4000w fiber laser cutting machine with cover:Charry

4000w fiber laser cutting machine with cover

4000w fiber laser cutting machine with cover.

4000w fiber laser cutting machine with cover

For higher laser power,from 2000w,we recommend the enclosed model.It has the exchange table and protective cover.

Cover can protect customers safety from the laser,and the exchange table can help us improve the working efficiency,
when we finish the first table cutting,can exchange the double table,to cut the second table sheet,at the same time,download the processed materials on the first table.

Most European,USA customers also use the enclosed model on lower power.Depends on different country’s rules.

Why customers choose fiber laser cutting machine?


Compared to traditional manual methods, laser cutting machines can cut hundreds of times faster. These laser cutters can be cut in different meters per second, which means that people who purchase laser cutting tubes can get parts in a few days, reducing investment.


It often happens that when cutting a pipe, there is still a difference in the components each time the operator uses a different technique. Precision laser cutting machines will only apply settings that have been programmed on the machine to minimize dimensional deviations between components.

In today’s manufacturing environment, repeatability is critical. Because the improvement of lean production technology means that each component must be consistent with each other. Otherwise, the main impact of poor assembly may lead to production delays, resulting in lost profits.


The plasticity of the laser tube offers more opportunities for component designers in the construction and construction sectors. The most complex design can be easily cut into tubes that are not possible with conventional laser cutting machines.

If you are looking for fiber laser cutting machine,hope we can help you to find a suitable solution.

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