Will you buy exhibition demo fiber laser cutting machine ? – Alex

Now XT LASER is on Australia AUTECH exhibition (Melbourne), and we took one set 2kw IPG fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table and protective cabinet.

May is exhibition month for XT LASER, we attend total 5 exhibition this month, like South Korea, Russia fair, Malaysia, Italy, India. Welcome to visit out booth.

Will you buy demo fiber laser cutting machine?

There is many laser machine or industry equipment show each month. Most

Many people think demo laser cutter is used machine and want buy new one from factory. So if you are buyer, will you buy demo laser from exhibition? If i am end user, 100% will buy it. Why?

Why i buy demo laser machine from trade show?

  • Quality machine with enough aging test

All company hope to show their best machine on the exhibition so that visitors have the best impression for them. So demo machine have the best quality compared with all other same model sent from factory directly. For normal machine, manufacturer main did 10 items quality test then delivery machine. But for demo laser cutter, they may do more than 15 items test and each items may test twice. So its potential fault is much more less then any other machine.

At the same time, demo fiber laser cutting machine will runing long time on the spot. Usually exhibition will continue 3~4 days and demo laser machine can running about 5~8 hours each day, totally it is about 20~30 hours during exhibition.

We know all fiber laser cutter need do more than 8 hours aging test if the manufacturer is reliable and responsible. For aging test, actually the longer the better. 8 hours is min request running time before delivery. Evan many company do aging test less then 1 hour.

So demo fiber laser cutter have the longest running test and they can find more potential problems. Also their engineer can find out the best cutting parameter.

  • You can get best price from exhibition

About demo machine, all company hope to sell it out on the spot. As the cost is very very higher if they send it back to their factory. Some people select put machine in local stock, still will cost high storage.

In this case, most company can accept lower price then normal. Of course, the discount should be reasonable. From my experience, you can try to ask max 10% discount. 

Except machine discount, you will save shipping cost for demo laser. As you just need ship it from hall to your factory.

The customs clearance also will be much more easy. Some company have do formal customs clearance, and you just need pay them tariff except machine cost. Some company just do temporary customs clearance. you need offer some document to your customs office and pay tariff. But it is much more easy then you import laser directly. Also you can save large destination seaport charge.

Above all, really it is a smart decision to buy fiber laser cutting machine from exhibition. We can get better quality machine with lower cost.


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