laser system error when click marking button,fiber laser marking machine-Jill

laser system error when click marking button,fiber laser marking machine

1.Pull down main plug

After cut down the power for whole device, pulled down the main plug, after 5 minutes restart device.

2.reinsert main cable

After cut down the laser power,reinsert the the main cable for the laser.

3.reinsert signal cable

Reinsert the DB25 signal cable on laser

4.laser problem

If the laser power supply is normal, it is likely a laser problem, need to return to factory to be repaired

 laser temperature is too high?when click marking button

1.check button or emergency stop

check the laser button switch or the emergency stop if it on

2.button switch’s problem

If the switch is open ,it is likely a button switch’s problem.( Use multimeter to measure the input and output voltage, if the input voltage is in the 220-230V, but the output is only 5V, which means that the switch was broken, need to replace a new one)

3.laser power supply problem

(Measure the output voltage of the laser power if it 24V or not , if less than 20V, which means the laser power supply was broken) line problem

Re-insert the data line or replace a new one.

5.laser problem

If we already solve the above questions , If it still not out of light, it is likely a laser problem.(we can use the dimming piece to measure the laser light, if it not of light, it must be the problem of the laser)

6. access power supply voltage

Another case : the access power supply voltage has problem,need to connect the transformer.

Hope this can help you.