Pneumatic connection of fiber laser cutting machine-Tulsa

Laser parts connection of fiber laser cutting machine

Pneumatic connection of Laser parts connection

  • First, the bed will lead out two air pipes, one air pipe connect with nitrogen (compressed air for cutting sharing with nitrogen). And the other pipe is connect with oxygen. Please connect the nitrogen pipe to the device for supplying nitrogen, through a nitrogen meter. And connect the oxygen pipe to the device for supplying oxygen through an oxygen meter.
  • Then the gas specification requirements refer to the requirements in (operating materials)
  • Points of attention for gas circuit installation


Waterway Connection of Laser parts connection

  • The water chiller outputs two waterways, high pressure and low pressure. The high-pressure water path flows to the optical fiber plug and the cutting head. Pay attention to the direction of the water in and out. So that the water flows through the optical fiber plug and then the laser cutting head. The low-pressure water path flows to the fiber optic device. The brandand model of the fiber optic device are different, the water connection method will be different. And the specifications, dimensions of each connection pipe are also different. Please recognize the flow direction and label of the water path and use the water pipe attached to the machine to connect it correctly.
  • Points to note for waterway installation

-Add non-mineral pure water, distilled water or deionized water to the water cooler. Don’t add any corrosive liquid or normal water.

-When adding water, don’t touch the water (such as hands). All auxiliary equipment for water injection, such as pumps, hoses, etc. Should only be used in this water cooler.

-Before turning on the power supply of the water chiller, check the water level of the water chiller. It is strictly prohibit to turn on the water chiller when there is no water or the water level is too low. To avoid damage to the water cooling equipment. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze. And step on the water inlet and outlet pipes of the water cooler to keep the waterway unblocked.

-When the temperature is below 0℃, the cooling water in the water cooler. Laser and water pipes should discharge when the temperature is below 0℃ for a long time to avoid freezing of the cooling water and damage to the equipment and pipelines.

-It recommend to completely replace the water in the water chiller every two to three months.