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Water Cooling System of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Water cooling system is a independent device connect with the fiber laser cutting machine.  The main function of the device is for cooling laser source and laser cutting head. When the machine is running,  the laser source and cutting head will get heat. The high temperature will hurt those two key parts. To ensure those components in a good working condition, the cooling system is indispensable.

XT Laser won’t produce the water cooling system by our own, but we choose the best water cooling device for our fiber laser cutting machine.

Actually,to achieve cutting by this machine. There are   two main parts very important. They are laser source and cutting head. The water cooling system is used for cooling cutting head and laser source. In general, you can find two brands of water cooling system in the Chinese market for laser cutter. Tongfei NC and S&A CW.

Base on our professional consideration, our cooling-system is picking the more professional one. The Tongfei’s water chiller is aim to fiber laser cutting machine, to design a best solution for cutter.

But you also can find some company use S&A water cooling system. Indeed, S&A is also a very good brand. However, its water chiller is better on laser marking machine, YAG laser Machine, Co2 engraving machine and laser cleaning machine. For the continuous type fiber laser cutting machine. Tongfei’s device is more stable and more targeted. The cost is also higher than S&A device. Don’t ignore this factor, because every details will affect the machine.


To use more professional water chiller could enhance the effect of cutting machine, and it is also able to extension the life time of  fiber laser cutting machine. Any parts are good, then those parts are able to achieve a machine be good.

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