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Advantages of high power and high speed laser cutting machine

Demand determines the market.

In this artical, we’d like to share with you the advantages of high power and high speed laser cutting machine. The application of fiber lasers have developed to higher power, especially in the field of laser cutting. The application of high-power lasers has become a general trend. Many companies are considering purchasing high-power fiber laser cutting equipment. But they still have concerns. They all know higher power. It can cut thicker and faster, but how thick is it? How much faster can it be? What are the other advantages?

First, Advantage 1: The cutting limit thickness is greatly increased

The cutting limit thickness of 12kw fiber laser reaches more than 40mm, carbon steel reaches 50mm, and the cutting section effect is good. Compared with lower power lasers, the improvement of cutting ability has qualitatively improved. So that the processing range of the laser cutting machine has been greatly improved.

Second, Advantage 2: Greatly improved cutting speed

When choosing the power of laser cutting equipment, the cutting speed of different materials is the key factor to be investigated. Fiber laser cutting has obvious advantages in the processing of medium and low-thickness sheets. The increase in laser power can increase the cutting speed twice.
The increase in speed has brought an exponential increase in the economic benefits of fiber laser cutting machines. Especially for the current medium-thickness materials for optical fiber cutting, the cutting speed can be increased by more than 2 times.

Third, Advantage 3: Increased diversity of cutting processes

In addition to the advantage of cutting thicker and faster, with the increase of laser power, the process of laser cutting machine can play more tricks. For example, the highly acclaimed high-speed bright surface cutting technology, and thick plate small hole cutting technology.

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