Tube fiber laser cutter’s application and advantages-XTLASER-Eliza

Tube fiber laser cutter’s application and advantages-XTLASER-Eliza

Know more about tube fiber laser cutter machine

As soon as the tube fiber laser cutter came out, it caused a huge sensation in the pipe processing industry. And it brought big changes to all aspects of the pipe processing field.

Tube fiber laser cutting service is a big trend in metal processing industry. Its main processing object is metal pipe.

On the whole, pipe laser cutting machine brought big economic benefits. About 8-20 times than traditional processing methods.

Mainly in the following aspects:

First, cutting speed changes

Second, 2mm metal laser cutting machine saves a lot of labor costs and time

Third, the reduced laser cutting fiber processing costs, at least 70%

Big trend for fiber tube laser cutting machine in the market

Generally speaking, for any technology brings major changes, the market will recognize it. Because its excellent technical advantages. So what are the advantages of 3kw fiber laser?

After importing the file into the program, fiber laser metal cutter can cut any edited shape on the pipe. And laser metal cutting machine is not restricted by direction. Compared with traditional cutting methods such as plasma cutting.  Fibe laser cutter metal has minimal deformation during material processing.

Fiber laser to cut metal can replace mechanical milling, milling, sawing, punching or cleaning of burrs and other processing procedures. They require different metal pipe processing equipment and hard tools to realize cutting complex pipe structures. Cutting grooves or holes, nicks and other possible size and shape features processing, etc. Fiber laser cutter is widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchenware, lamps, automobiles, medical equipment, hardware, fitness equipment and other industries.

As the growing need for tube laser cutting machine, major manufacturers have increasingly higher requirements for pipes. 3kw tube cutter’s highe precision and high efficiency have become the first choice of pipe processing manufacturers. It has increasingly promoted laser cutter metal’s further development.

Manufacturers’ need will change over time and gradually change. The design of fiber laser cutting services can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of customers.

Tube cutting metal laser can also equipped with automatic loading and unloading device, effectively reducing labor costs.

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Fiber laser tube pipe fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

Fiber laser tube pipe fiber laser cutting machine

Nowadays more and more clients have the demands for tube/pipe cutting.So we will introduce the fiber laser tube pipe fiber laser cutting machine in this article.

We use tubes in countless medical devices and we add new ones every day.  The sheer number and diversity of devices is rapidly increasing. And with it, the demand for more and more laser-cut stents.Like flexible tubing, needles; biopsy devices; and other minimally invasive tools.

Replace legacy cutting machine

Firstly, YAG lasers is for decades have been great workhorses.Cause they have performed well and been excellent manufacturing centers for many companies.

While we update many of these systems to fiber lasers. However they still have old stage sets that are a number of generations behind current technology. In addition, they are running on slow and aging controllers with legacy software.

Simply put, the laser, stages, controller, software, water systems. Here is a brief overview of improvements.It is enable faster and better cuts with higher production rates and less downtime.

Fiber Laser

The pulsed Nd:YAG lasers used in the past years. It has been superseded by fiber lasers with better beam quality . This provides a smaller and more consistent focused spot size.Which offers tighter cutting tolerances, with spot sizes down to 10µm, the ability to cut much finer detail features. These lasers provide pulse frequencies up to and beyond 5kHz and pulse widths down to 20µs to enable energy input optimization for a wide variety of tube materials and wall thicknesses.

Fiber Laser tube pipe cutting technology

Now fiber lasers use microsecond pulses.It offers a cutting speed and edge quality that is sufficient for many applications. Fiber laser is very short pulse duration, combined with peak powers into the gigawatt level, offers a unique cutting capability. And also, the fiber laser has a fusion cutting mechanism. whereby the laser pulse melts the metal.It is then ejected from the part by high-pressure gas. The very high peak power of the fiber laser and a pulse duration that is shorter than the material’s conduction time creates a nearly pure vaporization mechanism. Since there is no melt creation during the cutting process, there is no burr, which is beneficial for such materials.

Fiber Laser tube cutting technology offer significant advantages and capability over legacy machines. It increases productivity with better process capability. Whether using the fiber laser, improvements to motion, controller and control software. It provide new capability for future manufacturing needs.

Following with one cutting video as below:

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Do you learn about auto focus fiber laser cutting head?-Ariel

Do you learn about auto focus fiber laser cutting head

Do you learn about auto focus fiber laser cutting head?Many clients who never used fiber laser cutting machine asked us this questions.What is the difference between auto focus and manual focus?We will introduce them in this article.


