How to choose a suitable laser source?–Oriole

How to choose a suitable laser source?

Nowadays with the rapid development of science and technology, more and more people choose fiber laser cutting machine to finish their work. Cause laser machine is more efficient, environmental friendly and safer than traditional machines. Laser source is the most important part in a laser machine. So how to choose a suitable laser source is very important for users.

When you choose a laser source, please think about the max thickness you need to cut, if the material you need to cut is high reflective materials, a brand with good feedback from other clients, choose a reliable supplier, etc.

Here are comparations among some laser source for your reference.

Fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy

Fiber laser cutting machine.


nLIGHT , Raycus, IPG , are three popular band laser source in market.

  1. Raycus and IPG are for normal metal, such as carbon steel, stainless steel , galvanized sheet .etc, not high reflective metal.
  2. But some clients want to cut some high reflective metals, such as aluminium, copper, brass, etc.
    If use Raycus or IPG to cut high reflective metal, laser source will alarm, and do harm to laser source, because laser beam will return back to laser generator.
  3. But nLIGHT laser source, it has Back-reflection isolation, so it can not only cut carbon steel, stainless steel , galvanized sheet .etc, not high reflective metal, and  high reflective metals, such as aluminium, copper, brass, etc.
Advantages of IPG.
  1. German brand ,good quality,laser power weakened slower than other brand.
  2. High photoelectric conversion rate Can reach 45%, other brands are only about 25%.
  3. High market share, a certain degree of reaction to brand strength and quality.
  4. Low failure rate, only 3%.
  5. After-sale service spots all over the world, problems can be resolved in time.

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Details of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.–Oriole

Details of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.

Nowadays, more and more people majoring in wooden artware or other products making. With the technology developing so quickly, a lot of them choose CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine to finish their work.

In order to let you know more about CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine. Here share some details about with you.

What can the machine do?

CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine can cut and engrave wood, leather, pvc, acrylic, etc.

Is there any protection device for the machine?
Our machine has cover protection (when the front cover of the machine is opened, the laser will stop working), emergency stop switch (in an emergency, you can immediately press to cut off the power of the machine), cooling system protection (if the laser tube cooling system has a problem, the laser Will stop working), all doors on the machine can be locked with a key, which is more safe and secure

To amplify the power, can it be achieved by only using a high-power power supply or replacing a laser tube with a higher power?
No, it need to change the laser power supply and laser tube at the same time.

For example, a 60watt laser power supply can only support the work of a laser tube up to 60watts. If you only replace the 80watt laser power supply without replacing the corresponding laser tube, it will generate a certain current pressure on the 60w laser tube, which will affect the life of the laser tube. Make an impact. On the contrary, if you change to an 80watt laser tube without replacing the corresponding laser power supply, it may be impossible to drive the laser tube due to the low current. (In addition, if you replace a larger wattage laser power supply and laser tube, the chiller must be replaced with a larger model. It is also necessary to consider whether the laser tube box can fit a larger wattage laser tube.)

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How to maintain the cutting machine?–Oriole

How to maintain the cutting machine?

Here are some details about the maintenance of  the cutting machine after using it.

  • Above all,clean.

Firstly,we need to clean the attached dust and cut slag on the surface of the equipment.

A fiber laser cutting machine.

A fiber  laser cutting.

Secondly,clean up the water in the A/C storage tank.

Thirdly,cleaning waste scraps and debris in waste trailers.

More over,clean the dust on the A/C dust cover net and the water cooler dust cover net.

Fifthly,clean the water tank of the water cooler.

Last but not least,clean the surface of the cutting head and focus on cleaning the cooling water pipe joint, auxiliary gas joint, protective lens window, QBH/QCS joint and other parts.

  • What’s more,check.

Firstly,check the joints of the capacitor signal module (at the cutting head) to confirm that the fastening is intact and there is no looseness.

Secondly,equipment homing(including X, Y and Z axes).

More over,check the lubricating oil level in the lubricating oil pump. If it is not enough, fill it in time.

Fourthly,check the lubrication condition of each shaft slide rail, rack, gear and z-axis screw; and manually add lubricating oil on the upper end surface and the two end surfaces of the guide rail, and the main mechanical linkage end face of the rack, gear and lead screw is evenly distributed. Apply lithium grease. (If there is rust, be sure to remove the rust first.)

