Detailed laser cutting process–2 –Winnie


1. Laser cutting Due to the limitation of laser power and equipment volume, laser cutting can only cut medium and small thickness plates and tubes, and the cutting speed decreases significantly with the increase of workpiece thickness.
2. The cost of laser cutting equipment is high, and also the one-time investment is large.

Process points

1. Mechanical structure design of laser cutting machine. This is mainly reflected in the design of the beam and machine structure. The beam must be designed to be light and flexible, and the machine structure requires high rigidity and high stability. These are the basic elements for achieving high precision laser cutting.
2, laser cutting machine CNC technology. This requires a high quality control system. SoiIt has laser-specific control functions, good machine motion control performance at high speeds, and remote diagnostics and control.
3. High power laser beam transmission focusing technology. Beam quality is the key to laser cutting quality, and key technologies include: proprietary beam quality control, beam radius adjustment, beam compensation, and video beam calibration systems.
4, laser cutting machine proprietary technology. These include edge monitoring, capacitance height tracking, cutting monitoring, and penetration testing.
5. CAD/CAM software system for laser cutting machine. In order to cooperate with the laser cutting graphic conversion, the work of writing complex part programs is simple and smooth, and editing and modification are also very convenient. It is necessary to develop and design a special CAD/CAM software system.
6, high power laser cutting head design.
7, laser cutting process research, especially for the research of curved surface cutting, titanium alloy cutting, thick sheet cutting and other processes.

Application range

Most laser cutting machines are controlled by CNC programs or made into cutting robots. As a sophisticated machining method, so laser cutting can cut almost all materials, including 2D or 3D cutting of thin metal sheets.
In the field of automobile manufacturing, the cutting technology of space curves such as car roof windows has widely useing. Volkswagen AG uses a 500W laser to cut complex body sheets and various curved parts. In the aerospace industry, laser cutting technology is mainly use for the cutting of special aviation materials, such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel alloy, chrome alloy, stainless steel, cerium oxide, composite materials, plastics, ceramics and quartz.

Such as aerospace components processed by laser cutting include engine flame tube, titanium alloy thin-wall machine, aircraft frame, titanium alloy skin, wing long stern, tail siding, helicopter main rotor, space shuttle ceramic heat insulation tile, etc.
Laser cutting forming technology also has a wide range of applications in the field of non-metallic materials. It can cut not only high hardness and brittle materials, such as silicon nitride, ceramics, quartz, etc., but also flexible materials such as cloth, paper, plastic sheets, rubber, etc., such as laser cutting for clothing, saving material 10 %~12%, improve the efficacy by more than 3 times.