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Fiber VS CO2 Laser

Fiber VS CO2 Laser, which one is better?



Many clients still have the question, today we will talk about it. Fiber laser is mainly cut metal materials, while CO2 laser is mainly cut non-metal materials.Below we compare based on CO2 lasers and fiber lasers, hoping to help you in choosing a laser source.

Firstly,Fiber laser.

Photoelectric conversion: 25% – 30%.

Small size, light weight and compact structure.

And the optical path is simple in design, and the laser passes through the optical fiber and can be directly with the cutting head.

No need maintenance.

Cutting range:Suitable for cutting metal materials, can also cut for high-reflective materials such as copper.

Secondly,CO2 laser.

Photoelectric conversion 8%-12%.

Large volume, high environmental requirements.

The optical path design is complicated, and there are more optical lenses in the resonant cavity.

Regular maintenance, such as mirror calibration, cavity maintenance, etc.

Optical path adjustment before using, so need manual adjustment of the optical path and regular maintenance.

Then, Cutting range: especially suitable for cutting non-metallic materials, not suitable for cutting high-reflection materials.

What’s more, The fiber laser has a wavelength of 1070 nm,non-metal can not absorb it easily. It is not suitable for cutting non-metallic materials. The CO2 laser has a wavelength of 10.64 um, non-metal materials easily absorb the weavelength.So it is more suitable for cutting non-metallic materials. A large number of continuous, fast-cut metal materials will affect the life of RF tubes.

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