The advantages of the HT Series laser cutting machine-Vincy

The advantages of the HT Series laser cutting machine?-Vincy

In this article,we want to share the advantages of  HT Series laser cutting machine

1.Machine specification

Pipe and Tube laser cutting machine means that he has a plane to cut the plate and a part to cut the pipe.

Simple understanding is a combination of ordinary pipe cutter and plate cutter.So we have some different lenghs about tube cutter.Like 3m and 6m.

If you want to buy a HT laser machine,you need to confirm the type of machine you want, such as the length of the pipe cut and the area of the cutting plate.


This kind of equipment has many advantages, in addition to it can effectively cut all kinds of metal plates to improve the quality Outside,.

For metal pipe processing is also very fast. The fixed grip design can realize the rapid adjustment of different pipes.

So as to achieve high-precision products in the process of processing.

The machine tool is equipped with different professional chuck fixtures.

For different shapes and sizes of pipe can be accurately processed.

Laser tube cutting is a production efficiency With the technology of high efficiency, strong ability and great flexibility.

The operator can modify the design scheme without affecting it ,and the whole product production process.

The greater advantage is that the end user can control the production of short version or medium version,.

Instead of Making a lot of templates, This allows you to respond more quickly to the needs of your customers and it doesn’t need to be cast model.

3,how to choose

The plate tube integrated laser cutting machine is a kind of processing machine .

That small and medium enterprises will select this model.

It has flexibility , by more and more personalized processing provides support, reducing the use of the mold.


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