Development Prospects Analysis of Laser Cutting Machine-Luis

Laser cutting machine processing as a new processing method, its precision machining. Fast, simple operation, high degree of automation in the leather, textile and garment industry gradually been widely use. Now in the metal processing also applies very common.

Laser cutting machine is simple compare to traditional cutting methods not only low prices. Low consumption, and because the laser machining the work piece without mechanical pressure. So cut out the effect of the product, as well as the accuracy of the cutting speed is very good. And also has a safe operation, maintenance and so on. Laser equipment has been in the international decades of research, but in the country is only at a new stage. Especially metal laser cutting machine, although there is diversity, but is still a preliminary stage of development. It is a new stage of development, it will have more room for development. According to recent years of market development, we can draw a perfect pace than that.


Development of laser industry.

Although a preliminary development, but under the leadership of the International Science and Technology has completed a leap in development, and have the same quality than highlight a high stage. Laser cutting machine is concerned. It has cut from the low-end technology to now yag fiber cutting. And market demand up to millions. For the broad market to add new vitality. Since the 1960s, the birth and the first application of laser equipment. Our country will have more experts in the laser industry have worked so hard, and reached the international a tiny difference. At the same time in the development of the laser industry. Laser complete sets of equipment industrial production has entered the market. Get rid of over-reliance on foreign situation, to solve the domestic laser industry embarrassment.

The rapid development of the domestic economy has become the pillar industry of high laser market, and can reach more than 20% annual growth rate. Become a new starting point for the global laser market, according to experts predict that the domestic laser market is still in rapid growth phase, can doubled during the next increase, the biggest expansion of laser cutting equipment market to fill the gaps, the domestic high-end laser device to get rid of the troubled state, becoming the mainstay of the international community. At present, the laser industry, mainly in Shenzhen and Wuhan, two gathered, where Shenzhen is an important domestic sales market, and many years of development experience, ahead of other regions.

Currently strides laser industry, having been Everbright carry forward and applications, but throw in size to retain a certain amount of space