Which brand of fiber laser cutting machine is good to buy

XT Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In recent years, fiber optic laser cutting machines have been the preferred choice among many enterprises engaged in the metal processing industry. However, the current market for fiber optic laser cutting machines is mixed, and there are also many brands. People who want to buy fiber optic laser cutting machines are confused and do not know which brand to buy, nor are they clear about the key points to pay attention to when choosing. Today, the editor of XT Laser will give a detailed explanation to them.

How to choose and purchase fiber laser cutting machines?

At present, the common fiber laser cutting machines in the market are divided into three categories: interactive laser cutting machines, single table laser cutting machines, and laser pipe cutting machines. Among these three types of integrated stoves, if you are engaged in sheet metal processing, I would recommend you to choose an interactive laser cutting machine or a single table laser cutting machine. This type of fiber laser cutting machine has functions such as frog jumping, automatic focusing, automatic edge finding, centralized perforation, bridge position, common edge cutting, etc., and each part is independent of each other and modular combination.

In addition, regardless of the brand of fiber laser cutting machine, we also need to understand some hard indicators and learn to look at hidden data when purchasing. Rapid processing, high quality, and high efficiency

1) Cutting effect

The focus of fiber laser cutting machines is on the cutting effect, while the cutting ability depends on two data: thickness and quality.

2) Cutting efficiency

The cutting size affects our production efficiency. Fiber laser cutting machines have smaller focusing spots, finer cutting lines, higher work efficiency, and better processing quality. The optical fiber photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser cutting machine is about 30%, which is three times higher than that of the CO2 laser cutting machine. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to operate and maintain, and suitable for large-scale processing and production.

3) Energy saving requirements

The operating cost of fiber laser cutting machine: The cumulative production cost and estimated time cycle for cutting 1mm stainless steel of 50000 meters (due to the extremely short punching time and empty distance of the thin plate, which cannot be counted, and the production arrangements of each enterprise are different, due to the horizontal efficiency and cost comparison, the comparison of statistical results is not significant, and the loading and unloading time is not included)

1.2000W fiber laser cutting machine

50000 meters ÷ 20 meters/minute ÷ 60 minutes=41.7 hours ≈ 5 working days.

41.7 hours × (27.8 yuan+70 yuan) ≈ 4078 yuan;

2.3000W carbon dioxide laser cutting machine

50000 meters ÷ 8 meters/minute ÷ 60 minutes=104.2 hours ≈ 13 working days.

104.2 hours × (63.5 yuan+70 yuan) ≈ 13911 yuan;

3.2000W carbon dioxide laser cutting machine

50000 meters ÷ 6.5 meters/minute ÷ 60 minutes=128.2 hours ≈ 16 working days.

128.2 hours × (50.5 yuan+70 yuan) ≈ 15488 yuan;.

Which brand is good for buying fiber laser cutting machines?

In fact, you may have heard of many brands, but according to data, among them, brands such as XT have been deeply rooted in the field of fiber laser cutting machines for a long time, and their technology and process manufacturing are indeed superior to other brands. They also have high cost-effectiveness, and have guaranteed quality and after-sales service.

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