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                                 Advantages of Qilin laser welding head.`

Details of laser welder
                          laser welding machine

Nowadays with the rapid development of science and technology , more and more people choose to use fiber laser welding machine. A laser welding machine is very importrant for a laser welder.

And there are many brands like Hanwei, Qilin, WSX, XH, etc. Many clients want to know how to choose a laser welding head. Today we want to share something about Qilin laser welder with you.

Qilin laser welding head is suitable to weld different materials with different thickness. Here are some advantages of Qilin laser welding head.

1. Power.
Qilin welding head can used for max 2000w.
2kw can weld max 6mm stainless steel and carbon steel, etc.
2kw is rated power, you can set how much you want to use like 40% or others when welding.

2. Wobble welding function.
It can save 30% power than normal laser welding head.
For plates with large impurities, it can reduce bubbles, frying points, splashes, etc.
The width of the welding gap of the swing head can reach 0.5mm,
but the normal can only reach 0.2mm.

3. Six kinds of weld method.
Dot & Line: strong penetrating power, suitable to penetration welding, stitch welding, or thicker materials.
Circular: adjustable diameter , the energy density is uniform, suitable to thin metal welding (minimum 0.3mm).
Double O, triangle, figure eight:more larger and uniform light radiation.

4. Adjustable spot size (0.2-5mm).

The laser welder can work only when welding wire bigger than welding line, and the spot size bigger than welding wire.
Adjustable spot size is suitable to weld different materials with different thickness

Thats are some of advantages of Qilin laser welding head. Hope it can be helpful for you.

If you want to know more about laser welding head or laser welder, please contact us at any time.



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