Some questions about handheld fiber laser welding machine-Ariel

Some questions about handheld fiber laser welding machine

Today we want to introduce some questions about handheld fiber laser welding machine.We received them form many different clients.So we want to share them with you.


1 )Firstly, What is the difference between Rayson, MAX and IPG Laser source?

Do you mean Raycus,MAX and IPG? RFL and RPT seems like the tha laser source model number.
If you mean Raycus, MAX and IPG,they have no big difference on welding effect,just different laser source brand.We will recommend
our clients choose IPG laser source when they choose ≥4000w laser source(fiber laser cutting machine) because it is more suitable.For
welding machine,Raycus is enough.

2) Secondly, There are many different types and models of Raycus Laser source in the offers. Please give us more detailed information about
Raycus Laser source. Which models are better?

We use RFL-C1500H for our 1500w fiber laser welding machine.We also confirm with Raycus engineer.H series is specially used for
fiber laser welding machine.Some suppliers use X series(RFL-C1500X),it is mainly for fiber laser cutting machine.We don’t know
other Raycus models.If you have other questions,pls let me know.

3)Thirdly, The laser head in your offer is Shenzhen brand. There are 3 different laser heads (Hanwei, Qilin, Xinghong), and 3
different wire feeders (Xinghong,Qilin and Hanwei) in your offer.. If we buy machine with wire feeder, is the wire feeder suitable for
all 4 type ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these 3 different brand.? Standard diameter of wire are 08, / 1,8 / 2,0 mm.
What is the advantage of having a 0.2-5 mm adjustable Qilin ? According to us, the Xinghong head looks suitable for a thinner and
smoother welding. What is your opinion about this?

*About the wire feeder
Our standard confirgurations is Hanwei welding gun,so we marked manufacturered by Shenzhen(Qilin is also in Shenzhen,Xinghong is in Wuhan).
The welding gun,control board/systerm and wire feeder are used together with one same brand.For example,if you choose Hanwei welding
gun,the control board and wire feeder are Hanwei brand.And they can be used for Hanwei welding gun.

*About the welding gun
90% of our clients choose Hanwei welding gun.And some of them choose Qilin(Qilin need add to extra 500USD).The advantage of Qilian is that
its spot size is ajustable and its has six welding mode.So it is suitable for more jobs.The configurations of Hanwei and Xinghong are similar,but
Xinghong need add 400USD so we recmommend you choose Hanwei.

What’s more,Any other questions,pls feel free to contact us.

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