How to Operate Machine When It Is Cold—Tony

How to Operate Machine When It Is Cold

Because of the unique structure of fiber laser source, when people operate the machine in cold weather. Some improper operation will cause the machine and laser source get hurt. Sometimes it may lead the laser source be damaged very bad. Therefore, the user need to pay more attention on taking care of the machine in winter.

For extension the machine’s lifetime, we provide some tips you can have a look.

1 At first, please follow the rules to use the fiber laser cutting machine. The working condition of the temperature is from 15°C to 40°C.

2 Sometimes, the temperature is getting real low. The water inside of laser source is getting freeze. So we suggest you to add glycol to the water cooling system. The brand we suggest you AntifrogenN. The limit of capacity is 10%-20%. For example, if the water chiller could add 100L purifying water. The gloycol you add can not over than 20L.  More important is : Never Add propylene glycol.

3 If the working condition is between 10°C- 40°C, no need add any coolant. And when you use it in summer, please make sure all the coolant already removed, then add purifying water in you water chiller.

4 If you won’t use the fiber laser cutting machine in winter, please make sure there is no water in inside of laser source. If there is some, please unwater the tube of laser source.

5 If the laser source need to repair under cold temperature, please unwater the laser source and then package it and send it.

6 If the laser source power over 2000 watts. Ensure the laser source is energizing, if not the solenoid valve will affect you unwater the laser source.


When you trying to remove the water from laser source, cutting head and water chiller. Remove it first, and then you need to use the air less than 5 bar to make all those stuff dry.

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