Which is the best manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machines? How expensive is the price?

XT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In recent years, the market for fiber laser cutting machines has been booming, attracting a large number of industries to introduce fiber laser cutting machines to replace traditional metal cutting and forming. However, many people just wanted to enter this industry and were immediately thrown cold water by the prices of various fiber laser cutting machines: this is too expensive!

1、 How expensive is the price of fiber laser cutting machines

A complete fiber laser cutting machine consists of many components, including “laser – chiller – cutting head – machine tool – control system – gas path system – electrical system”, among which the main one is the laser.

The mainstream fiber laser cutting machine is the interactive flat plate fiber laser cutting machine, which has high efficiency, fast speed, and is indeed more expensive than a single table. Like a typical interactive flat plate fiber laser cutting machine, the price of each device ranges from 400000 to 1 million.

2、 Which is the best manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machines? How to choose?

From this perspective, for some people, the price of fiber laser cutting machines is indeed not cheap. No wonder people often ask if there is a manufacturer recommended for easy to use and cheap prices? So you asked the right person!

1. Looking at the manufacturer’s history

Manufacturers with weak capabilities have long disappeared in the fierce market competition. Generally speaking, a long time running a factory indicates that the manufacturer has rich experience, has had contact with more production lines, and has served more customers. Not only is the quality guaranteed, but the price is also reasonable, otherwise it is difficult for them to survive.

2. Based on the scale of the manufacturer

Although the fiber laser cutting machine is expensive, its processing effect is very good, requiring the manufacturer’s production capacity to not be low. Looking at the scale of the manufacturer, the first thing to consider is the production workshop, which has complete assembly equipment, scientific production processes, and skilled operators. Such manufacturers do not have to worry about quality issues when producing equipment.

3. Check the manufacturer’s pricing

Due to differences in geography, production technology, and investment costs, equipment pricing varies among manufacturers, and is generally not disclosed on online platforms. However, as consumers, we are not completely unable to compare manufacturers’ prices.

The manufacturer will leave a consultation phone number on its official website. We can call and the manufacturer will make a quotation based on your equipment needs. We will find more companies, and eliminate those that are too high or too low. On average, it is almost the market price of the equipment.

4. Check the manufacturer’s service

A good manufacturer equally values its service industry, not only by providing enthusiastic customer service before sales, but also by providing thoughtful after-sales service. Through the actual cases provided by the manufacturer, contact customers who have purchased, inquire about the manufacturer’s after-sales service, whether the installation is in place, whether personnel training is provided, and whether equipment maintenance is timely. Good after-sales service can invisibly reduce many of our costs.

Overall, the larger the power and format of fiber laser cutting machines, the higher the price. When purchasing, we should be more cautious and not just focus on price. Quality is the more important reason for our purchase.