Daily maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine – Erin

Daily maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine

In order to ensure the normal use of the fiber laser cutting machine. It is necessary to carry out daily maintenance of the equipment.mastering the operation essentials of the equipment, you can easily cut the workpiece effect you want, and extend the life of the laser cutting machine.Here are some tips for daily maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine.

First of all,laser source is the core equipment of laser cutting machine.

Generally, the fiber laser source needn’t maintenance. But you also need to ensuring the cleanness of the surrounding areas,observe the water chiller and the voltage in order to ensure the normal work of the laser source.

laser source

Secondly, we should pay more attention to the lens maintenance.

Don’t touch the focus lens ,protective lens,QBH head and other optical surfaces directly with your hands to prevent scratches or corrosion of the lens surface.You can’t use water, detergent,etc. to clean the lens. Because the surface of lens is coat with a special film. If use these to clean the lens will damage the surface of the lens. Besides, don’t place the lens in a dark and humid place, which will cause the lens surface to age. In addition, don’t use too much pressure when installing or replacing the lens . Otherwise it may cause lens deformation and affect the beam quality.

Laser lens

Thirdly, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of machine body.

Before the machine body is put into operation, it need careful lubricate according to the suitable instructions. Using the most suitable lubricant for professional lubrication is the premise of maintaining the quality of machine body,so as to avoid running faults and their consequences. If the machine body don’t use for a long time ,check the lubrication of it and use oil to all moving parts and wrap anti rust paper. Regularly clean and inspect the machine body is also important.