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Running cost of fiber laser cutting machine

Compared with other cutting equipment, the running cost of fiber laser cutter should be the lowest.

The running cost includes 3 parts: electric power, auxiliary gas and quick wear parts.

1. Electric power

Take 1kw IPG plate fiber laser cutting machine for example, the rated power of 1kw IPG is 11.5kw. Real machine running cost occupy 60%~70% of whole power. So the real electric power cost is 6.9~8.05kw/h.

2. Auxiliary gas consumption

One gas tank is 40L in China.
1). Nitrogen consumption is the same for different thickness stainless steel.
Its consumption of continue cutting is about 20~30min/tank.

2). Oxygen consumption will decline when carbon steel thickness increase.
The thicker the carbon steel, the less the gas consumption.
For example, 1mm carbon steel cutting gas consumption is about 50~60min/tank.
10mm carbon steel cutting gas consumption is about several hours/tank.

We recommend you use liquid gas, its cost will be much lower. Most of our customers use it.

3. Quick wear parts

Main quick wear parts include nozzle and protective lens.
First year their consumption is about 20~30 pieces, but the cost will decline later.
As their consumption have big relationship with workers’ operation.

4. Other parts.

Focus lens,  collimating lens and ceramic rings are not common quick wear parts. We recommend you to prepare 1 set for spare.

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