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gas for stainless steel laser cutting

If nitrogen is used to cut ss, the cutting effect is the best. Following is gas for stainless steel laser cutting.
Generally speaking, the price of liquid nitrogen is lower than Notrogen, so we recommend that customers use liquid nitrogen.

In China, one bottle of standard liquid nitrogen is 120 Kg, 50 bottles/bottle.

Cut ss. A bottle can last 12-16 hours.

So the cost of gas is $50 / 16 hours = $3 / hour.

This is the cost of cutting machine gas when nitrogen is used.

For cutting, gas pressure is independent of cutting thickness. This is the reason:

0.5-0.8mm stainless steel 40L/30 minutes

1 mm stainless steel 40L/30 minutes

2mm stainless steel 40L/30 minutes

Generally speaking, the thicker the metal plate, the higher the nitrogen pressure required.

For example, if 1 mm SS is cut, 10 kg of nitrogen is used. If 4 mm SS is cut, 20 kg of nitrogen is needed.

But in order to maintain the high cutting speed of thin metal plate, such as 1 mm.

Therefore, we recommend that customers adjust the same pressure, all of which are 20kg, so that it can not only ensure the cutting speed of thin metal plate, but also ensure the cutting of thick metal plate.

When the thickness is less than 2 mm, it is also possible to use compressed air for cutting.
But compared with nitrogen, the cutting effect is not ideal. The cut surface may be a little yellow.

If you no longer care about cutting results, we recommend using compressed air.

If you use compressed air, you need to buy an air compressor, dryer and air receiver locally.

Therefore, you can only consider the cost of electricity.