Brand Selection of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

XT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

At present, there are three main types of laser cutting machines: fiber laser cutting machines, carbon dioxide laser cutting machines, and YAG laser cutting machines, with their respective advantages, disadvantages, and market positioning:

1. Fiber laser cutting machine:

Main advantages: high photoelectric conversion rate, low power consumption, capable of cutting stainless steel plates and carbon steel plates within 12MM. It is the fastest laser cutting machine among these three types of machines for cutting thin plates, with small cutting seams and good spot quality, and can be used for fine cutting.

Main Disadvantages and Disadvantages: Currently, most of the core and key technologies of fiber lasers are in the hands of one or two manufacturers in Europe, America, and other countries, so most machines are expensive. Most machines are priced at over 1.5 million yuan, and low-power ones are also priced at around 500000 yuan. During cutting, due to the fine slitting of the fiber, the gas consumption is huge (especially during nitrogen cutting), and it is difficult or even impossible for fiber laser cutting machines to cut aluminum plates, Copper plate and other highly reflective materials, and the speed is very slow when cutting thick plates.

Main market positioning: Cutting below 12mm, especially high-precision machining of thin plates, mainly targeting manufacturers with high requirements for machining accuracy and efficiency. It is estimated that with the emergence of 5000W and above lasers, fiber laser cutting machines will eventually replace most of the CO2 high-power laser cutting machines in the market.

2. Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine:

Main advantages: High power, generally between 2000-4000W, capable of cutting full-size stainless steel, carbon steel and other conventional materials within 25mm, as well as aluminum plates within 4mm and acrylic plates, wooden material plates, PVC plates within 60MM. The cutting speed is fast when cutting thin plates. In addition, due to the continuous laser output of the CO2 laser, it has the smoothest and best cutting section effect among the three laser cutting machines during cutting.

Main Disadvantages and Disadvantages: Due to the fact that most of the core and key technologies of CO2 lasers are in the hands of European and American manufacturers, most machines are expensive, with a price of over 2 million yuan. Only powerful manufacturers in China have invested a large amount of funds in researching and developing core technologies.

3. YAG solid laser cutting machine:

Main advantages: It can cut aluminum plates, copper plates, and most non-ferrous metal materials that cannot be cut by other laser cutting machines. The machine is cheap to purchase, has low operating costs, and is easy to maintain. Most key technologies have been mastered by domestic enterprises. The price and maintenance cost of accessories are low, and the machine operation and maintenance are simple, with low requirements for the quality of workers and personnel.

Main Disadvantages and Disadvantages: Only materials below 8mm can be cut, and the cutting efficiency is relatively low.

Main market positioning: Cutting below 8mm, mainly targeting self use small and medium-sized enterprises and most users in industries such as sheet metal manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, decoration and decoration, advertising, etc. with low processing requirements, gradually replacing traditional processing equipment such as wire cutting, CNC punching machines, water cutting, and low-power plasma.

Is it best to choose a fiber laser cutting machine that suits you? What is it that suits you? The first is the affordability of laser cutting machine prices, whether it meets your budget; The second is the estimation of the thickness and processing amount of the materials you process; In fact, based on dividing your expected future income by the budgeted price, the higher the result, the higher the quality, high configuration, and higher power, and vice versa, the better the after-sales service.

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