Fiber laser cutting machine maintenance instructions-June

Fiber laser cutting machine maintenance instructions

Fiber laser cutting machine maintenance instructions

Laser cutting machines are high-tech equipment in mechanical equipment. They are expensive at the time of purchase.

In order to ensure the normal use of the laser cutting machine, the equipment must  maintain. Mastering the operation of the equipment, you can easily cut out the effect of the workpiece you want and extend the life of the laser cutting equipment. The following are some daily use and maintenance tips for Xintian Laser Finishing for your reference:

First, let the steel strip stay tight at all times.

The steel belt plays an important role in the transmission of the laser cutting machine. If the steel strip is not tight when the equipment is running, the cut articles are easily pull out of the track. And the steel strip may slip down, which is a danger to the equipment to the operator.

Second, always check the angle of the tool

In the process of using the fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting of different materials should adjust. In additional , the laser cutting head is one of the important accessories of the fiber optic machine. It is relate to the cutting effect. If it is used for a long time or improperly used, the laser head may be deviated. In the case of insufficient precision of the material being cut or attending the skewed situation, it is necessary to adjust it in time.

If the angle of the cutting head, the sample cut by the equipment will not pass. And the unqualified product will increase, thereby increasing the production cost.

Again, often sweeping the machine

In the general processing plant, the use of fiber laser cutting machine should pay attention to cleaning dust, dust will make our equipment run simmer, increase the friction between the parts, and increase the loss. Frequent cleaning of the fiber laser cutting machine helps our cutting machines maintain accuracy.

Finally, parts must be treated with lubricating oil frequently

We need to lubricate the racks, rails, and parts of many cutters from time to time. So that they can make the gears bite in operation. So, the mechanical operation will  in the normal running track, and the precision of the cut products will  high.