How to extend the service life of laser cutter?–Oriole

How to extend the service life of laser cutter?

The laser cutter is a tool inmanufacturer’s production, the quality and service are very important, the maintenance is also very important. We will share how to extend the service life of laser cutter in this article.

Firstly, maintenance of the optical system  of  laser  cutter

Fiber laser cutter

How to extend the service life of laser cutter

After the device has been running for a period of time, some dust will stick to the surface of the lens. This dust will have a great impact on the reflectance of the lens and the transmittance of the lens, which will reduce the power of the laser. At this time, it is necessary to clean the lens. The dust, but you must be careful when cleaning up. The lens is a damaged item. Please handle it gently. Do not touch the lens with sharp or hard objects.

The steps and precautions for cleaning the lens are as follows: First, use absorbent cotton dipped in ethanol to wipe carefully along the center to the edge of the lens. The lens needs to be wiped gently, and the surface coating should not be damaged. Be sure to keep the concave surface down when installing the focusing lens. In addition, the use of ultra-high-speed piercing should be minimized at ordinary times. And the use of conventional piercing can prolong the service life of the focusing lens.

Secondly, maintenance of the dust removal system of laser cutter

The dust removal fan will accumulate a lot of dust after long-term use. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will lead to insufficient wind power and unsmooth smoke exhaust. This will affect the effect of exhaust deodorization and generate a lot of noise. You must pay attention to it during the cleaning process. To be safe, first turn off the power and remove the device on the fan. First remove the inlet and outlet ducts, clean up the dust inside, turn the fan upside down, flip the fan blades inside until it is clean, and then install the fan. It is best to keep the fan cleaned once a month.

Thirdly, maintenance of the transmission system of laser cutter

During the long-term cutting process of the equipment, will generate dust and smoke. Small smoke and dust will enter the equipment through the dust cover and adhere to the rail rack. Long-term accumulation will increase the wear of the rail rack. Rack guide rails are relatively precise accessories. Large amounts of dust are on the surfaces of guide rails and linear shafts for a long time, which has a great impact on the processing accuracy of the equipment. And will form corrosion points on the surface of the linear shaft of the guide rails, shortening the service life of the equipment.

Therefore, in order to make the equipment work normally and steadily and ensure the processing quality of the products, it is necessary to do a good job of daily maintenance of the guide rail and linear axis, and regular dust removal and cleaning. After cleaning the dust, grease the rack and lubricate the guide rail with lubricating oil. Each bearing should also be oiled regularly, so as to maintain flexible driving, precise machining and prolong the service life of the machine tool.

Fourthly, maintenance of cooling system of laser cutter

Need to replace the water in the cold water cabinet regularly. Generally, it needs to replace once a week. The quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. Generally, manufacturers will require customers to use pure or distilled water, and the water temperature must below 35 degrees. If you do not change the water for a long time, it is easy to form scale, which will cause the pipeline to block, so you must change the water regularly.

The cooling water is responsible for taking away the heat generated by the laser tube. The higher the water temperature, the lower the light output power (15-20℃ water temperature is better); when the water is cut off, the tube end will burst due to the heat in the laser cavity and even damage the laser power supply. . Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water is unblocked at any time. When the water pipe has a hard bend (dead bend) or falls off, and the water pump fails, it must be repaired in time to avoid power drop or even equipment damage.

Fifthly, working environment requirements of laser cutter

The production workshop where the equipment is placed should be dry and well ventilated. The indoor temperature should preferably be between 4-33°C.  Also should prevent the equipment from condensation in summer and anti-freezing measures should be taken in winter. The equipment should be placed far away from places with electromagnetic interference, away from places with large electricity and strong earthquakes.

The interference of large electricity will cause the equipment to malfunction from time to time. Although it is not inevitable, also must prevent it. Therefore, the equipment should not be placed with large electric welding. Nearby equipment, such as machines, giant electric mixers, etc. Not to mention strong vibrations, ground vibrations will obviously cause deviations in the accuracy of laser engraving.