Firstly,Comparison between the manual laser head and auto focus laser head.

For Manual laser cutting head,if the different thickness,then the focal length will be different.Then you need to adjust the focus,so that means,if you change the different thickness of stainless steel to cut.Then you need adjust the focus for every time,that will waste some time.

And the manual laser cutting head,if cut 5mm and 6mm stainless steel,the cutting time is longer.

For auto-focus laser cutting head,it has a built-in motor drive unit.Which drives the focusing lens through a linear mechanism to change position automatically within 17mm. Customers can set the program to achieve continuous focus that completing the rapid piercing and cutting material with different thickness.

The laser head has focus lens inside it, every focus lens have the focal length.If you find the correct focal length,then the laser power will be the strongest,and the cutting effect will be the best.

For manual laser head,that means,if you change the different thickness of the material,then you need to adjust the height of the laser head to find the correct focal length.And then you need to turn round the focus platform by your hand.

For auto focus laser head,that means,for the first time cutting,you need to find the focus ,then for any future cutting,the laser head will sense the thickness.And the motor move the laser head to up and down,to adjust the height by electric,not by manual.

Auto focus laser cutting head

Usually if your machine laser power is below 1500w,manual laser head is enough.

From 1500w, we will set one auto focus laser head to customers.That will help you to get a fast cutting.

If you also want a auto focus laser head for 1000w,750w and 500w. That is also no problem.

Anyone prefer to a great machine.Only you can undertake the cost.You make the decision.

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 The factors which affect cutting good circle-Ariel

 The factors which affect cutting good circle

As we all know,cutting a good round hole is an important measure of fiber laser cutting machine.So we will talk about the factors which affect cutting good circle in this article.

laser cutter

With the popularity of laser cutting machines, customers have more and more requirements for laser cutting machines. For example, laser cutting machines cut out various patterns, and the use of laser cutting machines to cut round holes is not as simple as in the picture. So today, we canshare with you the points that need to be paid attention to when cutting a circular hole with a laser cutting machine.

Firstly. The laser cutting machine cuts the 1:1 hole is the best solution. The larger the hole diameter, the better the cutting. If the laser cutting machine with insufficient capacity is insufficient, the hole will be irregular and the break point will be too much.

Secondly. The gas pressure is too large or too small. When the gas pressure is too high, the cutting edge is rough and the burning is severe. Choosing the right gas pressure is one of the reasons for solving the irregularity of the circular hole cutting.

Thirdly. Servo motor parameters. Many parameters of the servo motor are related to the circular motion. The parameters are not suitable. If the x and y axes do not match, the ellipse or irregular pattern will appear in the circular hole.

Finally. The accuracy of the lead screw or guide rail is not enough. Some small factories have low technical strength and low level of workers. The accuracy of the laser cutting machine produced is less than 0.1mm, so the precision of the circular hole for cutting is not up to standard.

XTLASER has more than 17 years experience in this area.We always provide customers the suitable solution.

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The difference between fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutter-Ariel

The difference between fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutter

This article we will talk about the difference between fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutter.Nowadays more and more clients choose fiber laser cutting machine to do metal cutting job.So what are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine?


how to choose a suitable laser cutting machine

First, excellent beam quality:

Optical fiber laser beam has the advantages of smaller focus, thinner cutting line, higher efficiency and better processing quality.

Secondly, the cutting speed is very high:

In fact, the cutting speed of fiber laser is twice as fast as that of CO2 laser cutting machine with the same power.

Third, high stability:

Fiber laser cutting machine adopts the world’s top imported fiber laser, and has stable performance.

The service life of its key components can reach 100,000 hours.

Fourthly, it has very high electro-optic conversion efficiency:

The optical fiber laser cutting machine adopts a complete solid-state digital module and a single design of the optical fiber laser. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is higher than that of the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.

The actual power utilization rate of CO2 laser cutting machine is about 10%.

The optical fiber laser cutting machine is about 25% to 30%.

The energy consumption of optical fiber laser cutting system is about 3-5 times less than that of carbon dioxide laser cutting system, and the energy efficiency is increased to more than 80%.

So it can save energy and protect the environment.

Fifth, low cost of use:

The power consumption of the whole machine is only 20-30% of that of the same CO2 laser cutting machine.

Sixth, low maintenance cost:

There is no need for other laser working gases and reflective lenses, which can save a lot of maintenance costs through optical fiber transmission.

