Cutting and Engraving of textile with CO2 Laser-Bunny

Characteristics of textile laser cutting

The laser cutting in textiles is a treatment that is carried out without coming into contact with the materials, unlike other processes such as the saw, scissors or the die. With the laser the tissues are not manipulated so the risk of deformation or tearing is zero.

This laser technology also allows you to perfectly reproduce the lace, cut the flocks or the patterns of the designs with great precision. The result of a laser textile cut is therefore clean and perfect.

Another advantage, much appreciated among professionals in the textile sector, is its speed in cutting. This allows working in series and being very productive.

Characteristics of textile laser engraving

As with cutting, laser engraving does not exert any pressure on the tissues, which prevents them from deforming or tearing.

With a laser machine, all types of articles with texts, drawings, logos, borders, decorative elements, etc. can be personalized by engraving. so you can open very interesting market opportunities such as t-shirt engraving or customization of fashion accessories, leather goods (bags, purses, leather goods), jewelry, etc.

What tissues can be worked with the laser?

Organic fabrics (cotton, linen)
Satin or satin
Denim or denim
Leather, suede, leatherette

What laser machines do we recommend?

The machines XT ??́??? – 1390 has a large work surface and, therefore, allow the engraving and laser cutting of large fabrics. It offers perfect engraving quality, even in the smallest characters and details, and high productivity to record and trim both large and small pieces. The XT ??́??? – ??90 machine automatically focuses on the piece and its speed, both in engraving and cutting, is very high, making it very stable.

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