Sixthly, some other matters needing attention of laser cutter

During the operation of the equipment, the operator should always observe the operation of the equipment. If an abnormality occurs, immediately stop the operation of the equipment, cut off the power supply. And promptly report to a professional to inspect and repair the equipment. Do not disassemble and repair the equipment without permission. Perform regular statistics on the use of the equipment, and if there is an effect deviation, it should replace in time to prevent it before it happens. If you don’t know whether produced the material, do not process it, so as to avoid potential dangers and damage the laser equipment.

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Why choose high-power laser cutter–Oriole

Why choose high-power laser cutter?

Application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry

Why choose high-power laser cutter

Once the high-power  laser cutting machine appeared, it completely broke the market monopoly. We will talk about why choose high-power laser cutter. The application of high-power laser cutting machine can replace traditional processing methods and reduce mold investment, thereby improving processing efficiency and workpiece accuracy, and reducing production costs.

What is the advantages for high-power laser cutter? The advantages are as follows:

  • Firstly, three-dimensional cutter

The high-power three-dimensional laser cutting machine can realize 2D and 3D cutting, and the machine structure can be designed according to ergonomics. Even the difficult surface processing can be simple and completed.

  • What’s more, flexibility

What’s more, the high-power 3D laser cutting machine has flexibility and fast action performance, so it can support multi-angle, multi-directional flexible cutting.

  • high processing accuracy

The high-power 3D laser cutting machine has high processing accuracy. When the high-power 3D laser cutting machine is applied, the auxiliary gas is used, which is conducive to the comprehensive control of the cutting accuracy and the cutting section.

It is precisely because of these advantages of high-power 3D laser cutting machines that they have been widely promoted in the construction machinery, aerospace, military, and construction machinery industries.

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3kw 4kw carbon steel cutting difference-Jill

3kw 4kw carbon steel cutting difference-Jill

Today we would like to share more about 3kw 4kw carbon steel cutting difference.


1,For carbon steel and stainless steel cutting,

3kw can cut up to 18mm carbon steel and 8mm stainless steel/aluminum.

4kw can cut up to 20mm carbon steel and 10mm stainless steel/aluminum.

3kw and 4kw can cut almost same thickness.

For stainless steel cutting,the thicker,cutting speed will be improved.

For carbon steel cutting,the thicker,cutting speed is almost same,but the cutting effect is not same.

Cutting effect can be improved a lot if watt is higher.


2,How to choose the wattage?
Cutting ability(unit:mm):

watt  Oily surface cutting Often cut Limitation cut
(surface not very perfect )
Can only be cut off
3000W 1-8 cs
1-8 ss
(no slag)
1-18 cs
1-8 ss
1-8  alu
1-20 cs
1-22 cs
1-12 ss
1-12 alu
4000W 1-10  cs
1-10 ss
(no slag)
1-20 cs
1-10  ss
1-10 alu
1-22 cs
1-12 alu
1-25 cs
1-16 alu


3, Oily surface cutting effect
For carbon steel cutting,the 100% perfect cutting effect,we name it Oily surface cutting effect.

For higher watt steel cutting,there is no big difference for speed improving(just around 15% faster),
but cutting effect can be improved when the watt is higher.

Oily perfect, surface good effect,can often cut,surface

Which metal do you want to cut? How many thickness do you often cut?

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How to maintain the cutting machine?–Oriole

How to maintain the cutting machine?

Here are some details about the maintenance of  the cutting machine after using it.

  • Above all,clean.

Firstly,we need to clean the attached dust and cut slag on the surface of the equipment.

A fiber laser cutting machine.

A fiber  laser cutting.

Secondly,clean up the water in the A/C storage tank.

Thirdly,cleaning waste scraps and debris in waste trailers.

More over,clean the dust on the A/C dust cover net and the water cooler dust cover net.

Fifthly,clean the water tank of the water cooler.

Last but not least,clean the surface of the cutting head and focus on cleaning the cooling water pipe joint, auxiliary gas joint, protective lens window, QBH/QCS joint and other parts.

  • What’s more,check.

Firstly,check the joints of the capacitor signal module (at the cutting head) to confirm that the fastening is intact and there is no looseness.

Secondly,equipment homing(including X, Y and Z axes).

More over,check the lubricating oil level in the lubricating oil pump. If it is not enough, fill it in time.

