do not forget to consult the maintenance manual of your machine, as maintenance may vary depending on the model.

In general terms it is good to keep both the cabin and the equipment clean and free of dust, to extend the life of the entire assembly.

We have lens available for sale in our warehouse. CONTACT us for orders or concerns.

CO2 laser engraving&cutting machine-Ariel

CO2 laser engraving&cutting machine

This article is about CO2 laser engraving&cutting machine.







CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine is widely used in non-metal materials cutting and engraving.Like wood,plywood, acrylic,cloth, glass and leather ect.

On one hand, CO2 laser cutting machine has a wide range of cutting, which can cut thick metal sheet and high reflective material like aluminum plate. For non-metallic materials like acrylic, wooden materials, PVC materials etc, the cutting thickness could be up to 60 mm. Because of the continuous laser, cutting surface is smooth and of high quality.

On the other hand, the cutting seam of CO2 laser cutting machine is thin. But the speed of cutting thick sheet is very slow.  What’s more, for thin sheet processing, fiber laser of equal power with smooth cutting section cuts 2-3 times faster than CO2 laser. The beam of CO2 laser is divergent and not suitable for large machining

Today we want to share you some common questions about the CO2 laser cutter.Many clients asked us with many times.

– 1. Firstly, maximum engraving & cutting speed;
maximum engraving speed: 0-60000mm/min; cutting speed:0-30000mm/min
– positiong accuracy:

-2. Secondly,resolution ratio;

-3. Thirdly,type of motion system;
Belt+linear rail

– 4.Forthly,drive type:
steppermotor( can change servomotor, need add extra money)

– 5.Fifthly,modification of Ruida control system.

 -6. Sixthly,working table
Our common size is 600*400mm,900*600mm,1200*900mm,1300*900mm,1600*1000mm ect.
-7.Seventhly,Laser power
Our common laser power is 60w,80w,100w,130w,180w ect.
-8.Finally, Machine type
XTE-1325 is the open type while other models are enclosed type.
Any other questions,pls feel free to contact us.
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To achieve a high level of operation that allows you to have a fluid production, with high quality in cuts. You must choose your allies well, you must choose a CO2 XT LASER laser cutter

CO2 laser cutter, immediate utility

1. Geographic area where production takes place.
2.Type of production; that is, it is not the same if only labor done. Or your company develops the product until its completion and commercialization.
3. The number of employees you have, or if the production carry out by yourself.
4. And of course, the level of production you have. Which closely relate to the amount of customers or maquilas you generate.

For example, we can assure you that in Mexico City, where the price of maquila reaches $ 8 pesos per minute. If you work 5 days a week for 6 hours a day, you can recover your investment of the CO2 laser cutter in a period no more than 6 months.

What is the curve of consolidated customers with a CO2 laser cutter?

In XT LASER we have hundreds of customers who have 100% satisfied with their CO2 laser cutters, time. And experience allow us to identify a behavior curve that most resort to. For example:

Entrepreneurs who purchase a CO2 laser cutter recover their investment between the 5th and 6th month of use (working at least 5 days per week, 6 hours per day). Once they recover their investment, they are ready to invest again in a higher-end CO2 laser cutter. But on the second occasion they risk buying 2 more equipment, because for this moment, they not only make up their own production. But also They provide makeup services for other entrepreneurs, companies or processes. They are usually advertising and craft entrepreneurs.

Another significant constant is in the furniture sector, where normally the employer approaches to buy a CO2 cutter for details, we have identified that after recovering his investment he decides to acquire a CNC Router, equipment that will give him greater production capacity for various materials in those who are experimenting commercially.

While you think of all the variables before telling yourself to invest in a CO2 laser cutter, there is already another person investing in your third laser. Give yourself the opportunity to start your project with the help of an XT LASER technology, which guarantees you a short-term return on investment.

Top 5 of the best laser machines for cutting and engraving-Bunny

No. 1 Lasér for paper cutting

Firstly, this machine model XTE-6090 of 100W of xt laser is designed exclusively to have high resolution cuts. And prints on paper and other thin materials. With a maximum resolution of 500DPI thanks to its lens. And American mirrors, it is the best machine for cutting paper, cards, leather, fabric, glass, rubber, acrylics. And low thickness woods that need high resolution engravings. This machine also comes equipped with high resolution cylindrical engraving system. But ideal for engravings on cardboard tubes, glasses. And wine glasses among other objects that require high resolution engraving and cutting.

No.2 multipurpose CO2 lasers

Secondly, this machine model XTE-1309 130W, is ideal for cutting and engraving on the vast majority of materials, from paper to acrylics of 25Mm with a high resolution of 400DPI which allows you to make very fine cuts leaving the edges intact. This thanks to its material detector head technology that allows you to know where the reliefs are located. This eliminates frayed and burned cuts on the vast majority of materials.

Another advantage of this machine is that it allows you to work different materials of different sizes thanks to its expandable work table.

No.3 metal and wood cutting

In addition, with a mixed head this machine model XTE-1325 design to make engravings. And cutting on carbon steel up to 2.0mm thick, stainless steel up to 1.5mm thick, ferrous sheets up to 1.5mm thick, acrylics up to 20MM and softwoods up to 12MM. Ideal for companies dedicated to industrial design and advertising companies looking for new markets in notices finished in steels.

With a work area of 1300x2500MM this machine allows you to work with large materials.

Equipped with an automated material detection head you will not have to worry about complicated head change settings every time you need to change material.

No.4 High thickness metal cutting

After that, this machine design exclusively for cutting thick metals with industrial speeds and unmatched precision. XTE-1325 laser fiber machines allow the user to operate the machine from a very easy-to-use English interface. Which makes it easy to operate by almost any operator in any factory.

Cutting, aluminum, steel, tin, copper among other metals from a thickness of 0.5 to a maximum of 5.5 mm thick on these metallic materials.

In short, they deliver with complete software management, material handling and basic maintenance training by our XT laser engineers.

No.5 Láser for metal engraving

This fiber optic machine model XTL-F50 design to record on metallic materials, plastics, glass, rocks among others.

With a JPT and a Ronar lens, our laser fiber machine has a resolution greater than 1700DPI offering our customers the ability to engrave symbols up to 0.5mm.

In conclusion ideal for engravings on jewelry, cell phones, bar code engraving on different products among many other engraving applications.

Includes cylindrical fiber optic engraving system.