In addition, the product is easy to operate and maintain:

For optical fiber transmission, there is no need to adjust the optical path.

Finally, excellent flexible light guide effect:

It has the characteristics of small size, compact structure and easy to handle flexibly.

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How to maintain the bed of fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

How to maintain the bed of fiber laser cutting machine

One important part of fiber laser cutting machine is the machine bed.So this artile we will introduce how to maintain the bed of fiber laser cutting machine.Hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Every working day must clean the dirt of the machine tool and guide rails, keep the bed clean, turn off the air source and power supply when leaving work, and empty the residual air in the machine tube.

2. If you leave the machine for a long time, turn off the power to prevent non-professionals from operating.

3. Observe the lubricant on the machine’s horizontal and longitudinal rails and the surface of the rack to keep it lubricated!

Weekly maintenance and maintenance:

1. The machine should be thoroughly cleaned every week, horizontal and vertical guide rails, drive gear racks are cleaned, and lubricated.

2. Check that the horizontal and vertical rail cleaners are working properly, and if not, replace them in time.

3. Check all torches for looseness, clean the trash at the ignition gun, and keep the ignition normal.

4. If there is an automatic height adjustment device, check whether it is sensitive and whether to replace the probe.

5. Check if the plasma cutting tip and electrode are damaged, and if the cutting tip and electrode need to be replaced.

Month and quarter maintenance:

1. Check the total air inlet for garbage, and check whether the valves and pressure gauges are working properly.

2. Check all tubing connections for looseness and all tubes with no damage. Fasten or replace if necessary.

3. Check all transmission parts for looseness, check the gear and the rack, and adjust if necessary.

4. Loosen the tightening device and push the pulley by hand. If you come and go freely, if it is abnormal, adjust or replace it in time.

5. Check the clamping block, steel strip and guide wheel for looseness, tightness of the steel strip, and adjust if necessary.

6. Check the performance of all buttons and selector switches, damage replacement, and finally draw a comprehensive inspection pattern to check the accuracy of the machine.

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The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter–Oriole

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

First, fiber laser has high power-to-light conversion efficiency

The electro-optical conversion efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine is above 30%.  Air cooling can greatly save power consumption during work, save operating costs, and greatly improve consumption efficiency.

Secondly, the operation and maintenance cost of fiber laser cutter is low

When the laser is running, only requires electricity, and no additional gas to generate the laser.

The laser adopts semiconductor modular and redundant design. Save optical lens and save time. It has the advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free, and high stability, which reduces the cost of accessories and maintenance time.

The light of the whole machine is transmitted by optical fiber, no complicated light guide system such as mirror is required, the optical path is simple, the structure is stable, and the external optical path is maintenance-free.

The cutting head includes a maintenance lens to greatly reduce the consumption of expensive consumables (such as focusing lenses).

Thirdly, excellent beam quality of fiber laser cutter

The output wavelength of the fiber laser is 1.064 microns, which is 1/10 of the CO2 wavelength. The output beam has good quality and high power density, which is very conducive to the absorption of metal materials. It has high-quality cutting and welding capabilities, which save processing costs.

Foutherly, simple operation of fiber laser cutter

The light is output through the optical fiber, which makes the design of the mechanical system very simple and easy to integrate with the robot or multi-dimensional workbench. After install a shutter on a laser, can distribute multiple devices through the optical fiber.And multiple channels and multiple units can work simultaneously. Function expansion bento, easy to upgrade to bento.

Fifthly, fiber laser cutter saves materials and working space

Due to the small size and light weight of the fiber laser, the working position can be moved, the space occupied is small, and save the cost.

The fiber laser cutting machine adopts computer programming, which can cut products of different shapes, which greatly improves the application rate of materials.

Last but not the least, the fiber laser cutter is safe and environmentally friendly

Laser processing is faster speedno noise, clean, safe, and pollution-free, which greatly improves the working environment.

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Safety operation tips when use fiber laser cutter:Ariel

Safety operation tips when use fiber laser cutter

This article is about safety operation tips when use fiber laser cutter.Hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Please observe the general operation specification of fiber laser cutting machine.

Start the laser machine according to the starting procedure of operation specification.

2.Operators must be trained.

Be familiar with equipment structure, performance, and knowledge of fiber laser cutter machine operating system.

3.Wear protection articles and laser protective glasses in accordance with the regulations.