Fourthly,check the lubrication condition of each shaft slide rail, rack, gear and z-axis screw; and manually add lubricating oil on the upper end surface and the two end surfaces of the guide rail, and the main mechanical linkage end face of the rack, gear and lead screw is evenly distributed. Apply lithium grease. (If there is rust, be sure to remove the rust first.)

Fifthly,check the water pipes of the cooling water pipe to confirm that there is no extrusion, bending, grinding, scratching and water leakage; check the water pipe joints (push-in connectors and ordinary threaded joints) to confirm that the connection is normal and there is no water leakage.

Sixthly,check if the cooling water pressure gauge value is normal.

What’s more,replace the water cooler to circulate cooling water.

At last,check the wiring harness and cable everywhere, and confirm that there are no extrusion, bending, grinding, and scratching. There is no open welding or short circuit or hidden trouble in the welding of the break point and the plug joint.


That is some of the maintenance of  the cutting machine after using it .




Requirements For Metal Laser Cutting Machine Working-Serena

Requirements For Metal Laser Cutting Machine Working

  1. Requirements For pure water

There’s a very strict requirement for the cooling water. It need to use pure water, deionized water or distilled water and other water quality. Do not use tap water, mineral water and other water containing higher metal ions or other minerals. These water quality have a great influence on the cooling effect of the metal laser cutting machine.

  1. Requirements For Temperature

In terms of temperature, the general requirement is to install the air conditioner, because the metal laser cutting machine body has a high heat dissipation during processing, especially the high-power metal laser cutting machine. In order to continue the processing process and keep the laser cutting machine working, it is necessary to stabilize the indoor temperature.

  1. Requirements For Working Environment

The laser cutting machine first has requirements on the processing area environment. Generally, the ground needs to be relatively flat. The metal laser cutting machine processes on a flat ground so that the sheet metal material can be placed on the laser cutting platform smoothly. The level of flatness directly affects the accuracy and speed of processing.

Last but no the least. no excessive dust in the working area. Excessive amount of dust will affect the operator’s body and visual visibility. So it must be smoke-free and dust-free to avoid a serious dust and metal working environment.

Save more cost by fiber laser cutting machine-Teresa

Save more cost by fiber laser cutting machine

Save more cost by fiber laser cutting machine.

Comparison of energy consumption between fiber laser and CO2 laser.

Fiber lasers have short-wavelength characteristics that increase the absorption of the beam by the cutting material.

And can cut materials such as brass and copper as well as non-conductive materials.

A more concentrated beam produces a smaller focus and a deeper depth of focus, so that fiber lasers can quickly cut thinner materials and cut medium-thickness materials more efficiently.

The CO2 gas laser system requires regular maintenance,the mirrors require maintenance and calibration, and the resonant cavity requires regular maintenance.

The fiber laser cutting solution requires virtually no maintenance.

Comparing with CO2 cutting systems, fiber cutting solutions are more compact and have less impact on the ecological environment, so need less cooling and energy consumption is significantly lower.

The CO2 laser needs to be adjusted before using the light. The condition of the optical path will directly affect the cutting effect of the workpiece. Therefore,need to adjust and maintain the optical path manually regularly. The thermal lens effect of the YAG solid-state laser is obvious and needs frequent maintenance. The optical fiber transmission of the fiber laser is free of adjustment. It is maintenance-free, highly stable and easy to operate.

The photoelectric conversion rate of the fiber laser is more than 30%.

And the photoelectric conversion rate of the same power CO2 laser cutting machine is about 10% to 15%.

The photoelectric conversion rate of the solid laser is 3%.

The fiber laser consumes only 20-30% of the power of the same power CO2 laser, and the overall cost is lower.

By comparison, the fiber laser cutting machine works more efficiently under the same conditions, and the cutting effect is better, maintenance-free.

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How to improve the efficiency of metal laser cutting machine?-Serena

How to improve the efficiency of metal laser cutting machine?

Metal laser cutting machine is becoming a common equipment in sheet metal processing now. Compared with traditional cutting machines, It has the characteristics of faster, more accurate and more stable. Although it has those advantages over CNC punching machine, how to give full play to its advantages is a question we have been studying.

Here are some notes:

1.Regular maintenance machine bed

The machine bed is a large part to ensure the stability of the metal cutting laser machine. The running speed of the machine mainly depends on the cooperation of the motor, the reducer and the guide rail rack. Therefore, if you want to improve efficiency, the maintenance of these components is indispensable.