Fifthly,check the water pipes of the cooling water pipe to confirm that there is no extrusion, bending, grinding, scratching and water leakage; check the water pipe joints (push-in connectors and ordinary threaded joints) to confirm that the connection is normal and there is no water leakage.

Sixthly,check if the cooling water pressure gauge value is normal.

What’s more,replace the water cooler to circulate cooling water.

At last,check the wiring harness and cable everywhere, and confirm that there are no extrusion, bending, grinding, and scratching. There is no open welding or short circuit or hidden trouble in the welding of the break point and the plug joint.


That is some of the maintenance of  the cutting machine after using it .




The reason to choose fiber laser cleaning machine-Teresa

The reason to choose fiber laser cleaning machine

Popular fiber laser cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning is widely in various industries, such as shipping, auto parts, rubber mould, high-end machine tool, tire mould, rail, environmental protection and other industries.


 Firstly, Non-contact cleaning, without damage to parts matrix.
Secondly, Precise cleaning, with accurate location, precise size and selective cleaning.
Thirdly, No chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safe and environmental protection.
Fourthly, Simple operation, the power can be charged, and the automatic cleaning can be realized by hand or with the manipulator.
 Fifthly, Cleaning efficiency is very high and saving time.
Finally, The laser cleaning system is stable and little maintenance requirement. 1.2 Laser cleaning application

Some notes about machine using:

  1. When the laser cleaning machine is working,Do not point the laser output head to the orientation of the person, and do not make the laser output head from illuminating the surface of the high anti-material (such as copper, aluminum, mirror stainless steel and other surface reflective materials).
  1. Wear labor protection articles as required, and wear protective glasses that meet the requirements in the vicinity of the laser beam.
  1. If the laser does not shut down normally, the next opportunity is in the alarm state, which will affect the life of the laser. Life. Check whether the laser function button switches need to reset before starting the machine.

So if you are looking for rust,paint,oil,dust,etc cleaning machine.The laser cleaning machine is more suitable for you now.

It is better to send us  your products sample pictures, then we can help you to make sure the machine can do your work or not.

And if you  have time,you can tell us how many pieces you want to clean,we need to confirm the power.

Any questions,we can have a further discussion. XTLASER will provide you with the best solution~

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Descriprtions of the handheld fiber laser welding machine.

                                                                                                   Descriprtions of the handheld fiber laser welding machine.


Here are some descriprtions of the handheld fiber laser welding machine.I would like to share with you some features and operation cost of the handheld fiber laser welding machine. It is easy to operate and the maintenance cost is also very low.

First of all,needn’t welding wire.

Compared with the traditional welding, like tig, it doesn’t need to use welding wire.Only when the gap more than 0.5mm, we should use the wire feeder.

Secondly,less quick-wear parts.

The quickly-wear parts for the  machine are only protective lens and copper nozzle.

What’s more,less electricity and gas.

Except the quick-wear parts, the machine also consume electricity and gas.
The power consumption of 1kw machine is 7.5kw/hour at full power situation. In fact, we usually just use 50%-60% power of 1000w to weld the metals.So the power consumption is small.The machine also need to connect with gas, argon or nitrogen.

The gas can isolate the air from the welding plate to prevent the reaction with the air. So the welding surface of the metal plate will be white and beautiful. The gas also can protect the lens from welding dust.

Tips:The price of the gas is different in different counties and regions. If our customers think the cost of the gas is too high,they can use air compressor to produce air gas. But the welding effect will not very good.The welding surface of the metal may be black.So our customers should wipe the surface of the metal with ethyl alcohol.

Last but not least,easy to maintenance.

The machine is very easy to matain.When finish your welding work, turn off the power and clean the welding head, it can make the lifetime of protective lens and copper nozzle longer.


That is all my descriptation.Hope it is helpful for you. If you have any confused of machine,please feel free contact us.

Running cost of handheld fiber laser welding machine-Teresa

Running cost of handheld fiber laser welding machine

Nowadays handheld fiber laser welding machines are becoming more and more popular. Laser welding offers travel speeds that can be five to ten times faster than TIG welding and three to five times faster than MIG welding in some applications. It’s a good alternative to resistance spot welding in many applications. The main power includes 1kw, 1.5kw and 2kw. In this article XTLASER will share the running cost of fiber laser welder with you.

