Maintenance of plotter type laser machine-Bunny

Every laser machine needs continuous maintenance in order to obtain a good quality of engraving and cutting. As well as avoiding possible breakdowns caused by residues that accumulate in the optical elements. In the machine manual, the manufacturer usually dedicates a section to maintenance, since each manufacturer has its own way. But the basic for all equipment would be the following:

1. Cleaning of lenses and mirrors.

When working with wood, methacrylate, plastics, etc., the laser beam vaporizes part of the engraving or cutting material and the dust accumulates on the lens and mirrors. In the long term, if a lot of residue accumulates, the lens can heat, since it absorbs more laser energy. And can break or crack, which will lead to replacing it with a new one. This is why a daily inspection is essential.

To clean the lens, a solution for laser optics and cotton swabs is necessary. The mirror instead clean with a special paper in addition to the liquid solution. You should take into account how prone the optics are to scratch and only accessories intended for cleaning will be used. The correct way to clean the optics you will see in the photo.

2. Cleaning and lubrication of the mechanical system of the guides.

The same residue also adheres to the guides. This may cause the quality of engraving and cutting to decrease in the short term, in addition to the deterioration that will be caused without proper maintenance and lubrication. To clean these guides you can use a cloth dampened in degreaser. Once clean, a thin layer of lubricant must be applied so that when working, the movement is smooth, this will optimize the engines and the quality of the engraving.

Note: Also do not forget to consult the maintenance manual of your machine, as maintenance may vary depending on the model.

In general terms it is good to keep both the cabin and the equipment clean and free of dust, to extend the life of the entire assembly.

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