2.Regular replacement of optical lenses

The laser beam is emitted by the laser device. And then focused by the cutting head, achieving the cutting effect. There are many optical lenses in the cutting head. The laser beam expands and focuses through optical lenses. Because the working environment of the metal laser cutting machine is very harsh, the optical lens will pollute the lens with dust after a long time of work. At this time, the transmittance of the laser will be greatly reduced, and the cutting efficiency will decrease.Therefore, the optical lenses also need regular maintenance and replacement.

And more:

3.Set cutting parameters reasonably

During using machine, we need to cut patterns with different shapes. So the operators need to modify the program parameters of the laser metal cutting machine. Since operators need set the applicable cutting parameters. It is necessary for the them to be familiar with what parameters and procedures are suitable for different materials. The higher the fit between the laser cutting mode, the better the cutting quality.

4.Upgrade laser device

Some customers told us that when cutting thick plates, the cutting efficiency is not enough.The most likely reason is that the laser power is too low. Therefore, if you want better cutting effect, you most likely to increase the laser power. That is, upgrading the laser power is the most efficient method.

In the process of daily work, the operator must learn to record the small problems that often occur in the metal laser cutting machine. Any equipment has a service life. Only diligent maintenance, can your machine have stable performance.

How Proper Maintenance Affects Laser Cutting Quality-Teresa

How Proper Maintenance Affects Laser Cutting Quality

Lasers can produce some of the highest quality and most accurate cuts for fabrication. However, laser cutting can only be successful when fabricators consistently perform proper maintenance on their equipment. Without proper preventative maintenance, lasers will not perform optimally. Lack of preventative maintenance can lead to lower quality, imprecise cuts and an improperly functioning machine. Fortunately, as long as you perform regular maintenance, your laser will function optimally at all times. We’ve compiled a list of the top preventative maintenance steps you can take to keep your laser in optimal condition.

Keep Optics in Check

After performing any maintenance on the optics of your laser, you should make sure they are returned to OEM specifications. Out-of-spec optics can affect mode quality, beam quality, cutting performance, and optics life. Beam analyzers and beam profilers can address this issue. These tools are large camera-based systems that measure beam characteristics when the laser beam passes through. However, this equipment is very expensive.

Fortunately, fabricators can avoid the need for this expensive equipment by imprinting and attaching the original mode burn profiles on a piece of acrylic attached to each machine before it leaves the factory. This action allows fabricators to reference and check quickly for proper shape, size, power setting, and beam optic specifications. Advanced CNC machines are now programmed with step-by-step instructions both for performing maintenance checks and for simplifying optics checks. This is the benefit of utilizing the most modern technology. These instructions make it easy to keep your laser’s optics in check and ensure proper maintenance at all times.

Monitor Temperature

The chiller performance is important to the functionality of your laser, so it’s important to keep an eye on its temperature gauge at all times. Variations in operating temperature can affect the machine’s performance. Extreme temperature changes can even result in resonator damage, which will require a costly, time-consuming repair. All chillers have temperature sensors or temperature display to help fabricators monitor the temperature to prevent problems.

With newer control technology, fabricators can set the temperature to remain constant, eliminating the need for constant monitoring. However, even in this instance, fabricators will still need to monitor water levels in chiller units. Water can build up, especially when left idle for long periods of time, such as a long weekend. When water collects, it will build up conductivity. When the conductivity in the chiller unit is high, the machine’s self-diagnostic features will not allow the resonator to start until the level lowers. However, this operator can easily lower the chiller’s conductivity level by running the unit for a few minutes before cutting. Additionally, the operator should change the resin when necessary, which deionizes the water and helps lower conductivity.

Keep Equipment Clean

Keeping equipment clean is one of the most obvious maintenance steps to take. However, it is often the most neglectful. Especially processing areas, support slats, scrap drawers, slugs, and pallet ways. However, these areas can all contain a buildup of debris, dust, grease, and grime, which will affect the machine’s performance. A buildup on machine slats can affect slat support, causing the material to shift. This shifting can affect cut consistency, accuracy, and productivity.