Running cost of handheld fiber laser welder

The running cost of handheld fiber laser welding machine mainly includes 3 parts: power consumption, quick wear parts and auxiliary gas.

1. Power comsumption

In fact, we usually use 50%-60% power to weld the metals.
1kw total power consumption is 7.5kw. The real power consumption is only 3.8-4.5kw/h.
1.5kw total power consumption is 8.5kw. The real power consumption is only 4.3-5.1kw/h.
2kw total power consumption is 10kw. The real power consumption is only 5-6kw/h.

fiber laser welding machine

2. Quick wear parts

Quick wear parts for handheld fiber laser welder are only protective lens and copper nozzle.
Protective lens: lifetime is 240 hours, about 40-50pcs per year
Copper nozzle: lifetime is 360 hours, about 20-25pcs per year
Better environment, better operation, longer using time.

3. Auxiliary gas

The gas mainly plays a protection role, its consumption is very small. Nitrogen (N2) or Argon both are OK. But for materials easy to be oxidized, Argon is better. The gas can isolate the air from the welding plate to prevent reaction with the air. So the welding surface of the metal plate will be white and beautiful. The gas also can protect the lens from welding dust.

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Laser Source Antifreeze Guide-Teresa

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

The weather is getting colder, in order to prevent the laser from freezing and breaking down, XTlaser reminds you:

Firstly, Please replace the pure waterin the laser chiller with antifreeze in time. (This fault is not covered by the warranty)

Secondly, Adjust the temperature of the laser chiller.Low temperature water is about 27 degrees in summer, 20-22 degrees in winter, 24-25 degrees in spring and autumn. High temperature water is around 30 degrees per year.

Recommend choosing CLARIANT brand

There are two models of antifreeze suitable for laser systems:

1)ANTIFROGENN ethylene glycol—water type (industrial products, toxic tothe human body)

2)ANTIFROGENL propylene glycol—water type(food grade,harmless to humans)

*Note: If you cannot buy the above brands, you can buy car antifreeze.

Any antifreeze can not completely replace deionized water. And we cannot use it for a long time throughout the year. After winter, the pipeline must be cleaned with deionized water or purified water. And deionized water or purified water must be used as the coolant.

Why choose XTLASER?

We have established a strong foothold in this market due to our optimum quality machines and fully-covered service. Owing to the transparent business dealings and ethical policies, we have been able to win confidence of numerous clients.

Firstly, rich industry experience.

When we was a small factory, we had already put our focus on fiber laser cutting machine, which is not like some other suppliers who turn to laser market when they found the potential.

Secondly, separate R&D department.

This means we are able to offer customized machines for our clients, cater their exclusive demands.

Thirdly, technical supports.

We have offered our machines to over 100 countries and regions, which allow us to accumulate abundant successful experience from our clients. In this way, we are able to offer all kinds technical solution and service.

Fourthly, optimum quality.

All suppliers, cooperating with us, are coming from world-class manufacturers. Each machine, before leaving for our clients, is needed to be tested and inspected for 48 hours (marking machine) and 4-7 days ( cutting machine). Therefore, this allows us to have a fully check on the machine.

Fifthly, timely delivery.

Each machine is arranged with precise assembly steps without any delay. So we can offer you the products in time.

Sixthly, after-sales services and Guarantee.

We offer 2 years warranty, during the period, any problem happen, we are responsible to solve. And if any part of the machine was broken, which happens rarely, we would send you a new one by DHL, and all cost is all on us.

Seventhly, company value:

To create value for the community with laser technology.

Eighthly, our attitude:

We are honest, professional, hardworking and eager to obtain results. We take clients as our partners.

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Handheld fiber laser welding machine-Teresa

Handheld fiber laser welding machine

Fiber laser welding uses a high energy density laser beam as a heat source for efficient precision welding. However, laser welding requires high precision for workpiece pre-machining. So the position of the beam on the workpiece cannot not deviate significantly. If the assembly accuracy or beam positioning accuracy of the workpiece does not meet the requirements, it is easy to cause welding defects. This limits the process capability of laser welding to a certain extent. Because the spot size is small and the weld is narrow after laser focusing.
In response to the limitations of the above laser welding technology, the market has gradually introduced a laser welding method with double wedge laser vibration.  There’s a special wobble vibration module on the welding head. The application of wobble welding technology can make laser welding more widely used. And it can achieve high-efficiency laser precision welding for larger or wider welds workpieces.