4.Do not process a material until it is clear whether it can be irradiated or heated by a laser to avoid the potential danger of smoke or steam.

5.Operators are not allowed to leave while the equipment is running and should stop if they have to leave.

6.Put the fire extinguisher within your reach. Turn off the laser source or turn off the machine when the machine is not working. Do not place paper, cloth or other flammable material in the vicinity of the laser beam.

7.Turn off the machine in time when founding an anomaly in the process of processing,

8.Keep the machine surrounding site tidy and orderly. Stack the workpiece, plate and waste in accordance with the regulations.

9.Observe the standard process when maintenance machine. Carry out machine maintenance every 40 hours or every week, and every 1000 hours or every six months, in accordance with regulations and procedures.

10.Before the first time use, you should manually check X, Y direction in low speed to confirm if there is an abnormal situation.

11.After download the new artifact program into machine, you should run it without cutting first and check if it’s normal to use.

12. When working, pay attention to observe the machine work. So we can avoid the accident caused by the cutting machine out of the prescribed travel range.

Pay attention to the operation and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine. In this way we can increase the service life of the equipment. Also save the cost and increase the benefit.

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How to improve the cutting quality when use fiber laser cutter?-Ariel

How to improve the cutting quality when use fiber laser cutter?

How to improve the cutting quality when use fiber laser cutter?We will tell you some ways about that in this article.

Preparation before installation

Preparation before installation

Firstly.Effect of focus position adjustment on cutting quality.

After the laser beam focusing, the spot size is proportional to the focal length of the lens. After the beam focusing by the short focal length lens, the spot size is small, and the power density at the focus is high, which is good for material cutting. However, its shortcoming is that the depth of focus is very short and the adjustment margin is adjusted. Small, generally suitable for high-speed cutting of thin materials. Since the telephoto long lens has a wide focal depth, it is suitable for cutting thick workpieces as long as it has sufficient power density.

Secondly,Effect of auxiliary gas pressure on cutting quality.

In general, auxiliary gas is for material cutting, and the problem mainly involves the type and pressure of the auxiliary gas. Typically, the auxiliary gas is protecting the lens from contamination. And blowing away the slag at the bottom of the cutting zone.

For metal materials, use air or inert gas to treat the melted and evaporated materials while suppressing excessive burning of the cutting zone. Oxygen is in most metal laser cutting machines.

Finally,Effect of laser output power on cutting quality.

For a continuous wave output laser, the laser power size and mode will have an important impact on the cutting. In actual operation, it is often necessary to set a larger power to obtain a higher cutting speed, or to cut a thicker material.

If you want to improve the cutting quality,focus on the three points.

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Operating cost of laser cutter–Oriole

Operating cost of laser cutter

Today, we will show you the operating costs of the laser cutting machine. It includes 3 parts: electric power, auxiliary gas and spare parts.

1.Electric power.
Real machine runing cost occupy 70%. For exmaple, 2000w Raycus XTC-1530HT rated power is 31kw,

Operatiing cost of laser cutter

      Operatiing cost of laser cutter

the real electric power cost is 18.6-21.7kw/h (including the water chiller&fan).

2.Auxiliary gas: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Compressed Air
Standard oxygen or nitrogen gas bottle is 40L/bottle
1mm Carbon steel  40L/40minutes; 2mm Carbon steel 40L/50minutes; 3mm Carbon steel 40L/60minutes;
4mm Carbon steel 40L/70minutes; 5mm Carbon steel 40L/80minutes; 6mm Carbon steel 40L/90minutes.

Oxygen is used to cut carbon steel, can increase combusting speed and accelerating cutting speed.
Nitrogen is used in cutting nonferrous metal, like stainless steel and aluminum. It can avoid them turn black.
Compressed Air is used to cut aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel sheet, etc. It can provided by
Air Compressor, the price is low. It nearly same as Nitrogen’s efficiency. The cutting surface appears yellow.

3.Spare parts.
Main quick wear parts includes nozzle and protective lens, their consumption is about 20-30 pieces one year.
Focus lens, Colimataing lens and Ceramic rings needn’t often change. You can prepare one set for spare.($350)

No. Name Quantity Time Hours USD/Piece Remark
1 Nozzles 1 300-500 hours 10 Better environment, longer using time.
2 Protective lens 1 300-500 hours 15
3 Focus lens 2 4000 hours 150
4 Collimataing lens 2 4000 hours 150
5 Ceramic rings 1 4000 hours 50

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