Additionally, unclean processing areas, scrap drawers, dust collectors, and ducting can create a thermite hazard. Thermite is a mixture of aluminum and the oxide of another metal, typically mild steel that occurs in fabricating environments. When thermite is ignited, high temperatures can be produced that will cause significant damage to equipment. Fortunately, with regular cleaning of all parts of the laser, you can avoid these issues easily.

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How does the nozzle influence the fiber laser cutting ability-Teresa

How does the nozzle influence the fiber laser cutting ability

The relationship between nozzle and cutting quality

When the nozzle center and the laser center are not on the same axis, the effect on laser cutting quality:

1) Affect the cutting section. When the cutting gas is sprayed, it will cause uneven air volume. And it will make the cutting section have melting stains on one side and not on the other side. It has little effect on cutting thin plates below 3mm. When cutting a sheet of more than 3mm, its impact is more serious, and sometimes it will not be able to cut.

2) Influencing the quality of sharp corners, when cutting workpieces with sharp corners or small angles, local overmelting is likely to occur. When cutting thick plates, it may not be possible to cut.

3) Affect the perforation, instability during perforation, the time is difficult to control, the penetration of thick plates will cause overmelting, and the penetration conditions are not easy to grasp, and the impact on thin plates is small.

How to choose the nozzle aperture

There are several types of nozzle apertures: φ1.0mm, φ1.5mm, φ2.0mm, φ2.5mm, φ3.0mm, etc. At present, two kinds of nozzle apertures are φ1.5mm and φ2mm. The difference between the two is:

1) Thin plates below 3mm: use φ1.5mm, the cutting surface will be thin; use φ2mm, the cutting surface will be thicker, and the corners will have melting stains.

2) Thick plates above 3mm: Due to the higher cutting power, the relative heat dissipation time is longer, and the relative cutting time also increases. With φ1.5mm, the gas diffusion area is small, so it is not stable when used, but it is basically usable. With φ2mm, the gas diffusion area is large and the gas flow rate is slow, so the cutting is more stable.

3) The hole diameter of φ2.5mm can only be used for cutting thick plates over 10mm. In summary, the size of the nozzle aperture has a serious impact on cutting quality and perforation quality. At present, laser cutting mostly uses nozzles with φ1.5mm and φ2mm apertures.

Therefore, when the nozzle aperture is larger, the relative protection of the focusing lens is worse. Because the sparks of the melt splash during cutting and the probability of bouncing upward is great, which makes the life of the lens shorter.

The concentricity between the center of the nozzle and the laser

The concentricity between the center of the nozzle and the laser is one of the important factors that cause the quality of the cutting, especially when the workpiece is thicker, its influence is greater. Therefore, the concentricity between the nozzle center and the laser must be adjusted to obtain a better cutting section.

Note: When the nozzle is deformed or there are melting stains on the nozzle, its impact on the cutting quality is the same as described above. Therefore, the nozzle should be placed carefully and not bumped to avoid deformation; the melting stains on the nozzle should be cleaned up in time . The quality of the nozzle has high precision requirements during manufacturing, and the correct method is required during installation. If various conditions are to be changed during cutting due to the poor quality of the nozzle, the nozzle should be replaced in time.

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Fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel-Teresa

Fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel

Fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel.

Yesterday,one of my Czech customer ask about some questions,we would like to share with you:

1.We know some customers are cooperating with CNC or CO2 machine before, but its different. Fiber laser machine is total different machine from CNC machine, they have different techinology. You still trust a company who is professional in CNC machine, not in fiber laser cutting machine? Please really think about it.

2. what would be the difference between raycus and IPG ? IPG is Germany brand, very famous fiber laser source in market, and it’s original imported, so price is a little higher than Raycus. Raycus brand made in China, quality also stability. We think Raycus is more cost-effective than IPG brand. But some customers very like and trust “Germany Brand”, so IPG is optional. The only obvious advantage of IPG is it is more durable than Raycus. For example, if using frequency is same, IPG can be durable for more than 8 years, Raycus can be 7 years.

3. Can we get the servicing of IPG in India? Yes, we you can surely get servicing of IPG in India. Please check attached Statement from IPG. Because, once we sold IPG laser machine to India, we will sign a contract with IPG company, and they will sign on this statement, and you can show it to India IPG, when need service from IPG. So please do not worry about it.

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