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Fiber laser marking machine maintenance

Fiber Laser Marking Machine maintenance provide by JINAN XTLASER,  you will learn how to maintenance the fiber laser marking machine daily.

Introduction of fiber laser marking machine

Fiber Laser marking machines are divided according to lasers, so we need to select different laser marking machines according to the working conditions, marking materials and format. As the most advanced laser marking equipment in the world, the fiber laser marking machine has a wide application range and is recognized as a new generation of solid laser replacement. It has good beam quality, fast marking speed, small size and convenient use. And the working life is long, and it has been favored in the marking industry. To achieve the normal use of fiber laser marking machine , daily cleaning and maintenance is essential. JINAN XTLASER has accumulated a lot of experience over the years and hopes to bring great convenience to users:

Measures for fiber laser marking machine maintenance

Here we conclude same basic measures for fiber laser marking machine maintenance

1. In fact, it is relatively easy to maintain  fiber laser marking e machine. It is necessary to clean its fan, especially after long-term use. The laser marking equipment is clean inside and outside, and there is no oil on each sliding surface and screw. All parts are not leaking or leaking. Clean the filter regularly and wipe the lens. You need clean mechanical engineers of the chips, debris and dirt around the laser marking equipment  and neatly place the tools, accessories and work pieces (products) .

2. Regularly check whether the screws of the instrument are fixed firmly. For the lens, you should  frequently  clean it. However, when wiping the lens, you must use a special wiping cloth, which can not damage the lens.

3, In the process of use should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to avoid damage to the fiber laser marking machine .

4. The appearance of the laser marking equipment is clean. Before and after each use, the necessary wiping, to ensure that the equipment is dust-free, clean is the key, and the equipment environment is also clean.

5, laser light path system maintenance, usually the internal light path of the machine is closed design, no need to clean. But if there is a need for cleaning, it is best to find a professional. When wiping the lens, gently wipe it with lens paper with a little alcohol to avoid damage to the optics.

6, air cooling system maintenance. Air-fiber laser marking machines use air-cooled cooling, so water chiller equipment is particularly important. Check the fan regularly and repair or replace it in case of any abnormal response.

Other notable parts

Fiber laser marking machine maintenance generally includes routine maintenance, regular maintenance, regular mechanical inspection and precision inspection. Optical fiber laser marking machine optical path and cooling system maintenance is also an important part of laser marking equipment maintenance.

When the unit is not working, you should the marking machine and computer power.

Because the circuit is in a high voltage state, if it is not a professional, do not overhaul it during startup to avoid electric shock.

If there is any malfunction of this unit, you should turn off machine immediately.

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