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What does the ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine show?


The advent of ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine is obviously revolutionary. Its live demonstration allows users to experience the many advantages of fiber laser power enhancement. Cut thicker, faster, finer, better, and cut more economically. It can help laser processing manufacturers to expand into a wider market, further improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The positive significance of the continuous improvement of fiber laser power.

In the past few years, the output power of fiber lasers has soared by 40 times. While people are still marveling at the processing performance of 30KW and 35KW fiber laser cutting equipment. 40KW fiber laser cutting equipment has quietly arrived. After being amazed, people can’t help but ask: What is the significance of the continuous increase in the power of fiber lasers?

“High power” is relatively speaking. For most of the current laser processing industries, 10,000 watts of power is surplus. But for some special fields, 10,000 watts of power is still not enough. Therefore, it is of great value to generate high power concentratedly at a single frequency and increase the power per unit wavelength.

In addition, the application of fiber lasers requires not only lasers, but also (external) beam transmission components, laser heads and other components or systems. Only when the components are perfectly matched can the energy of the high-power laser be applied to manufacturing. Therefore, increasing the power of fiber lasers can promote the development of related supporting industries, thereby driving the development of more application fields.

Domestic high-power fiber lasers have a long way to go.

Although my country’s fiber laser cutting equipment is far ahead of other countries, and there are gratifying breakthroughs in technology, there is still a lot of gap between the overall level and foreign countries. On the other hand, the technical blockade and restrictions on Chinese enterprises may be further increased. Therefore, it is urgent to overcome difficulties and master key core technologies.

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