The Difference Between Fiber Laser Marking Machine And Mopa Laser Machine-Anne

The Difference Between Fiber Laser Marking Machine And Mopa Laser Machine

Today,we have customer asked fiber laser marking machine and mopa laser marking machine.What’s difference between fiber and mopa?

XT laser will share some information to help you know more about 

1.about the marking size:

–Our standard machine max marking size is 300*300mm.But it can put big size product than marking size.If you product size is 300*450mm,it can put it on the machine,but the max marking size is 300*

2.marking color

fiber laser marking machine can mark white,black and yellow on stainless steel
If you want to mark more colors,we have mopa laser marker,here are marking samples:

mopa laser marking machine

Whether it is a mopa or fiber,it just can mark colors on stainless steel.

The diffierents between mopa and fiber,just the laser source is differents,other parts are same.

mopa laser width pulse can be adjusted,fiber laser width pulse is fixed.

If you want to mark colors use Mopa laser marking machine,the best marking area is 200*200mm.
Acoording to our expertise,200*200mm marking area marking effect is better and easy to adjust.
But if you don’t need to mark color,you can change 300*300 mm working meanthat  you need to buy an extra 300*300mm working lens.

Hope these details is helpful for you.If you have any questions of machine,please feel free contact us.

Sales Manager:Anne Zhang



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