Wisdom follows the heart, and the XT Laser Fully Automatic Robot Welding Machine Shocks “Welding” Arrives!

With the rapid development of digitalization and intelligence in production and manufacturing enterprises, XT Laser fully automatic robot laser welding has emerged.

The XT Laser fully automatic welding robot has overcome the drawbacks of traditional welding, such as pollution, low efficiency, poor technology, and high professional technician costs. It has exquisite seamless and beautiful welding processes, intelligent visual control systems, simple and easy operation, high welding accuracy, efficiency, and environmental protection. It has gained widespread market recognition globally and has sparked a wave of “welding robots”.

The difference between traditional welding and laser welding:

The XT fully automatic robot laser welding machine couples high-energy laser beams into optical fibers, and after long-distance transmission, collimates parallel light through a collimating mirror to implement flexible transmission non-contact welding, and is equipped with a robotic arm, which has greater flexibility and provides a new mode for welding work.

Compared with the traditional welding technology, laser welding has the advantages of fast welding speed, high strength, large depth, small deformation, narrow weld, small Heat-affected zone, less subsequent processing workload, and high flexibility. And it belongs to non-contact welding, which does not require pressure during the operation process and is more flexible and convenient to use. Currently, it has been applied in high-end automotive manufacturing, aerospace, military manufacturing and other fields, and its application scenarios are rapidly expanding.

XT Laser Fully Automatic Laser Welding Machine, Breaking the Traditional Welding Mode:

How does the XT Laser fully automatic robot welding machine reflect its “high-end quality” and “shocking effect”?

The fully automatic robot laser welding machine is driven by a 6-axis robot, with a wide processing range and easy implementation of 360 degree welding without dead corners.

Integrated design, compact and beautiful structure, stable performance, high welding positioning accuracy, fast welding speed, and high efficiency.

Adopting high-quality fiber lasers with excellent beam quality, maintenance free, photoelectric conversion rate greater than 30%, and pump source service life greater than 100000 hours.

Compared to traditional argon arc welding, laser welding has a higher speed, which can be increased by 5 to 10 times, and has lower power consumption and consumables usage, lower processing costs, and stable welding quality.

• The heat affected area of welding is small, which can better ensure the quality of welding products.

Robot laser welding has good adaptability to welding materials, size and shape of welded parts, and can achieve spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, seal welding, etc. on workpieces.

Less smoke and dust, less radiation, more environmentally friendly and safe. Green Earth, New Heaven Protection.

Customizable extension axis for circumferential welding, with added wire feeding function and weld seam tracking function, with a high degree of intelligence.

The welding effect cannot be said to be “perfect”, but it is indeed “beautiful”:

Fully automatic laser welding machine for welding samples

Robot laser welding can complete multiple welding tasks by changing programming instructions based on different workpieces, greatly reducing workpiece processing costs and ensuring enterprise production efficiency. This is also an important reason why enterprises choose the XT Laser fully automatic welding robot.

With the development demand of intelligent manufacturing, fully automatic robot laser welding machines continue to empower enterprises for upgrading and development, and will also create more value and opportunities for more enterprises.

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