With joy! Look who took away the New Tian Auto Grand Prix!

Struggle is like an invisible piggy bank

Every serious and dedicated effort

Will precipitate into abundant wealth

Help you gain better life experiences

Ten years of sharpening a sword brings its own sharpness

There is a group of people in Xintian

Leap forward and work tirelessly

Actively seeking change and breaking through adversity

Writing one legendary story after another

Composing the magnificent blueprint of the group company


Just now

There is an excellent representative of Xintian’s overseas sales

Presenting a trend of competition among hundreds of boats

Continuation of the Soul of Heavenly Blood

Xiti Honda Motor Award

Listen to her voice

I am delighted to receive the car award provided by the company. I am very grateful for the platform provided by the company and for the support of my leadership in my work. And thank you to colleagues and various departments for their care and support. In 2023, I will continue to work hard to create more performance and make greater contributions to the development of the company!

All visible glory

All come prepared

The process of climbing is very difficult

The scenery at the summit is definitely worth it

Xintian will remember every person who strives and strives

Pay tribute to the remarkable you with actions

When the sand is washed away, the true gold shines brightly

The horn of charge has sounded

Soldiers of Xintian Laser

Let’s move forward together

With a resounding sense of responsibility

Realize unlimited possibilities

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