Laser Welding Technology

In conventional laser vibration welding, the collimated beam is vibrated by a uniaxial galvanometer. And the spot focused by the focusing mirror is moved with the welding head to move relative to the workpiece. Thus forms a weld having a certain amplitude, frequency and offset.
Compared to the first two vibration welding modes, the double wedge mirror rotational vibration welding produces a spiral weld seam by the vibration module mounted between the collimating mirror and the focusing mirror, so that the focusing spot moves while the welding head moves. When the focal length is the same, the larger the torsion angle, the larger the vibration amplitude. When the torsion angle is the same, the larger the focal length, the larger the vibration amplitude. Therefore, double wedge vibration welding allows the weld joint to be wider while achieving better weld formability.
Advantages of hand-held laser welding over traditional welding and laser welding?
fiber laser welding
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Save more cost by fiber laser cutting machine-Teresa

Save more cost by fiber laser cutting machine

Save more cost by fiber laser cutting machine.

Comparison of energy consumption between fiber laser and CO2 laser.

Fiber lasers have short-wavelength characteristics that increase the absorption of the beam by the cutting material.

And can cut materials such as brass and copper as well as non-conductive materials.

A more concentrated beam produces a smaller focus and a deeper depth of focus, so that fiber lasers can quickly cut thinner materials and cut medium-thickness materials more efficiently.

The CO2 gas laser system requires regular maintenance,the mirrors require maintenance and calibration, and the resonant cavity requires regular maintenance.

The fiber laser cutting solution requires virtually no maintenance.

Comparing with CO2 cutting systems, fiber cutting solutions are more compact and have less impact on the ecological environment, so need less cooling and energy consumption is significantly lower.

The CO2 laser needs to be adjusted before using the light. The condition of the optical path will directly affect the cutting effect of the workpiece. Therefore,need to adjust and maintain the optical path manually regularly. The thermal lens effect of the YAG solid-state laser is obvious and needs frequent maintenance. The optical fiber transmission of the fiber laser is free of adjustment. It is maintenance-free, highly stable and easy to operate.

The photoelectric conversion rate of the fiber laser is more than 30%.

And the photoelectric conversion rate of the same power CO2 laser cutting machine is about 10% to 15%.

The photoelectric conversion rate of the solid laser is 3%.

The fiber laser consumes only 20-30% of the power of the same power CO2 laser, and the overall cost is lower.

By comparison, the fiber laser cutting machine works more efficiently under the same conditions, and the cutting effect is better, maintenance-free.

If you do not know which is suitable for you,we could help you.



XTLASER Handheld fiber laser welding machine introduction-Eliza

Handheld laser welding machine-Eliza

Handheld fiber laser welding machine is more and more popular in Europe market now.Handheld fiber laser welding machine introduction, here we share more information about it.

Compared to YAG, for fiber laser machine:

①Firstly,Free maintenence.Spare part is only protective lens.

②Secondly,Long lifetime.Fiber laser source lifetime is 100,000 hours.

③Thirdly,Continus welding,welding effect is much better.

④Fourthly,can add auto wire feeder.

Here we introduce machine details.

1.Firstly, laser welding machine details:

2. Secondly, working videos (easy to operate):

Operation video:

Welding videos:

3.Thirdly, welding ability

1kw penetration welding thickness up to 3mm steel/iron,1mm brass,aluminum.

1.5kw up to 4 mm steel/iron,2mm brass and aluminum.

2kw up to 5 mm steel, 4mm iron, 2mm brass and aluminum.

Welding machine work efficiency is 5 times than TIG welding.

4. Forthly, laser source

Max is China best brand and IPG is World best brand.

When you need to weld high-reflective metal,you can choose IPG,it is better.

5. Fifthly, laser welding machine head

Wobble laser head, Hanwei brand. Weight 0.8kg.

Hanwei spot size is 1.5/2.5(optional), but you can choose one and fix it.

6. Sixthly, auto wire feeding device for laser welding machine

For this device, which is mainly for welding seam.

Some customer has high requirement for the welding outcome, then we would introduce this device to the customer.

If the seam is very large, this device would help make up it.





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