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Characteristics and application advantages of high power fiber lasers

1. Advantages of high power fiber lasers

The commercial power fiber laser output power continuous power has risen to the order of several kilowatts, up to the order of 10,000 watts.

Compared with general lasers, fiber lasers have many unique advantages, such as good beam quality; small size, light weight, maintenance-free; wind cooling, easy to operate; low operating cost, using in industrial environments; long life.

Then, high processing precision, fast speed; high energy conversion efficiency, can achieve intelligent, automated, flexible operation.

Based on the above advantages, its application fields  extend to laser cutting and laser welding of metal and non-metal materials such as automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding and aerospace manufacturing.

2. Industrial application of high power fiber laser

Then, in industrial processing, laser processing technology is a processing technology that uses laser and material interaction properties to cut, weld, surface treatment, punch and micro-machining materials.

It is the most promising market for high-power fiber lasers. Application area.

Then, compared with machining, laser processing has the advantages of wide processing objects, non-contact processing, small pollution, fast speed.

And automatic control. It is known as the common processing method of future manufacturing systems.

Compared with traditional high-power lasers, erbium-doped high-power fiber lasers with operating wavelengths ranging from 1060 to 1200 nm have the advantages of high conversion efficiency, good beam quality, long maintenance period, low operating cost, etc.

Then, and their extremely high efficiency. Power is comparable to traditional YAG lasers in material processing.

In the field of laser marking, due to the high beam quality and positioning accuracy of fiber lasers, integrated circuit manufacturers have begun to replace the inefficient cq laser and flash-pumped Nd:YAG pulse laser marking system with fiber laser marking systems.

Small nameplates are producing on semiconductor chips and packaging.

They are also commonly used for marking plastics and metals. In the field of soldering, the power required for laser soldering and sintering is 50-500 W.

Then, and metal soldering and brazing are 5-20. kW, high power fiber laser can fully meet the requirements.

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