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Choose fiber laser cleaner – Fiber laser cleaning machine

About choose fiber laser cleaner, what do you need to clean, iron or paint? How about thickness?

0.5 mm rust and 0.5 mm paint, the paint is more difficult to remove.

The fiber laser cleaning machine is better for the effect of less than 1 mm. And the same thickness of rust, the greater the power, the higher the efficiency.

It depends on the thickness of paint. 200 watts can remove paint below 30μm. 500 watts can remove paint 100-150 μm.

3 mm paint cleaning adopts composite cleaning, which is not convenient to hold.

Thick oil stains  and engine oil is easy to vaporize instantly. It is best to wipe with a rag first.

Cleaning the rust depends on the compactness. According to our experience, try to choose high energy density, Gaussian choose single-mode 200 watts.

High-speed rail track cleaning, two methods, requires a wattage of more than 500 watts, and a shaft in 42 minutes – choose fiber laser cleaner.

If combined cleaning, one shaft for 18 minutes.

To clean train axles, use a composite of 500 watts or more and 300 watts .

Cleaning the cruise ship is mainly for maintenance, removing the paint of some parts, and spraying the paint again.

Shipbuilding, cruise ships, large-scale tank nuclear power can use 1 kw machine.

To clean the airstrip, 1 kw cleaning machine is 6-8 square meters per hour. For aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, choose composite cleaning, which will be developed in the future, and the safety is better.

Cleaning efficiency

0.5 mm rust cleaning

100 watt:    1 square meters per hour

200 watt:3 square meters per hour

300 watt:5 square meters per hour

500 watt:8 square meters per hour

0.2 mm rust cleaning

100 watt:    2 square meters per hour

200 watt:5 square meters per hour


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