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Why the price difference between the laser marking machine so big-Bunny

Metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine

Everyone in the procurement of fiber marking machine. Laser marking machine laser equipment. Will find the chaotic laser marking machine industry has a lot of companies. And also these large and small companies offer different prices. So when we buy will start to make confuse. Do not know how to to start with. But whether it is the company, everyone should know that the value of this truth, following small series to analyze the difference of the price:

Both the fiber  marking machine or semiconductor marking machine or CO2 laser marking machine. Various businesses launch the equipment to the normal use, and the configuration as are many, but the brand difference. Because of differences in the most important laser  equipment in the equipment price is different.The  glass fiber as a gain medium using rare elements. And the formation of a particle of high power density conversion work medium in the special application of radio and television. In the final by other working media to form the so-called  light source. The use of the light source is very furious, use in metal and non-metallic marking / welding / cutting etc. And industrial manufacturers have a great advantage.

  There are a lot of good laser accessories can bring to the advantage of laser equipment. First in the cost of manufacturing and technical support with miniaturization and low cost; good quality fiber without crystal technology as a strict matching position for intake of light source, uniform automatic photoelectric absorption; the application of optical fiber also decrease the overall power consumption, so the quantity of heat loss and lower heat and low energy does not produce anything damage; the energy output can divide into more energy, and increase coordination, coordination of multi beam concentrate work; for environmental requirements are more low to dust and temperature tolerance can do a variety of environment; quality conversion rate is good enough for the use of energy saving and cost.

Therefore, we buy equipment at the time, although the same name, the same name, but the price of different reasons. So in the purchase of equipment, especially laser equipment can not only listen to the reasons for the price, to be understood from many aspects.