How to Start a Laser Business with Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines?-Angelina

How to Start a Laser Business with Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines?

The fiber laser  metal cutting machine is a technology that has really revolutionized the metal and auto industrial cutting industries.

Unlike other cutting methods that are very expensive, fiber laser machine is now almost the cheapest metal cutting equipment to run.

It is changing the configuration that the laser beams operate on so as to be able to march the specifications for the cutting metal .

Fiber lasers are a type of solid state laser with reliable and highly focusing beam quality.

The beam diameter of the fiber is smaller than CO2 laser resulting in finer details in work.

Fiber laser cutting machines are 100 times stronger than gas laser machine.

 Fiber Laser Cutting Machines use in a wide range of applications

1. Medical Devices

Medical field cannot imagine its present and future without fiber laser metal cutting machines.

From cutting small components for really complex medical devices to laser surgeries performed on human tissues.

Laser cutting is popular at every step in the medical field.

High precision fiber laser cutting makes the medical devices more accurate so as to avoid potential risks.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry manufacturers were in desperate need of a reliable and cost effective technology which can provide precise cutting, superior edge quality, ability to cut complex shapes and high production ability in less time.

A fiber laser cutting machine fulfilled all these requirements and is widely used today in this industry.

Also fiber laser marking machines are popular with fiber laser cutter to create more personalized jewelry designs and styles.

3. Automobile Manufacturing

The automobile manufacturing industry is huge and developing every second.

Use of fiber laser cutting machines makes it easier for this industry to cope with everyday advancement in design and technology.

These machines are excellent for cutting smaller and complicated components used in automobiles, with great accuracy.

It leaves no fraying while cutting the materials, unlike conventional processes which use blades.