Top 5 of the best laser machines for cutting and engraving-Bunny

No. 1 Lasér for paper cutting

Firstly, this machine model XTE-6090 of 100W of xt laser is designed exclusively to have high resolution cuts. And prints on paper and other thin materials. With a maximum resolution of 500DPI thanks to its lens. And American mirrors, it is the best machine for cutting paper, cards, leather, fabric, glass, rubber, acrylics. And low thickness woods that need high resolution engravings. This machine also comes equipped with high resolution cylindrical engraving system. But ideal for engravings on cardboard tubes, glasses. And wine glasses among other objects that require high resolution engraving and cutting.

No.2 multipurpose CO2 lasers

Secondly, this machine model XTE-1309 130W, is ideal for cutting and engraving on the vast majority of materials, from paper to acrylics of 25Mm with a high resolution of 400DPI which allows you to make very fine cuts leaving the edges intact. This thanks to its material detector head technology that allows you to know where the reliefs are located. This eliminates frayed and burned cuts on the vast majority of materials.

Another advantage of this machine is that it allows you to work different materials of different sizes thanks to its expandable work table.

No.3 metal and wood cutting

In addition, with a mixed head this machine model XTE-1325 design to make engravings. And cutting on carbon steel up to 2.0mm thick, stainless steel up to 1.5mm thick, ferrous sheets up to 1.5mm thick, acrylics up to 20MM and softwoods up to 12MM. Ideal for companies dedicated to industrial design and advertising companies looking for new markets in notices finished in steels.

With a work area of 1300x2500MM this machine allows you to work with large materials.

Equipped with an automated material detection head you will not have to worry about complicated head change settings every time you need to change material.

No.4 High thickness metal cutting

After that, this machine design exclusively for cutting thick metals with industrial speeds and unmatched precision. XTE-1325 laser fiber machines allow the user to operate the machine from a very easy-to-use English interface. Which makes it easy to operate by almost any operator in any factory.

Cutting, aluminum, steel, tin, copper among other metals from a thickness of 0.5 to a maximum of 5.5 mm thick on these metallic materials.

In short, they deliver with complete software management, material handling and basic maintenance training by our XT laser engineers.

No.5 Láser for metal engraving

This fiber optic machine model XTL-F50 design to record on metallic materials, plastics, glass, rocks among others.

With a JPT and a Ronar lens, our laser fiber machine has a resolution greater than 1700DPI offering our customers the ability to engrave symbols up to 0.5mm.

In conclusion ideal for engravings on jewelry, cell phones, bar code engraving on different products among many other engraving applications.

Includes cylindrical fiber optic engraving system.