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How to maintain the optical lens of laser cutting head?

Laser cutting head is one of the most important components of the fiber laser cutting machine. It has high precision and high price. The life of the laser cutting head affects the operating efficiency of the cutting machine. It also affects the production cost and benefits of the factory. What’s more, the pollution of the optical lens inside the structure will cause affect the life laser cutting head. So, how to maintain the optical lens of the laser cutting head?

The following is that the possible reasons of lens contamination.

Firstly, the fiber head installation method is incorrect in the cutting head.

For this reason, the main solution is to choose the correct fiber head installation method. Most installers tend to assemble freely the cutting heads, tilting the fiber-optic head installation direction, resulting in inadvertent installation. We should keep the fiber head horizontally installed inside the cutting head and lock it during the installation process. Besides that we can try to operate in a clean environment avoid dust from rising during the installation process. To operate in the morning to prevent dust from entering the cutting head is also a good way.

Secondly, the cutting head itself has a poor sealing effect

For the sealing of the cutting head, it is not always possible to guarantee complete sealing even if it is according to German technology. Moreover, during the later operation, due to the temperature difference between the inside of the cutting head (relatively in a high temperature state) and the outside (relatively at a low temperature level), the imbalance of air pressure may cause dust to enter the cutting head, thereby affecting its life. Then, a feasible method is to install a breathing system to maintain the internal pressure of the cutting head.

Thirdly, incorrect replacement of the protective window case

Due to the relatively large volume of the protective mirror box, particles are inevitably mixed during the replacement process. Therefore, we must change the speed when replacing the protective mirror box. And seal the window with tape or other film when the mirror box is quickly removed, and do the replacement carefully.

Fourthly, unreasonable cutting head consumables used

The selection of qualified protective mirrors and “O” type sealing rubber ring can ensure the sealing of the cutting head and prevent the entry of dust particles.

Fifthly, improper laser cutting machine operation

When operating the laser cutting machine, we must strictly follow the equipment instructions and requirements and operate correctly. Reduce the impact of improper handling on the cutting head.

Sixly, poor maintenance of the cutting head

The cutting head should be as clean and dry as possible and cleaned regularly.

Finally, wrong selection of laser cutting process data parameters

We know that the laser cutting process can be divided into four major categories: vaporization cutting, melt cutting, oxidative melting cutting and controlling fracture cutting. Since the corresponding parameter data including the cutting power, the type of the plate, the thickness of the plate, the auxiliary gas, etc. are different between different cutting processes, the correct screening and cutting process is the key to protect the laser cutting head.

Above are the reasons and corresponding solutions affecting optical lenses. Proper precautions can slow down the lens and minimize lens loss.

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